FullSeven Technologies has appointed James Harvey, president and chief executive officer of @Ware, a software development company focused on e-mail solutions for mobile devices, to its Board of Advisors.

Harvey has over 20 years of experience developing commercial software applications and over 10 years experience developing innovative e-mail solutions. He has developed messaging solutions for Netscape, Oracle, Lotus and Research In Motion, makers of the BlackBerry PDA. In his advisory capacity, Harvey will be in a position to assist in the evolution of the FullSeven technology platform, and can aid in establishing partnerships and alliances for the company.

“I am excited to be a part of the FullSeven team,” Harvey said in a prepared statement. “They have a powerful technology; they are hitting the market at the perfect time and they have a great team. Leveraging their technology across the BlackBerry and other wireless devices has tremendous potential and ROI.”

Ken Arneson, vice president of technology for RTP-based FullSeven said: “We are thrilled to have James on our Advisory Board. He brings a wealth of directly applicable experience and knowledge. He will help us extend the LetterMark solution into the wireless arena and has already contributed on technical issues, audited our architecture and was a beta tester for our current version of software.”

Harvey joins two other technical members of the Advisory Board, Harry Layman and Allen Beckerdite. Layman is the former CTO of LifeMinders, an online direct marketer, and Beckerdite is the founder of Synesis Development and FrontGuard Technologies, as well as the former CTO of Reciprocal, Inc.

FullSeven Technologies: www.fullseven.com