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Updated May 24, 2013

Premium Lock The art of failing gracefully: Lessons from a startup gone bad

New Bull City, Dave Five: In the second of a two-part first-person essay, Matthew Davis talks about the lessons he learned in the failure of GetZeek - a startup with a great idea that failed.

GetZeek interface and app GetZeek interface and app

May 23, 2013

Premium Lock Making a 'public pitch' and cashing in: Mystery Brewing's TV drama

I can see the merits of a public pitch, as long as its understood that there's a fat line between the pitch you make for investment and the pitch you make for publicity. One has a lot more meaning, the other gets tweeted a lot if you blow it. Durham's Erik Myers was a smash hit despite being "terrified."

Tapping another keg for Mystery Brewing Tapping another keg for Mystery Brewing

Updated May 23, 2013

Premium Lock Bull City blues: Learning lessons from some big failures

New Bull City series, Day Four: Alongside all of the many startup technology success stories in Durham over the past two decades, some notable failures have occurred as well. From telecommunications and wireless to app development and videogames, WRALTechWire reviews some of the disappointments - and the lessons learned.

Motricity's former Durham office Motricity's former Durham office

Updated May 23, 2013

Premium Lock 'The underbelly:' A first-person account of a startup's march to doom

New Bull City, Day Four: Matthew Davis is in the early stages of a new career as director of product marketing at Raleigh-based apps developer StepLeader. But in September 2011, he and a partner launched their own company, GetZeek, through which they hoped to capitalize on mobile coupons. The business failed, and Davis has chosen to share his story of what he calls "the underbelly" of business startups.

GetZeek - a good idea gone bad GetZeek - a good idea gone bad

May 22, 2013

Premium Lock Australian health institute embraces SAS Visual Analytics

SAS The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has implemented SAS Visual Analytics with the goal of making more informed decisions about health, welfare and community services.

Updated May 22, 2013

Premium Lock A rising tide of new entrepreneurs gives big lift to Durham's future

In this latest installment of the "New Bull City" series, WRALTechWire's Jason Parker takes an inside look at a host of emerging startups that are adding additional sparks to Durham's technology surge over the past two decades.

The ELF car The ELF car

May 22, 2013

Premium Lock Cheers! Durham's Mystery Brewing wins $50,000 in CNBC's Crowd Rules

Erik Myers built Mystery like a tech startup, raising $50,000 on Kickstarter and another $250,000 in private seed money. He blogs, he markets well, and he's everywhere - and in that, Mystery Brewing and companies like it deserve to be in the same sentence as Triangle Startup Factory graduates, NC IDEA winners, and, you know, all those other startups from Durham that landed on a CNBC reality show. WRALTechWire Insiders get the full story.

Brew this! Erik Myers goes for $50,000 on CNBC Brew this! Erik Myers goes for $50,000 on CNBC

Updated May 21, 2013

Premium Lock ArchiveSocial, a new Durham success story, brings home international award

Bringing order to the chaos of social media record keeping is the goal of Durham-born and based startup ArchiveSocial. An example of the New Bull City's emerging reputation as a home for successful tech startups, the company came home a winner in the "Top 50" competition put on by TiE organization. And its CEO is thankful for the support his firm has received from others across its home town.

Anil Chawla with an award won in 2013 Anil Chawla with an award won in 2013

Updated May 21, 2013

Premium Lock Durham 1999 to today: From a 'zip code destination' to boom town built on tech pillars

New Bull City, Day Two: One can't appreciate a revitalized Durham today without looking back to the late '90s and remembering a desolate city center. But the Internet boom coupled with the rebuilding of the city's infrastructure and the love of several entrepreneurs for the Bull City triggered a perfect storm of development that turn dead town into boom town.

American Tobacco Campus American Tobacco Campus

Updated May 20, 2013

Premium Lock From tobacco town to tech hub: Durham's rise from humble beginnings

In just over a decade, the city of Durham's population has exploded 46 percent to more than 233,000 - and that's an estimate from two years ago. The New Bull City is a vibrant combination of technology and culture yet one that is proud of a long and eventful history. Here's a look back at the beginnings and its evolution on which Durham today is built.

Downtown Durham draws growing population Downtown Durham draws growing population

Updated May 20, 2013

Premium Lock Durham's saga of progress: From tobacco town to technology hub

"New Bull City" is the title of a multi-part series beginning today about the remarkable transition of Durham from a town of tobacco, textiles and manufacturing to a "City of Medicine" and now a rapidly growing technology hub. From its historic past to what appears to be a promising future, the remarkable saga of Durham will unfold daily for WRALTechWire Insiders.

The New Bull City The New Bull City

Updated May 17, 2013

Premium Lock Triangulate, the 'digital doorway' for Triangle, goes live

"Triangulate will help us better organize the entrepreneurial network," says Joan Siefert Rose, president of the CED. "It helps us find each other, and it also helps people outside of the region look at the Triangle."

A sample from Triangulate A sample from Triangulate

Updated May 17, 2013

Premium Lock Angels stress need for cooperation in reviewing Triangle deals

As angel investors become increasingly important to the Triangle startup community, more than 30 of them gather to discuss how they can work together more closely in performing due diligence on potential deals. We also have snapshots of four major regional groups.

Angel Investors Angel Investors

May 16, 2013

Premium Lock IBM to offer up 'Jeopardy!' winner Watson to software startups

Doctor Watson International Business Machines Corp. will offer its Watson technology, which beat humans in "Jeopardy!," as a building block for startup companies making business software.

May 15, 2013

Premium Lock The New Bull City: An in-depth series coming to WRALTechWire

From a tobacco town to a city of medicine to a technology hub - that's the saga of Durham. Beginning next week, WRALTechWire will launch a multi-day, in-depth report titled "The New Bull City" that will tell the stories behind Durham's rebirth and what's coming next.

New Bull City series coming from WRALTechWire New Bull City series coming from WRALTechWire

Updated May 14, 2013

Premium Lock Will lightning strike again for veteran entrepreneur Brian Handly at StepLeader?

Brian Handly As the Raleigh-based apps developer raises its first venture funding, its CEO Brian Handly talks about what's coming next at StepLeader. He has big, big plans. Handly also discusses the state of fundraising, which can be quite difficult these days.

Updated May 14, 2013

Premium Lock Raleigh app developer StepLeader lands $4.4M in first fund raiser

The Raleigh-based startup, which is a spinout from Capitol Broadcasting's New Media Group, raises its first round of venture funding with two local firms participating. Its CEO invests as well. And the company has big growth plans. WRALTechWire Insiders can get the full story.

StepLeader's weather app StepLeader's weather app

Updated May 14, 2013

Premium Lock Chapel Hill drug startup Cempra lands $70M licensing deal

Cempra  Cemrpa is a long way yet from proving its new antibiotic compound will be an effective, FDA-approved drug, but the compound has already delivered the company a $10 million payday with millions more possibly to come. WRALTechWire Insiders get the details.

Updated May 14, 2013

Premium Lock Time running out to save 50% on WRALTechWire Insider membership

WRALTechWire at Facebook The introductory 50-percent off deal to become an Insider at WRALTechWire expires on May 16. Sign up today for accesses to in-depth exclusive news and much more - such as up to $900 in savings on tech-related offers from our partners.

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