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Updated July 13, 2010

Premium Lock What Foursquare's funding means for marketers

Analysis: So why should marketers care about the additional funding the company received? It’s a matter of scale, the market, and the potential.

Tracking social media growth Tracking social media growth

July 7, 2010

Premium Lock Your life in lights? YouTube taking social media to the big screen

Director Kevin Macdonald and producer Ridley Scott to oversee YouTube’s “Life in a Day” Hollywood production.

July 7, 2010

Premium Lock Facebook, Google under legal scrutiny in Europe

Facebook Germany takes legal steps against Facebook; EU looking “very carefully” at Google search allegations.

July 1, 2010

Premium Lock Facebook tightens restrictions on apps developers, other websites

Facebook Services will say which aspects of a profile they will mine, but the user still won't be able to pick out which pieces they want to grant access to. They have to either grant permission or disallow the app from working at all.

Updated June 28, 2010

Premium Lock New LTW event: The Immersive Internet – The Next Big Thing

Dr. Tony O'Driscoll As 3D, virtual reality and web technology continue to evolve and as Internet speeds climb ever faster at home, at work and through wireless, a new Internet beckons – The “Immersive Internet.” How can you and your business take advantage of opportunities created by virtual worlds, real-time collaboration, and the life-like experience of 3D? Internationally published and recognized expert in all things 3D, Tony O’Driscoll will discuss and demonstrate the potential of the Immersive Internet at Local Tech Wire’s Executive Exchange event on July 28.

Updated June 27, 2010

Premium Lock LinkedIn adds engaging features for professionals

LinkedIn Social media: In an online community with more than 650,000 groups, the largest containing slightly more than 200,000 members, it is essential to simplify interactions between group members, and LinkedIn’s developments have made significant progress toward that end goal.

Updated June 25, 2010

Premium Lock Good U.S. soccer news means whale of a bad day for Twitter

Too many tweets crash Twitter Analysis: All the tweets about the U.S. victory over Algeria in the World Cup crash the Twitter site. You can’t always predict spikes in traffic. And in business, it’s imperative that you be able to handle the unexpected. That’s why cloud-based infrastructures increasingly make sense.

Updated June 24, 2010

Premium Lock Russia's leader tweets, gets $1B from Cisco, promises openness

Dmitry Medvedev tours Silicon Valley, saying he wanted "to see with my own eyes the origins of success." Cisco's John Chambers commits $1 billion to a project in Russia. "We're very honored to commit to your dream," Chambers says.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, left, and Steve Jobs with iPhone 4 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, left, and Steve Jobs with iPhone 4

June 21, 2010

Premium Lock Facebook Questions - A new digital marketing (potential) opportunity

Social media: If implemented globally, Facebook Questions will provide enormous insight into what social networkers are interested in, curious about, and seeking information for, and simultaneously expand the network dramatically.

A sample from Facebook Questions A sample from Facebook Questions

June 18, 2010

Premium Lock Court: Privacy rights don't include texts sent on company device

Be careful before you text on a corporate device Supreme Court says search of police officer’s personal text messages is OK since they were sent on a government-owned device.

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