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Updated April 14, 2010

Premium Lock Lenovo smartbook's U.S. arrival held up, report says

Lenovo's Skylight "smartbook" Industry talk says the delay means the first round of competition goes to Apple.

Updated April 14, 2010

Premium Lock Surprise in Intel 1Q: Corporate PC spending up

Intel  Intel Corp. executives say the chip maker’s first-quarter results revealed a surprising and encouraging trend: Companies are finally starting to upgrade their workers’ laptops.

Updated April 9, 2010

Premium Lock Buyout talk involving Lenovo sends Palm shares up 20%

Shares jump again Thursday after a news service in China says the world’s No. 4 PC maker will buy Positivo in Brazil. Wall Street rumors link Lenovo to a takeover of struggling smartphone maker Palm. Positivo, meanwhile, denies a Lenovo takeover.

Palm's Pre smartphone Palm's Pre smartphone

Updated April 7, 2010

Premium Lock Lenovo making a buy? Palm or Positivo or both?

Positivo's logo News service in China says the world’s No. 4 PC maker has already sent an executive to oversee operations at Brazil’s top PC maker. Meanwhile, CNBC says Lenovo may be targeting Palm.

April 7, 2010

Premium Lock Attention, travelers: iPad likely to receive friendly airport screening

iPad went on sale Saturday. (AP) Transportation Security Administration does not approve specific bags or offer guarantees that a traveler will not have to remove the computer, but it has encouraged manufacturers to design bags that will allow screeners to obtain clear images and give travelers the best shot at being able to keep computers in their bags.

Updated April 5, 2010

Premium Lock My pad, your pad - 300,000 of us pay for Apple’s iPad

But what's next? Once the initial iPad excitement settles, Apple may have to work harder to persuade a broader swath of people to buy one. Many companies have tried to sell tablet computers before, but none has caught on with mainstream consumers. And while early adopters who pre-ordered an iPad in recent weeks have gushed about all the ways they hope to use it, skeptics point to all the ways the iPad comes up short.

Take your iPad for a spin  Take your iPad for a spin

April 2, 2010

Premium Lock Mypad? Apple hype builds excitment for new iPad

New tablet PC goes on sale Saturday. Not only Apple die-hards have been swept up in iPad hype. It has also turned the heads of folks who have been lukewarm on Apple gadgets.

Apple iPad goes on sale Saturday. (AP) Apple iPad goes on sale Saturday. (AP)

April 2, 2010

Premium Lock Georgia resident who inspired Microsoft’s founders dies at 68

Recall Bill Gates and Paul Allen about Henry Edward Roberts: "Ed was willing to take a chance on us — two young guys interested in computers long before they were commonplace — and we have always been grateful to him. The day our first untested software worked on his Altair [computer] was the start of a lot of great things. We will always have many fond memories of working with Ed."

Henry Edward Roberts with an Altair. (AP) Henry Edward Roberts with an Altair. (AP)

Updated April 1, 2010

Premium Lock One of top Silicon Valley VCs makes $100M bet on iPad

Kleiner Perkins ‘doubles down’ on its iFund bet ahead of iPad launch on Saturday. “Welcome to the brave new post-PC era,” KPCB partner says.

VC firm bets big on iPad VC firm bets big on iPad

March 29, 2010

Premium Lock Apple delays shipping of new iPad pre-orders

Apple's iPad The new portable device is set to go on sale in stores April 3.

March 25, 2010

Premium Lock Lenovo equips some of its laptops for Sprint’s 4G network

A Lenovo Edge As Sprint prepares to offer video call-enabled phones to run on its Clear network, the mobile phone company also partners with Lenovo for laptop access.

Updated March 22, 2010

Premium Lock Lenovo hires HP exec as new marketing officer

David Roman fills chief marketing officer role at world’s No. 4 PC maker that has been vacant for a year. Roman also at one time was a senior marketing executive at Apple.

David Roman  David Roman

March 18, 2010

Premium Lock Dell pushes back Triad plant closing to October

Dell Company says it still plans to shut down the facility but will keep 400 people working due to desktop computer demand.

Updated March 12, 2010

Premium Lock Wireless Internet devices to dominate future sales, Lenovo CEO says

Yang Yuanqing says the world’s No. 4 PC maker will focus on sales in emerging markets as well as its home market of China in a ‘protect and attack’ strategy. Lenovo’s chairman on Thursday also said the company would focus on mobile Internet.

Yang Yuanqing Yang Yuanqing

Updated March 8, 2010

Premium Lock Apple's iPad tablet PC to hit stores on April 3

Launch is pushed back from late March. Devices will start at $499, connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Apple's iPad Apple's iPad

Updated March 2, 2010

Premium Lock Apple finds 17 'core' labor violations among suppliers

Findings include use of underage workers, use of non-certified vendors for disposal of hazardous waste, providing false records and more.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs. (AP) Apple CEO Steve Jobs. (AP)

February 26, 2010

Premium Lock Dell to keep Winston-Salem plant open through July

Dell's plant in Winson-Salem The extension is the second for operations at the massive plant. A Forsyth County commissioner tells Winston-Salem newspaper about the news and a Dell spokesperson confirms the report.

Updated February 25, 2010

Premium Lock Apple shareholders say no to environmental measures

Apple As Apple announces it reaches 10 billion in iTune sales, CEO Steve Jobs tells shareholders he is cool to idea of paying a dividend. PLus: Apple plans major expansion in China.

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