Wireless Internet company Air2Web www.air2web.com has signed a deal to integrate its wireless platform with SOSystems’ new mobile banking product, M*Teller.

Beginning this month, SOSystems’ clients will be able to offer their credit union customers wireless banking services using technology from Air2Web, an Atlanta company employing 110 people. Under the agreement, SOSystems, a provider of open-system data processing to credit unions, will offer services via Short Message Service, Web-enabled phones, personal digital assistants, pagers, and other wireless devices including email devices under.

SOSystems’ M*Teller’s banking services include automated account notification of insufficient funds, and automated balance notification. Additionally, users can request their account balance anytime and anywhere, provision their wireless device instantly, and receive automated personal reminders. Credit unions can also send messages to their membership informing them of rate changes, news and other information.

To date, Air2Web has more than 65 production deployments with customers providing wirelessly enabled financial applications, customer relationship management and subscription-based content services. Customers include Delta Employees Credit Union, ABN AMRO, Nortel, UPS, Holiday Inn, the Weather Channel and CBS SportsLine. Air2Web, which is nearing profitability, recently closed a round of $20 million Series C funding. The company was founded in 1999 and has since received some $60 million in venture capital from investors such as BellSouth, iGate Capital Corp. and VeriSign Inc.