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Posts tagged “PC industry”

5:42 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Inside Lenovo: Promising new products, technology can't hide current problems

Analysis: Prolonged revenue and profit declines in Lenovo's PC segment weigh on the company's long-term ambitions. Plus there are continuing challenges in its data center and smartphone businesses nearly two years after the acquisition of IBM's x86 server group and Google's Motorola Mobility. The tech giant is promising a wave of new products, but right now there are many issues to be addressed.

August 19

Premium Lock Inside Cisco: Growing services revenue a bright spot in pivot to software

Cisco's headquarters      Analysis: Cisco this week announced plans to cut 5,500 jobs as the networking giant continues to pivot from its traditional networking hardware reliance to software and services. Those revenues have grown for 53 consecutive quarters. Technology Business Research analyst Elitsa Bakalova takes a look at what's happening.

Updated August 19

Lenovo expands RTP sales force as North America market grows

Lenovo is continuing to add a mix of full-time and contractor employees as it expands its sales force and call center operations to meet growing customer demand, says the company's top North America executive. Plus, Lenovo is remodeling part of a campus building "to offer all the things millennials love."

Emilio Ghilardi Emilio Ghilardi

Updated August 18

Property sale helps Lenovo beat revenue, profit forecasts; phone sales plunge

Yang Yuanqing Leneovo boosts its net revenue 64 percent year-over-year even as revenue declined 6 percent, the world's top PC seller says. Cost cuts made over the past year help Lenovo overcome declining PC sales and a sharp drop in smartphone shipments. Plus, sale of a property adds to big one-time boost.

August 18

Premium Lock Inside Cisco: What 5,500 job cuts mean for tech giant's transition

Analysis: Cisco is cutting 5,500 jobs as part of a transition toward an increasing reliance on software, not hardware. Notes Technology Business Research analyst Patrick Filkins: "Monetizing software solutions will help Cisco mitigate the negative impact that virtualization is expected to have on its network and IT hardware businesses."

Cisco breaks down its revenues Cisco breaks down its revenues

August 18

Premium Lock Inside NetApp: Shrinking its R&D budget 'a threat'

Analysis: NetApp, which has a major operation in RTP, shows some promise in certain areas such as all-flash technology in its latest earnings report. But shrinking research and development could hurt, says Technology Business Research analyst Krista Macomber. "This is a threat as agile and cutting-edge innovation increasingly influences storage vendors' ability to differentiate, as long-standing architectures and purchase models become massively disrupted by customers' need to serve rising, data-centric demands from lines of business with greater efficiency and agility," she writes.

Updated August 17

Premium Lock Lenovo unveils 'Cylon' VR-ready PCs (+ Get the sepcs)

Hoping to capitalize on demand for high-powered, virtual reality gaming-capable PCs, Lenovo rolls out two new models at a conference in Europe. The reaction is immediate - and mixed. Plus, get the specs on the new machines.

Lenovo's Y710 Cube  Lenovo's Y710 Cube

Updated August 15

Premium Lock Inside HPE: Buying SGI to accelerate high-performance computing play (+ video)

Analysis: HPE's $275 million purchase of Silicon Graphics International is part of its drive to disrupt the high-performance computing market, says Technology Business Research analyst Krista Macomber.

August 11

Premium Lock Video: Lenovo teases 'incremental to incredible' new products

Lenovo is offering a quick, sneak peek at its 2016 holiday product lineup with a new video teaser. Glances include enticing advances such as a bendable tablets and phones.

August 5

Premium Lock Inside Oracle's NetSuite acquisition: Cloud dominance ahead?

Oracle Analysis: Oracle's acquisition-paved road to cloud dominance runs through cloud ERP powerhouse NetSuite, which has a Triangle connection having acquired Durham-based Bronto in 2015 for $200 million. Plus, Oracle has a major operation in RTP built around its buying of Tekelec.

July 20

Premium Lock Emerging tech will boost industry revenue to new highs

Drones Broader adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enthusiasm for emerging technology will drive the U.S. consumer technology industry to new highs in retail and wholesale revenue as emerging tech categories push the entire industry forward,according to the Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) semi-annual forecast.

Updated July 19

Premium Lock Lenovo's big $1.35B China real estate project - any RTP impact?

Lenovo is teaming with big international real estate developer Tishman Speyer for a huge $1.35 billion real estate project just outside Hong Kong. Will there be any impact on the Triangle? WTW talks with a Lenovo executive about the deal.

Rendering of huge Lenovo project Rendering of huge Lenovo project

July 12

Premium Lock Analyst: What Lenovo is doing right in US, worldwide

The latest PC sales numbers are in - and Lenovo is continuing to grow its sales in the U.S. while driving up market share worldwide even as overall sales for the industry decline. So what's the world's top PC seller doing right? A top analyst with research firm Gartner explains in an exclusive Q&A.

One of Lenovo's flexible Yoga tablets One of Lenovo's flexible Yoga tablets

Updated July 12

Premium Lock Lenovo shows growing US strength but international sales fall

Lenovo   Newly released statistics from research firms Gartner and IDC have a mix of good and bad news for global PC sales leader Lenovo.

July 11

Premium Lock Former Lenovo CEO takes over as top exec at Avnet

Bill Amelio, a fomrer CEO at Lenovo, is taking over as the top executive at data center hardware and software provider Avnet, effective immediately.

Bill Amelio Bill Amelio

Updated July 7

Premium Lock Report: Shake-ups coming even as wearables market growth explodes 500%

A new report forecasts that the wearables market will drive revenues up 500 percent over the next 10 years. However, there will be a great deal of disruption along the way.

Wearables growth to keep soaring Wearables growth to keep soaring

Updated July 7

Premium Lock Report: Sky is the limit as cloud IT spending soars

In the cloud New data from research firm IDC shows why the "cloud" is such a hot topic at Triangle tech companies, from startups to IBM, Lenovo, EMC, NetApp, Cisco, Red Hat and more ... Meanwhile, traditional IT spending is declining.

Updated July 6

Premium Lock Lenovo buying out NEC in Japan PC joint venture

Lenovo   Lenovo exercises a "call" option in an agreement with NEC and thus buys out its partner in a PC joint venture that has become the top computer seller in Japan.

July 4

Premium Lock Red Hat partner Rackspace finds growing success in hybrid clouds

Analysis: Rackspace continues constructing its portfolio around the most prominent third-party clouds.

July 1

Premium Lock Recapping Red Hat Summit: From analytics to cloud to partnerships - and a wedding

Jim Whitehurst didn't take the stage in a robe and sing/dance with a choir as his predecessor Matthew Szulik once did, but the Red Hat CEO did evangelize on the need for "open source" development in business as well as in communities. Yes, it was Red Hat Summit week. Here's a review.

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