RALEIGH — As you will no doubt notice, we are making some additions to Local Tech Wire this morning, and we believe the changes will make the Web site more useful to our readers as well as easier to navigate.

Searching our archives:

As you will see on the left side of the page, subscribers can now read stories grouped by the day they were published. Simply click on the appropriate date to see what LTW published that day. The list will take you back six publishing days.

To find earlier news by day, click on “More”, or simply click on the “Search” button at the top of the page. This will take you to our revised Search page.

There, subscribers can search for stories by category (such as Venture Watch), by term or phrase, and also by date. If you want to find a story we published on our opening day (Jan. 25), simply enter that date in the search-by-date fields.

New column and standing features

Venture capital firms are the focus of a new daily series being launched today. More than 30 VC firms from across the Southeast have been surveyed by LTW, and one will be profiled Monday through Friday. Today’s profile is Academy.

Also beginning today, Ed Crockett joins LTW’s lineup of writers. Ed’s mission is to help people unravel all the techno-babble and geek speak surrounding high-tech. His column will appear on Mondays. The first three columns will focus on the state of wireless.

To help start your week, Charles Davidson’s column on the Atlanta tech scene will appear on Mondays.

LTW also has prepared a lineup of standing daily features, Monday through Friday, to compliment our breaking news coverage. Here’s the lineup:

Mondays: Charles Davidson and Ed Crockett commentary

Tuesdays: “Executive Q-and-A” with a leading tech figure (most will be two parts, stretching over two days) plus “Venture Watch”, a story about a person or firm making news on the VC front

Wednesdays: “Charlotte Beat”, which will feature a Charlotte-area company or executive, plus Part Two of the “Executive Q-and-A” or a second q-and-a with another tech executive.

Thursdays: “RTP Beat”, which will feature an RTP-area company or executive, plus “What’s Hot”, which will be a look at a new company, the latest trend, or a new gadget or two.

Fridays: “BIO Watch”, which will be Allan Maurer’s weekly look at the biotech scene in RTP and the Southeast, and “In Search of –“, a feature devoted to tracking down people who once were prominent in the I-85 high-tech corridor and have moved on to new gigs, retired, or decided high-tech just wasn’t for them any more.

Revised, expanded calendar

LTW also has revamped its calendar, making it easier to read and also packing it with more detail. We have some 150 events listed, and we’re scouring for more.

The calendar has been adjusted to list several items on any given day. Also, to make it easier to use we are adding “In RTP” or whatever the location of the event is at the top of each listing.

Other features coming

Coming soon will be an Email alert system. This is designed to let subscribers know what new stories have been published.

We also have a way of giving more prominence to a major breaking story.

Several of the changes and additions, such as the Email alerts, have come from our readers. We are listening, and we want to hear your suggestions.

Send your ideas to rsmith8@nc.rr.com.