Editor’s note: This is the eighth part of our series focusing on firms which focus for the most part Phone number: (704)362-4659

Management Team:

Bill Whitley, chairman
Brent Kulman, fund executive
Sadler Barnhardt, secretary
Bob Anders, vice president
Mike Blair, vice president
Bob Jones, vice president

Focus of firm: Typically companies that are one step beyond startup, and have a management team in place.

Size of current fund: $5.25 million

Money under management: $7.65 million

How many of those dollars have been invested: $4.4 million

Companies funded in 2001:

123hire.com $375,000
BlueBolt Networks $400,000
LiveWire Logic $300,000
MindBlazer $525,000
OpenMind Publishing Group $250,000
Overture Networks $400,000
TriVirix $525,000
Zoom Culture $400,000

Companies funded over the last five years (amount and round for each co.):

The eight companies listed above and these in 2000:

Learning Station $375,000
Zoom Culture $250,000
OpenMind $600,000

How many new deals do you expect to fund in 2002:
No pre-set number; actively seeking new investments

In what size range: $300,000 to $1 million

Sweet Spot (types of deals, stage of the company):
We generally invest in early stage companies, either pre-VC or alongside VCs. We do not invest in raw start-ups.

Most important attributes for companies seeking funding: Companies must already have built their prototype product or Web site and now are looking for funding to move to the next level.

What differentiates you: We are a structured angel fund and make investments within a 3 hour driving radius of Charlotte.