Former Gov. James B. Hunt Jr. was named chairman of the board of the newly created Institute for Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University.

NC State Chancellor Marye Anne Fox announced Hunt’s role during the opening session of the 2002 Emerging Issues Forum at the University’s Raleigh campus this morning.

Fox said Noah Pickus, formerly a member of the Stanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University, has been named director of the Institute.

“For 16 years, the annual Emerging Issues Forum has attracted internationally known speakers and experts, as well as hundreds of leaders and citizens from across North Carolina, to our campus for two-day conferences,” Fox said. “This new Institute for Emerging Issues will significantly expand the civic and policy dimension of the university and the Centennial Campus by creating ongoing collaborations between leaders in academia, government, business, non-profits, foundations, and the media.”

The Institute, supported by the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Science and Technology at the University, will draw on the expertise of all the state’s universities.

Accepting the new position as chairman, Hunt said the Institute will focus attention on the emerging issues that face the state and nation, such as biotechnology, demographic changes, technological development, and globalization.