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February 19, 2010

Premium Lock FCC allows schools to provide federally funded Internet access to public

FCC Commissioners also outline goals for national broadband initiative. Priorities include: economic development, jobs, educational opportunities, smart-grid energy technology and cutting-edge medicine to all corners of the country.

February 18, 2010

Premium Lock Sony Ericsson hopes new phones will score big in U.S.

Mobile World Congress report: The joint venture between Sony and Ericsson unveils new products. AT&T may offer new devices.

Sony Ericsson unveils new phones. (AP) Sony Ericsson unveils new phones. (AP)

Updated February 15, 2010

Premium Lock Secrets to Tekelec's success? The 'Patent Wall'

CEO Frank Plastina touts the company’s technical prowess and commitment to R&D while talking about Tekelec’s record year for profits. A focus on the “mobile IP core” for applications and services leads to sales and success in a world driven increasingly by mobile communications.

Tekelec's massive, growing "Patent Wall" Tekelec's massive, growing "Patent Wall"

February 15, 2010

Premium Lock N.C. firms will showcase new products, wireless technologies at Mobile World Congress

A BlackBerry smart phone TapRoot and RFMD roll out new products while Tekelec makes a couple of deals. Red Hat, Aviat, Qualcomm, Cisco and IBM are all exhibiting. However, PocketGear has no announcements this year.

Updated February 15, 2010

Premium Lock App wars: Service providers target phone makers; Intel, Nokia join forces

MWC Mobile World Congress 2010: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, others join forces for application development. Plus: 'MeeGo' unites Intel, Nokia mobile software; Samsung unveils smart phone software.

Updated February 13, 2010

Premium Lock Nortel’s ‘self-congratulatory’ bankruptcy update – What’s going on?

Nortel bankruptcy  Opinion: The bankrupt company says it wants to retain a bunch of corporate employees who are “critical” to completing the “remaining work”, which involves selling off the rest of the assets. Nortel also wants to explore how to maximize its intellectual property. Will Nortel continue as a patent-holding entity? (Be sure to read the press release that’s included with this post.)

February 12, 2010

Premium Lock Apps factory: Chapel Hill startup to help those who have mobile ideas

Appubator aims to be an incubator for developers who want to monetize mobile applications.

Appubator's plan Appubator's plan

Updated February 12, 2010

Premium Lock Street hears Tekelec message – profits, revenues surge; stock soars 13%

Analyst ups share price target to $17. Morrisville-based maker of telecommunications and messaging gear beats analysts’ expectations for revenues and profits. Both improve over a year ago. For 2009, profits also set a company record.

Tekelec CEO Frank Plastina Tekelec CEO Frank Plastina

Updated February 10, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T picks Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent for 4G network

AT&T The fourth-generation of wireless technology offers 10 times the speed of current 3G networks.

February 9, 2010

Premium Lock Nortel reaches $50M settlement with former Canadian employees

Nortel Bankrupt telecommunications gear maker settles with representatives of retirees, those receiving long-term disability on benefits and severance benefits. Meanwhile, Ottawa government offers plans to help pay other Nortel pensions.

February 5, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T Wireless gives OK to Sling’s mobile TV application

AT&T This is the second time in recent months that AT&T has revised its policy on the kind of iPhone programs that can operate over its 3G network. The company recently changed its mind about Internet phone applications (VoIP) after the FCC began looking into Apple's decision to not approve a Google calling program last year.

Updated February 2, 2010

Premium Lock Charlotte-based FairPoint delays bankruptcy reorganization plan again

FairPoint For the third time since December, FairPoint Communications is pushing back the date when it will submit its bankruptcy reorganization plan.

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