Netifice Communications Inc., which ties far-flung work forces together through improved connectivity, has obtained $6.5 million in third-round financing. And a company official says will likely be the last venture capital invested in the firm.

Boston Millennia Partners, Columbia Capital of Alexandria, Va., and Miami-based HIG Capital, which combined to pump $33.5 million into Netifice in two previous funding rounds over the past two years, teamed up to provide the latest round as well.

Chris Etter, Netifice senior vice president for sales and marketing, says the current round should provide enough cash to fund operations for the next year, by which time the company should be cash-flow positive and won’t need additional VC.

Founded in late 1996 as TeleCommute Solutions, the company spent its first three years as a consultant before changing its name and focus. It became more facilities-based, attracted venture funding, added infrastructure and is now up to 75 employees, Etter says.

Using the Internet and private networks, Netifice delivers high-speed remote access to workers in geographically dispersed offices. The company claims to have the nation’s largest network footprint for business-class connectivity, aligning itself with MCI/WorldCom, Lucent Technologies, Level 3 Communications and other telecommunications industry leaders, according to Etter. It also offers security and collaborative computing applications that support both voice and data transmissions.

“Our connections replace the high cost of dialing in on toll-free numbers and other metered-usage plans,” he says. “We provide low-cost Internet access for workers in sales offices and retail branches to get back to the corporate local area network.”

The company also aggregates the service from various telecom providers into one bill from one provider, allowing customers to save money through discounted rates and lower administrative costs as well, Etter says.

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