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Posts tagged “Video game industry”

Updated June 14

Premium Lock Red Storm takes Star Trek to new frontier: Virtual reality

To boldly go places Trekkies haven't gone before .... In an exclusive interview for WRAL TechWire, a top Red Storm Entertainment exec talks about the new virtual reality Star Trek videogame the Cary-based firm is developing. Red Storm also aims to be faithful to the Star Trek brand, which turns 50 this year.

June 14

Premium Lock New Xbox One; Spidey, Batman to PlayStation; Ubisoft's Sleep; Symantec's deal

In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news, including the latest from E3: New Xbox gets smaller, faster; Spider-Man and Batman come to PlayStation; Ubisoft unveils "Sleep" (see photo, video); and Symantec buys security firm Blue Coat.

June 2

Premium Lock $3.5B for Uber; Sims removes gender barriers; bionic engineer's prize; coral graveyard

In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and science news: Uber lands $3.5 billion in investment from Saudi fund; The Sims removes gender barriers; an MIT bionics expert wins a prestigious prize; and scientists discover a coral graveyard in Pacific.

The new Sims The new Sims

May 31

Premium Lock More female game developers; seized bitcoins to be auctioned; Beijing tracks elderly; SpaceX success

In today's Bulldog wrapup of science and technology news: More women are learning video game design; seized bitcoins to be auctioned; China is tracking its elderly; and another success for SpaceX.

Updated May 19

Premium Lock Epic Games: Google VR platform 'awesome mobile platform' + In-depth look at Daydream

Google's own virtual reality initiative is getting a boost by Cary-based Epic Games which has updated its latest Unreal Engine 4 to support it. Google calls its VR system Daydream, and Epic developed a video demo to show "the potential of this awesome mobile VR platform."

Updated May 16

Premium Lock Triangle headlines: Transgender CEO vs. HB2; TransEnterix next steps; Viamet IPO; streaming video games

Triangle headlines In a wrapup of Triangle-related technology news from other publications: United Therapeutics' transgender CEO speaks out against HB2; TransEnterix gears for its next steps following the FDA's rejection of a robotic surgery system; Viamet Pharmaceuticals reportedly delays its IPO; and a game company CEO predicts streaming will replace consoles.

May 11

Premium Lock Amazon video play; Disney shutting game unit; 1,284 new planets; judge denies passwords to police

Bulldog In today's Bullldog wrapup of technology and science news: Amazon takes on YouTube; Disney cuts 300 jobs and shuts down gaming unit; NASA says the Milky Way is more crowded with planet discoveries; and a UK judge denies police access to a hacker's passwords.

May 10

Premium Lock Cliff Bleszinki turns investor: He's backing crowdfunding site Fig

Cliff Bleszinski, one of the top creative minds at Epic Games who left and later founded his own game company in Raleigh, is now an investor in crowdfunding site Fig.

Cliff Bleszinski  Cliff Bleszinski

May 10

Premium Lock Epic bringing top video game industry talent to 'summit' in Durham

Epic Games is putting on a talent-laden video game development conference in Durham this week, including virtual reality training. The Game UX Summit - i.e. user experience - features a host of speakers plus programs focusing on game design, usability and product development.

Cutting-edge development at Epic Cutting-edge development at Epic

Updated May 6

Premium Lock SpaceX success; Tesla stock tumbles; Hall of Fame video games; bitcoin claim backtrack

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: A successful SpaceX launch; Tesla shares drop after pledge to boost production; Space Invaders, Grand Theft Auto III make video game Hall of Fame; and the man who claimed to have invented bitcoin backtracks.

May 3

Premium Lock Next drone is warship; Philips lighting spinoff; billboard data tracking probe; Oculus VR delays

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: The Navy unveils an unmanned sub hunter; Philips is spinning off its lighting group; Senator wants probe of billboards that track mobile data; and delays in Oculus VR devices generate complaints.

April 21

Premium Lock Cliff Bleszinski's 'LawBreakers' to premier in Boston

Gamers get their first hands-on experience with "LawBreakers," the initial video game developed by former Epic Games creative guru Cliff Bleszinski and his Raleigh-based startup Boss Key Productions. John Gaudiosi offers a preview in a WRAL TechWire exclusive.

April 19

Premium Lock Wake Tech gamers can earn BA at Peace; ECG opens today

The East Coast Game Conference kicks off today with some big news: Gamers at Wake Tech can now earn BA degrees at Peace College. Meanwhile, on the gaming front, virtual reality (VR) will be a major theme at ECGC,which is adding several new features this year.


Updated March 30

Premium Lock East Coast Games Conference focused on virtual reality

ECGC Virtual Reality (VR) will be a major theme at this year's East Coast Games Conference (ECGC),which is adding several new features this year.

March 25

Premium Lock Hackers help FBI?; Microsoft's too smart chatbot; Oculus nears launch; Yahoo shareholder mutiny

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Are hackers helping the FBI crack that terrorist's Apple iPhone?; Microsoft's 'bot' axed after learning a bit too much; Oculus VR headset nears launch; and Yahoo's shareholder rebellion becomes a mutiny against Marissa Mayer.

March 21

Premium Lock New iPhone coming?; Zuckerberg in China; Xbox GDC party firestorm; cyber attacks on media

Bulldog In today's wrapup of technology news: Apple may unveil a new iPhone at a media event today; Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg meets with head of propaganda in China; critics attack Xbox GDC party featuring go-go dancers; and a cyber attack hits media in Sweden.

Updated March 17

Premium Lock 'Impressive:' Star Wars heading to virtual reality with help from Epic Games

Want to wield a light saber? The Star Wars universe is moving to embrace the immersive experience of virtual reality with the help of Cary-based Epic Games. A new video trailer showcases the VR experiment that's underway.

Updated March 15

Premium Lock It's unreal: Epic 'sizzle' video touts latest game engine

Just in time for the annual Game Developers Conference, Epic Games in Cary has unveiled a new video that touts the cutting-edge capabilities of its latest Unreal game engine. It sizzles, says one gaming site.

Updated March 4

Premium Lock Epic CEO blasts Microsoft PC game strategy: 'We must fight it'

Microsoft is seeking to "monopolize" game development on PCs, and the gaming industry must fight back, says Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games. Sweeney's broadside is reminiscent of attacks on Microsoft and "Darth Gates" in the past.

Gears of War Gears of War

March 4

Premium Lock Stung! Microsoft fires back at Epic CEO after attack on gaming platform

Microsoft  When Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games and a recognized hall of famer in the video game industry, speaks the world listens. That includes giant Microsoft, which responded quickly to a barrage of criticism Sweeney unleashed Friday against its gaming ecosystem. Sweeney's attack also triggered a wave of headlines across news and gaming sites.

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