Updated Jul. 31, 2014 at 12:24 p.m.

Premium Lock Time Warner Cable to offer faster Internet service in Raleigh

Published: 2014-07-31 11:12:00
Updated: 2014-07-31 12:24:43

Time Warner Cable worker checks network A TWC technician at work.

Time Warner Cable, which is facing increasing competition in the Raleigh market from AT&T's forthcoming fiber network, says it will offer faster Internet and additional entertainment "enhancements" in 2015....

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Time Warner Cable is the worst company in history. They have horrible customer service. It is so bad I am going to drop them even if I have to pay another provider more money. After charging me my regular rate at the beginning of the month, they triple charged me 8 days later. They also removed my current promo and put me on another one for $30 more even though the promo wasn't up. It was all because they had to give me a replacement DVR because all their DVR's are used pieces of %$^#!. I called at least 6-7 times with the conversation ending that I was on new promotion and they would refund me, but they never did. I called to cancel all services and then all of sudden they put me on a new promotion and said don't pay your current bill, and htey will send me a revised bill. Still to be determined, but I am cancelling regardless. Biggest bunch of scumsuckers alive. I wish the very worst for all of their executive management, because that is how they treat their customers!
TWC is ONLY doing this because AT&T Uverse is coming to Raleigh. I switched to DirecTV and MagicJack to bust up the bundle, I'd jump at the first chance to switch to a different ISP. My company used to provide them with parts and we dropped them because they want all vendors to use their B2B web portal which charges you for using it. They offset the loss of customers by rate increases on the ones that stay.
So I'm paying a premium for TWC's fastest service available (which is still slower than whale turds)only to find out there's an even faster MBps?

As soon as my area has an alternative to Road Runner (more like Thomas the Turtle), I'm dropping TWC like a bad habit!

I hope TWC read all of these comments; they need to know the outrage at their pricing and pee poor service...
Screw Time Warner, bring that Google fiber service down Fayetteville way!!!
I agree with VirgilW. To be useful to me, enhanced services from TWC/RR need to be symmetrical. Not only is it necessary for uploading, it is vital for videoconferencing and other day to day activities of telecommuting to my job. As it is now, RR is close to useless for quality teleconferences, and it is far too slow to upload large datafiles into the cloud. That makes it more effective to go to the office where we have real Internet from another major telco provider.
Amazing, I thought it was TWC that said no one wanted faster speeds so no need to offer it. Now with the possibility of competition look what they're announcing! Would anyone choose TWC if Google came to town? No wonder they're paying politicians to make it illegal to have real competition.
Faster means nothing if you don't have connectivity, or e-mail service due to "Technical Difficulties"
As usual, nary a mention of UPLOAD rates. 30 down 5 up... that's my current plan. The only reason I'm here reading this is because I've been waiting 30 minutes for a youtube video to finish uploading. And don't get me started on cloud backups of family home videos. Perhaps this article should be re-titled to: "Time Warner Cable says it will offer faster Download Rates in Raleigh. As always, no mention of increasing abysmal Upload Rates."
agreed on the terrible customer service.

Not really interested in faster internet if they still prioritize/shape traffic such that streaming services and youtube aren't any faster. I currently have 30mbit with them and it's laughable that youtube buffers at times. Will be happy to switch to a more net neutrality friendly provider once RST Fiber and Google Fiber are deployed wide scale.
they have fantastic customer service every time i call and am polite and respect the fact the call center employee has zero fault with my service problem.

prices should definitely be reduced. they are outrageous.
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