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Updated July 23, 2010

Premium Lock Touring Epic Game's HQ: A war-gaming Pentagon

The creator of the "Gears of War" and "Unreal Tournament" franchises opens the doors for the Governor and other visitors. It's a fortress - with lots of amenities.

You shall not pass - A massive trade show giant from Unreal Tournament You shall not pass - A massive trade show giant from Unreal Tournament

Updated July 23, 2010

Premium Lock N.C. boosts arsenal to compete for videogame industry growth

Gov. Bev Perdue signs legislation providing tax credits for digital media production at fast-growing Epic Games’ newly expanded headquarters in Cary. The bill makes the state “competitive” in recruitment for new companies, Epic’s president says.

Gov. Bev Perdue talks "digital economy" at Epic games Gov. Bev Perdue talks "digital economy" at Epic games

July 20, 2010

Premium Lock Micrsoft to sell Kinect controller for $150

Microsoft Kinect The motion-sensing game controller for Xbox 360 goes on sale Nov. 4.

Updated July 6, 2010

Premium Lock NASA goes back to Moon – with help of Triangle’s Virtual Heroes

“Moonbase Alpha,” a 3-D immersive internet game co-developed by the space agency and the Raleigh-based virtual reality training arm Applied Research Associates, launches on Tuesday.

July 2, 2010

Premium Lock Video game sector retail sales slip due to cuts in hardware prices

Videogame industry Led by “Red Dead Redemption,” game sales increase 4 percent over a year ago.

Updated July 1, 2010

Premium Lock GamerLive TV – Peter Jackson talks about 3D 'King Kong' experience

Check out the latest video news from the "Lord of the Rings" and "King Kong" director as well as updates about the Twilight series and Glee.

Peter Jackson talks about 3D Peter Jackson talks about 3D

Updated June 29, 2010

Premium Lock GamerLive TV – The latest videogame news comes to Local Tech Wire

Veteran videogame and tech journalist John Gaudiosi and the team of GamerLive.TV add the latest news, videos and game trailers to LTW’s daily lineup.

Stephen Curry talks with GamerLive Stephen Curry talks with GamerLive

Updated June 25, 2010

Premium Lock Social game developer Playdom raises $33M, acquires another firm

Playdom The California-based company operates a studio in Chapel Hill after acquiring Merscom in April. In latest deal, Playdom buys California startup Hive7.

June 18, 2010

Premium Lock Best of E3 2010: Epic Games among the stars along with 3D technology

The Cary-based videogame and game technology companies has a great show, demonstrating a pair of games that will be guaranteed blockbusters come 2011. Plus, more companies demonstrate more games with an emphasis on the next dimension of entertainment.

Updated June 17, 2010

Premium Lock Now see, play this: Video gaming enters the third dimension

E3 news: Nintendo games jump out of the screen, and Sony rolls out 3D upgrade for PlayStation 3. In the Triangle, Epic Games, Insomniac Games and Virtual Heroes have 3D capabilities.

June 15, 2010

Premium Lock Nintendo woos gamers with classics, 3-D

E3 Expo One analyst said Nintendo "blew people away" at the E3 Expo on Tuesday in Los Angeles with its new 3-D handheld gaming system. But, the big question is the price.

Updated June 15, 2010

Premium Lock No-hands gaming: Microsoft eliminates the controller with Kinect on Xbox 360

E3 news: Kinect removes any controllers from the equation, allowing a player to use his or her body to interact with games. The new peripheral, which has yet to be priced, has been designed to recognize your face, respond to your voice, and know your gestures. The camera will even track you as you move around a room during a video chat with friends.

Kinect tracks players' gestures - and voices Kinect tracks players' gestures - and voices

Updated June 15, 2010

Premium Lock Epic ‘storms stage’ at E3 with new Gears of War 3 trailer

Cary-based video game company, Electronic Arts also set release date for first-person shooter “Bulletstorm.”

June 14, 2010

Premium Lock Game developers preparing for diverse E3 show – with 3-D at the fore

E3 to draw a game-playing crowd in L.A. Once a boisterous bastion for geeky gamers, the gaming industry's annual convention has in recent years morphed into a more modest showcase of the latest in hardware and games from publishers and developers who now want to reach consumers of all kinds — not just guys.

June 14, 2010

Premium Lock Epic Games takes center stage at E3 2010 with new Gears 3, Bulletstorm

International showcase to spotlight Cary-based company’s newest products. “What gets me out of bed in the morning is building whole new worlds and hopefully these two games will go on for a long time,” says Epic’s creative guru Cliff Bleszinski.

Female warrior Anya Stroud joins Gears of War lineup Female warrior Anya Stroud joins Gears of War lineup

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