I Entertainment Network (IENT) has signed a contract with Virtual Gamers Online (VGO) to provide new updates and development to Dawn Of Aces, IENT’s World War I flight simulation software.

Dawn of Aces (DOA) is an award winning, multiplayer simulation and will be IENT’s second product to be released to retail shelves this year.

“VGO will be providing their specialized Web hosting services with custom interactive content for the ‘WarBirds’ and ‘Dawn of Aces’ community events, IENT’s World War I & II flight simulations,” VGO President Dave Gruger said in a statement. “VGO will also organize DOA’s new Player Development Corps to provide to the DOA gaming community new enhanced graphics, new aircraft and new battlefields for WW I flying.”

“Utilizing WarBirds III’s state of the art ‘Winter Wolf’ graphics engine, DOA will boast improved graphics and new game play features, becoming the first WW I Air, Land, and Sea integrated, combat entertainment simulation. The new and improved DOA III will set a new standard for home computer historical flying simulations.”
Dawn of Aces will join IENT’s WarBirds III on retail shelves around the world this year. By placing these simulations at retail, IENT will increase its revenue with the addition of retail distribution revenue and additional online revenues as customers join IENT’s online communities and pay monthly subscription fees. All of the expected IENT retail products can be viewed at http://www.iencentral.com/corporate/licensing/index.php.