BridgePoint, a provider of logistics networking solutions for carriers and shippers, is working with PacMil Logistics to help the forest exporter streamline its business.

BridgePoint is offering its ocean booking module to PacMil, one of the nation’s largest exporters of forest products to Asia. The booking module is available as an additional component of BridgePoint’s global logistics network implemented for PacMil last year. This network connects, aggregates and distributes supply chain order and product information from international systems, applications and trading partners both internally and externally, thus enabling PacMil to generate, send and receive confirmation of booking requests electronically.

“BridgePoint’s booking process has been a huge asset to us already,” Habib Rayes, general manager for the North American division at PacMil Logistics, said in a statement. “We’ve been able to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with faxing, phoning and repeatedly entering data into the system by using standard templates. We get the job done faster, cheaper and with a higher level of data quality.”

PacMil’s choice of BridgePoint to build this network was influenced by the broad scope of multimode logistics functionality and a proven ability to quickly integrate different supply chain systems and partners using the technologies and business processes already in place.

“Maintaining a good working relationship with our trading partners was a key priority when building a collaborative logistic network,” Rayes added. “BridgePoint’s ASP solution enabled us and our partners to establish a logistics network without having to implement expensive new technologies. BridgePoint will save us time and money, and maintains a willingness of our trading partners to participate in the network. This provides a win/win solution for everyone involved as the cost and effort required to build our network is substantially less than it would have been with other solutions.”

BridgePoint maintains that decreasing the time and cost of network creation is a critical step in building a successful long-term client relationship.

“Supply chains are continuously evolving to accommodate new products, partners, trade lanes and customer needs,” said David Smith, director of professional services for BridgePoint, in a statement. “As an ASP solution, we quickly build or modify our network to fit the changing needs or our clients over time. This is essential for data integrity, network totality and optimizing supply chain performance from contracting to proof of delivery.”