Raindrop Geomagic, a provider of 3D photography solutions, has been recognized again for one of its products at the 2002 National Design Engineering Show (NDES) by Cadence, a leading publication for the computer-aided design industry.

As it was in 2001, the Show Stopper Award was given to Raindrop Geomagic for its Qualify 4.0 software, which was chosen as one of the top 10 products at the NDES. Qualify 4.0 enables automated, 3D graphical inspection for applications ranging from first-article inspection and tool validation to wear analysis and object alignment.

“Get ready for a new acronym and for Raindrop Geomagic to be a path-breaking company in demonstrating the value of a new digital approach,” the Cadence editors stated in a release about Qualify 4.0 and its new process for computer-aided inspection. “Qualify allows laser scans of parts to be analyzed and compared against the part master in a fraction of the time manual metrology methods take it as much as 1,000 times faster. This represents breakthrough technology of the type that Raindrop Geomagic has a well-earned reputation for developing.”

The new software takes advantage of the latest technology in 3D laser scanners that can capture thousands of data points per second. It also works with large and small point clouds, articulated arms and other data acquisition devices. Point clouds collected by the scanner are automatically processed within Qualify before they are turned into 3D graphics displays.

Qualify will be available in May 2002 from Raindrop Geomagic and its distributors. Manufacturers worldwide who use products from Raindrop Geomagic include Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Fisher-Price and Align.