Global Knowledge has launched a new program it calls Surrounds Learning Technology (SLT), a learner-centered approach to building and deploying tailored learning solutions in IT education.

SLT enhances the e-Learning experience by surrounding students with the same rich learning environment of successful classroom learning, including peer interaction, live labs, expert instruction and expert content. In conjunction, Cary-based Global Knowledge is offering a free Web seminar to provide an overview of SLT, including how it differs from traditional content or technology-centered approaches.

“Global Knowledge has a history of directly and effectively addressing the Enterprise IT skills challenge for its customers,” Michael Fox, vice president of e-Learning for Global Knowledge, said in a statement. “This new initiative marries technology with human interaction to stimulate a more effective learning environment that drives results for both the learner and the Enterprise.”

Geared towards IT students, SLT first takes into account an organization’s e-Business Infrastructure (e-BI) profile to develop a customized e-learning program for the organization. Pre-assessments then allow learners to focus only on those training materials appropriate and customized to their company’s e-BI.

For Alliance Data Systems, the Dallas-based provider of transaction services, credit services and marketing services, SLT combines elements of traditional training and e-Learning with a training curriculum that is customized to address the needs of the individual employee, according to its Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Walensky. “With (SLT), our employees receive training at their own pace, providing maximum flexibility while allowing them to increase their technology proficiency,” Walensky said in a statement. “As a result, we see more value from our IT training program-including a better ROI.”

Through SLT, appropriate subject matter is taught by industry experts, who integrate audio and video to allow the instructors to provide insights on how to apply technology to real-world problems. SLT enhances e-Learning by allowing the learner to interact with other students, as well as online communities.

“(SLT) challenges the marketplace to address the needs of the learner as well as the needs of the CFO,” Michael Brennan, senior analyst at IDC, said in a press release. “Global Knowledge recognizes the need in the industry for learning programs that leverage the necessary expertise to teach IT professionals the knowledge, skills, and practices required for effective lifecycle management of e-BI.”