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Updated 3:24 p.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock Top 10 2017 tech predictions: eSports, bank disruption, virtual reality and more

Information technology Watch out for a "watershed" year in eSports, more disruption in banking and "mass expansion" of virtual reality content in 2017, says Juniper Research in making its top 10 tech predictions. Our Insiders get the details.

Updated November 30

Game on! Facebook adds free games like 'Pac-Man' to Messenger

Games available include classics such as "Pac-Man," ''Space Invaders" and "Galaga," as well as newer titles. Plus: Watch a video demo.

Updated October 10

Premium Lock Next big growth market? Bet on virtual reality gambling

money sign Virtual reality means much more than just games and interactive movies. How about VR gambling? A new report finds that this will be a fast-growing niche over the next five years with dollars wagered topping $500 million. However, there is a big inhibitor to faster growth. What is it?

August 24

Premium Lock Interest in Pokemon Go declining

Pokemon GO Pokemon Go is aleady in decline, according to an analyst at Axiom Capital.

Updated August 23

Premium Lock Epic Games forums hacked again, 800,000 accounts affected

Epic Games More than 800,000 user names and email addresses were stolen from Epic Games forums. The company said most of the passwords are not easily read or crackable, however.

August 17

Premium Lock Meet Epic's Games latest heroes in Paragon (+ new video)

In the second part of an exclusive interview, John Gaudiosi talks with Epic Games' Steve Stuperville, creative director of Paragon, about its newest offering, from heroes to the latest technology driving the game. Plus, watch a new video trailer about the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

Updated August 17

Premium Lock Lenovo unveils 'Cylon' VR-ready PCs (+ Get the sepcs)

Hoping to capitalize on demand for high-powered, virtual reality gaming-capable PCs, Lenovo rolls out two new models at a conference in Europe. The reaction is immediate - and mixed. Plus, get the specs on the new machines.

Lenovo's Y710 Cube  Lenovo's Y710 Cube

Updated August 16

Premium Lock Fight on! Epic Games unleashes 'Paragon,' its multiplayer online battle arena

Epic Games is unleashing its latest free-to-play game, Paragon, across PC and PlayStation 4 today. The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game is available in free open beta, allowing anyone to jump into the action - while giving the development team time to fine-tune the game prior to its official launch

Updated August 9

Premium Lock Cyborg stingray (video); no 'God particle;' Hulu drops free feed; Iran bans Pokemon Go

In today's Bulldog wrapup of science and technology news: Scientists have created a part-animal, part-machine stingray; scientists didn't find "God particle;" Hulu drops its free video feed; and Iran has banned Pokemon Go.

Updated July 25

Premium Lock Nintendo shares plummet; 4 days left to get free Win 10; Raleigh Geeks settle

Bulldog In today's update of technology news: Nintendo shares plummet; only four days left to get the free Windows 10 upgrade; Raleigh Geeks settlement.

July 22

Premium Lock Analyst says: Pokemon GO will expand the AR market

Pokemon GO Pokemon GO is set to become a significant contributor to the expansion of the global augmented reality (AR) software market, which will reach $30 billion in scale by 2020. So says analysis from global market research firm, Trendforce. Revenue from Pokémon GO alone is forecast to top $800 million in 2017.

July 19

Premium Lock 'Pokemon Go' boosts Nintendo; SpaceX launch; space virus hunter; Netflix woes (+ graphical view)

In today's Bulldog wrapup of science and technology news: Pokemon Go is a huge boost for Nintendo stock; SpaceX launches space station docking port; first virus-hunter in space heads to space station; and Netflix facing tougher times (plus a graphical view of its performance).

SpaceX launch to space station SpaceX launch to space station

July 14

Premium Lock Microsoft cloud court fight; diverse emojis; Nintendo NES returns; EU-Google battle

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Microsoft wins a court fight over access to cloud data; more divers emojis are on their way; the classic Nintendo NES returns; and the EU steps up its fight with Google.

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