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August 7

Premium Lock Cary-based Centervention scales soft skills learning games to China

After two years of quiet but steady expansion, the startup once known as Personalized Learning Games is expanding to a giant new market--China. The move ensures that in just a few short months, Centervention's computer games designed to improve social and emotional learning (SEL) skills will impact more kids than ever before.

A scene from Centervention A scene from Centervention

August 7

Premium Lock Epic's latest Fortnite battle: Appeasing early-access players after 'we messed up'

Epic Games' rollout of its latest title "Fortnite" continues to generate a lot of headaches for the Cary-based video game developer. While most fans seem to be understanding about an update error that wiped out some player data, others are pretty irate.

Defending a fort in Fortnite  Defending a fort in Fortnite

Updated August 2

Premium Lock 'Meet Mike:' Epic brings 'photorealistic' interaction to VR (+ video)

Virtual reality is getting more human through the "Meet Mike" project. Developers at Epic Games are unveiling technology that brings what they call "photorealistic interaction" to virtual reality.

August 2

Premium Lock NCSU 'mod' adds more interaction to video game non-player characters

Non-playable characters in video games can become more life-like - in other words, their reactions are not based entirely on "decision trees" game coders write - thanks to a new tool developed by researchers at N.C. State.

New tool gives NPC characters in video games more options New tool gives NPC characters in video games more options

Updated August 2

Premium Lock Lawyer entrepreneur: Ex-Hutchison attorney strikes out on own, focuses on video games, digital media

Brandon Huffman After having worked with entrepreneurs in video game and digital media, Brandon Huffman leaves Hutchinson PLLC to launch his own firm. Huffman explains his reasoning and talks about the potential he sees for growth in the Triangle gaming and entertainment sector in an exclusive interview.

July 19

Premium Lock Comic-Con wrestles with digital-age challenges

Comic-Con Comic-Con remains the biggest event of its kind, a four-day extravaganza that lures 130,000 pop-culture enthusiasts to San Diego. Yet the convention's main drawing power -- a chance to get first looks at highly anticipated movies and TV shows -- is grappling with digital-age challenges that could coalesce into its own form of Kryptonite.

July 17

Premium Lock 'Star Wars' fans will go nuts over Disney's upcoming park plans (+ video)

Disney on Saturday unveiled plans for a "Star Wars"-inspired hotel, which Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Bob Chapek called "the most experiential" luxury resort they've ever done. And tech news service IGN says the hotel "will be the ultimate role-play experience." Get the full story plus watch an in-depth video report.

July 10

Premium Lock Epic's Fortnite nears launch - an inside look + New video

It's been six years since Epic Games first announced Fortnite, a free-to-play third-person action building game that pits a group of four gamers against a horde of invading monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. As launch day nears, here's an inside look at the game. Plus: Epic releases a new video trailer.

Updated July 7

Premium Lock No battery cell phone; new mixed village Facebook campus; Pokemon Go a year later (plus video)

In today's update of technology news: researchers create batteryless cell phone; Pokemon Go, hot or not? New Facebook campus will have 150 apartments, a grocery store and a retail street.

July 6

Premium Lock Atari needs to work like Pac Man to regain relevance

Atari recently has teased the gaming world with a YouTube video promoting the company's first new console in 24 years. Besides ominous background music and close-up shots of a wood veneer surface, the only message is: "Coming soon."

June 30

Premium Lock Report: VR is new tech disruptor with demand tripling by 2021

Virtual reality headset demand is going to triple over the next five years after doubling over the past year, reports research firm Parks Associates. VR is the new tech disruptor as multiple industries from video games to education, health and tourism rush to embrace the tech.

How consumers will use virtual reality How consumers will use virtual reality

June 26

Premium Lock Insomniac Games exec to grads: Don't get discouraged - 'just keep doing the work'

"Art school gave you a great overview, a place to try things. But it is perfectly normal to spend some time honing your craft and looking around before you start your dream job," Chad Dezern of Insomniac Games tells Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham graduates. "The important thing is to know that, and not get discouraged--just keep doing the work." Here is his complete graduation speech.

Insomniac Games Insomniac Games

June 13

Premium Lock Epic Games readies post-apocalyptic Fortnite for launch (+ video)

It's been six years since Epic first announced Fortnite, a free-to-play third-person action building game that pits a group of four gamers against a horde of invading monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. Launch day is finally at hand.

June 6

Premium Lock Exclusive: Epic Games makes Vader-in-VR a reality at Apple showcase (+ videos)

Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 is at the very center of Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, demonstrating again its technical prowess that has made the Cary-based company an annual contributor to the prestigious event. Epic provides a VR inside look at the Star Wars universe plus a creation for Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson - and more. John Gaudiosi reports exclusively for WRAL TechWire.

May 11

Premium Lock Watson to power voice commands in new Star Trek game from Red Storm (+ video)

How does Watson say "Beam me up?" We'll find out soon. IBM's Watson is bringing voice command capabilities to the new Red Storm Entertainment game "Star Trek: Bridge Crew."

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