(CIX: WRAL30)  1,101.31  up arrow+9.63  (0.88 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: Apple)  107.89  up arrow+0.91  (0.85 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: QUINTILES)  58.27  up arrow+1.97  (3.5 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(OP: BASF SE)  88.23  up arrow+1.31  (1.51 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: BioCryst)  11.71  down arrow-0.35  (-2.9 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: BioDelivery)  17.59  down arrow-0.2  (-1.12 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: CEMP)  13.71  up arrow+0.02  (0.15 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: Cisco Systems)  24.43  up arrow+0.35  (1.45 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: Cree)  31.49  down arrow-0.02  (-0.06 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: DARA)  0.87  down arrow-0.01  (-1.15 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: EMC CORPORATION)  28.67  up arrow+0.21  (0.74 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: Extreme Networks)  3.60  up arrow+0.07  (1.84 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: FB)  74.98  up arrow+0.87  (1.17 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: GLAXOSMITHKLINE)  45.40  up arrow+0.26  (0.58 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: GOOG)  558.43  up arrow+8.12  (1.48 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: IBM)  164.00  down arrow-0.35  (-0.21 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: LH)  109.16  up arrow+1.77  (1.65 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(OP: Lenovo Group)  29.43  down arrow-0.13  (-0.44 %)  Updated: 03:43 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: MRK)  57.77  up arrow+0.46  (0.8 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: Microsoft Corp)  46.83  up arrow+0.78  (1.69 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: NTAP)  42.72  up arrow+0.61  (1.45 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: NOVARTIS AG)  92.65  up arrow+0.7  (0.76 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(OP: Novozymes A/S)  46.32  up arrow+0.01  (0.02 %)  Updated: 03:43 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: PFIZER)  29.88  up arrow+0.04  (0.13 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: Pozen)  9.01  down arrow-0.16  (-1.74 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NY: RED HAT)  58.91  up arrow+0.66  (1.13 %)  Updated: 03:44 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: BBRY)  10.50  up arrow+0.02  (0.14 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: Salix)  143.94  down arrow-0.57  (-0.39 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014
(NQ: SQI)  14.97  down arrow-1.96  (-11.58 %)  Updated: 03:45 PM EDT, Oct 31 2014

Posts tagged “TechLaw”

5:38 a.m. Wednesday

Can a limited liability company really offer equity compensation awards to its valued employees?

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: You are always looking for creative ways to retain your top employees. One option is to offer valued employees equity in your business. However, not all types of equity incentives are created equally or are available in all situations.

October 15

What in the world is a 'gun trust' and why might I want one?

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: For avid hunters and gun enthusiasts, federal and state regulation of gun ownership can be burdensome and frustrating. Use of a gun trust could help.

Tags: TechLaw
October 1

Premium Lock Making the hunter the hunted: North Carolina gives business owners new tools to combat 'patent trolls'

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: Litigation in federal courts under federal law is a primary weapon in the battle to protect patents from infringement. However, because of alleged abuse, certain states, including North Carolina, have taken it upon themselves to establish their own rules of conduct for patent infringement actions.

September 17

Premium Lock Does your property owners association need workers' compensation insurance? Yes!

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: The North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act requires all employers with three or more employees to carry workers' compensation insurance. Your non-profit owners association, for either your residence or your commercial property, may not carry such insurance because its board thinks it's not an employer when, in fact, it is.

Tags: TechLaw
September 3

Premium Lock A general bankruptcy primer: What happens when your customers file?

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: Bankruptcy filings are common in America today. If your customers file bankruptcy, do you know what collection efforts you can and, perhaps more importantly, cannot undertake?

Tags: TechLaw
August 20

Premium Lock So I hired a felon: An update on the law of negligent hiring

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: Negligent hiring is a hit, but mostly a miss, claim for relief that has evolved in the domain of employment law.

August 6

Premium Lock Medicare - How can it affect my personal injury settlement?

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: Medicare recipients who have personal injury claims need to be aware that, by law, they will have to repay Medicare for any payments made as a result of the injury from any judgment or settlement they may receive.

Tags: TechLaw
Updated August 1

Premium Lock VC attorney: Crowdfunding will boost growth - but don't expect 'economic miracle'

Raleigh attorney Jim Verdonik, one of the most experienced and outspoken experts when it comes to the ins-and-outs of startup and emerging company financing, says a crowdfunding bill that could pass at any time in the General Assembly is good news. But don't expect miracles. Plus, he notes, the SEC has yet to implement federal legislation known as the JOBS Act. He calls the delay a "disgrace."

Sample of a GroundFloor real estate deal Sample of a GroundFloor real estate deal

Updated August 1

Premium Lock Patent troll legislation backed by SAS, tech firms, heads to governor

N.C. flag Local tech companies like Cary's SAS Institute pushed for the measure, saying they were often forced to defend themselves against "non-practicing entities," or NPEs, that are shell companies created for the purpose of holding a patent. Those companies then try to enforce the patent against bigger companies, hoping to extract settlements in lieu of costly litigation.

July 23

Premium Lock Property exchanges for involuntarily relinquished land

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: Income taxes that would otherwise be incurred as a result of the involuntary conveyance or destruction of real property can be deferred to a later date by using the tax-free exchange of property provisions of the federal Internal Revenue Code.

Tags: TechLaw
July 11

Premium Lock Aereo presses case despite Supreme Court setback

The company is now using the Supreme Court's own language to force broadcasters to treat it just like a cable TV company. In Aereo's view, that means broadcasters must license their signals to Aereo under a 1976 copyright law.

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia talks tech transformation Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia talks tech transformation

July 9

Premium Lock NY reaches price limit deal with car service Uber

Uber The car service Uber has agreed to limit prices during emergencies, natural disasters or other unusual market disruptions consistent with New York's law against price gouging, the company and state attorney general said Tuesday.

July 9

Premium Lock TechLaw: Dust off your existing trusts

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: Rising federal estate tax exemptions are providing you an opportunity to reconsider your existing trusts to determine whether a trust termination may provide an income tax benefit to your trusts' ultimate beneficiaries.

Tags: TechLaw
July 8

Premium Lock Crowdfunding, patent troll bills still in queue at General Assembly

Great Seal of N.C. Entrepreneurs and businesses are still waiting for final action on what many see as key pieces of legislation in the General Assembly: Crowdfunding for new businesses and legislation to cut down on patent trolls.

July 3

Premium Lock Cybercrime ring uncovered in Brazil

Network security  A technology security company says it has uncovered a massive cybercrime ring in Brazil that may have stolen billions of dollars from a widely used online payment system.

Updated June 25

Premium Lock VC attorney: Aereo case will deter investors, not entrepreneurs

Technology startups aren't likely to be scared away from innovation due to Aereo's loss at the Supreme Court, but investors are going to "be more careful," says Jim Verdonik, a veteran attorney who works with venture capitals and startups. Is Uber the next startup headed for a crash?

A screenshot from Aereo A screenshot from Aereo

Updated June 25

Premium Lock Supreme Court: Aereo a cable company, not hardware provider

The broadcasters told the court, and the majority of the justices agreed, that Aereo's "competitors pay for the rights to retransmit 'live TV' to the public -- as they must to avoid liability for copyright infringement -- while Aereo does not."

Aereo's pitch  Aereo's pitch

June 25

Premium Lock Restrictions on employees' post-employment work in N.C.: The balancing of interests

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: "Covenants not to compete," or "non-compete agreements," are gaining in popularity, but they are not without risks to employers.

Tags: TechLaw
June 23

Premium Lock Juror beware: Lawyers can check your social media pages

Social Media The American Bar Association says lawyers now have a green light to scan the social media sites of jurors, but warns against actively "following" or "friending" jurors or otherwise invading their private Internet areas.

June 11

Premium Lock EEOC weighs in on discrimination issues related to social media

Ward and Smith, P.A.  TechLaw: Many government agencies are focusing on how employers use information learned from employees' social media posts. The EEOC recently held an important meeting on social media and employment discrimination.

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