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Posts tagged “PC industry”

Updated 6:35 a.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock Lenovo broadens Red Hat embrace + Whitehurst keynote, news at Red Hat Summit

Lenovo, the world's top PC manufacturer and a top provider of servers for data centers which operates one of its two executive headquarters in Morrisville, is deepening its relationship with Raleigh-based Red Hat, the global open source Linux developer. Plus, get the latest news from the Red Hat Summit and watch Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst's keynote speech where he stresses the importance of open source.

Updated 2:19 p.m. Monday

Premium Lock Enemies no more: Red Hat, Microsoft embrace at Hatters' summit

The years of bitter acrimony between Red Hat and Microsoft are formally over, believe it or not. At the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco on Monday, the two tech rivals unveiled Microsoft products that include Red Hat Linux support. And later this week Microsoft will demo how its SQL Server will run Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Hatters even renamed a developers' blog ""

Updated 6:58 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Accenture making smart moves in artificial intelligence services

Analysis: Accenture doubles-down on intelligent automation technologies to highlight tangible benefits and stay abreast of innovation. How? Technology Business Research Analyst Bozhidar Hristov explains for WTW Insiders.

Accenture touts AI Accenture touts AI

June 24

Premium Lock Selling Software Group makes strategic, financial sense for Dell-EMC merger

Dell Analysis: The sale of Dell Software Group comes after the March announcement that NTT DATA will acquire Dell Services; both developments are driven by the need to jettison noncore assets and generate additional financing for Dell's planned acquisition of EMC, says Technology Business Research.

Updated June 23

Survey: Consumers value accuracy most from wearables

If you own a "wearable" technology device or you are thinking about buying one, the accuracy of the data these "smart" devices deliver is the most important buying-and-using factor, says a new survey. Raleigh biometric sensor startup Valencell and a trade association group conducted the survey.

Wearables survey from Valencell Wearables survey from Valencell

June 23

Premium Lock In his own words: BlackBerry CEO on wooing analysts, his future vision

Think no one reads analysts' reports? Think again. In addressing BlackBerry shareholders at the company's annual meeting this week, CEO John Chen gave a spirited defense of his vision for the future. Interestingly, he also discussed how BlackBerry has courted analysts at research firms, noting the crucial role their reports play in buying decisions.

Updated June 23

Premium Lock Inside Red Hat: Hatters' open strategy is paying off as cloud market grows

Analysis: Red Hat beats revenue expectations for the second quarter, fueled by OpenStack adoption and an application-centric strategy, says Technology Business Research Analyst Andrew Smith.

Red Hat revenue surges Red Hat revenue surges

June 23

Premium Lock Red Hat CEO gives a shout out to Ansible; CFO explains acquisition strategy

Ansible Red Hat says its huge investment ($100 million-plus, according tor reports) in Durham startup Ansible last fall is already paying big dividends, says Red Hat's CEO. And the Hatters' CFO spells out why Red Hat is making acquisitions.

June 20

Premium Lock Inside Oracle: Chipping away at cloud growth, focused on ascendancy

Oracle Analysis: Cloud dominance remains corporate focus, with Chairman Larry Ellison's sights set on $10B record, writes Technology Business Research Analyst Meaghan McGrath.

June 15

Premium Lock With 'decisive, bold move,' Symantec bolts past IBM in security market

Symantec's acquisition of Blue Coat creates a new market share leader in the enterprise security space, vaulting past IBM. Here's a look at what's happening in the security space from Technology Business Research Analyst Jane Wright.

A sample Symantec security report A sample Symantec security report

Updated June 13

Premium Lock HPE joins rush to push IoT analytics to network edge

Analysis: Just as Cisco and IBM were announcing a partnership to push network analytics to the edge of networks as part of their Internet of Things strategy, so too did Hewlett Packard Enterprise. John Spooner, director of the Internet of Things and Devices Practice at Technology Business Research, takes a look.

Updated June 10

Premium Lock Bendable screens, augmented reality, smart shoes, smart home: Lenovo's innovation wave in video

Words can't adequately describe all the innovations Lenovo displays at its "Tech World" event. So how do you tell the story best? Watch the videos ...

Updated June 10

Premium Lock Inside Informatica: Putting guardrails on self-service business intelligence

Analysis: Informatica's Intelligent Data Platform puts guardrails on self-service. As business intelligence and analytics become more integral to enterprise differentiation and performance vendors aim to improve data management and empower user. Informatica does so, too, but with guardrails to reduce IT challenges.

June 9

Premium Lock Bad news, PC manufacturers: Sales picture not getting better

A Lenovo PC Research firm IDC forecasts more difficult times ahead for the world's PC industry with desktop machine sales on the decline through 2020 and portables only increasing slightly. Says IDC: "Unfortunately, the PC market still faces some persistent challenges, and for now, improvement continues to mean slower declines."

Updated June 9

Lenovo's 3D augmented reality phone pushes new frontiers

Lenovo makes its sensor-filled augmented reality 3D phone official today. Think virtual reality without a headset. Jeff Meredith, the Lenovo exec pushing development of the device packing Google Tango project software, talks with WRAL TechWire about a device that he says "blows away" other smartphones.

June 3

Premium Lock More grim news for Lenovo: Server sales plunge 10%

Lenovo's stock is falling, Google is dumping shares at a discount, analysts have written down the company, and for the first time in six years Lenovo lost money. Now comes more bad news: Server revenue plunged 10 percent in the first quarter. Will a new hyperscale partnership help right the trend? IBM also takes a hit.

Lenovo x86 server Lenovo x86 server

June 2

Premium Lock Analytics firm Qlik, which has office in Raleigh, being sold for $3B

Qlik Qlik, an analytics firm that CNBC's Jim Cramer wanted IBM to acquire, is being sold to a private equity firm for $3 billion. Qlik operates one of its seven U.S. offices in Raleigh.

June 2

Premium Lock Lenovo news: Google sells $221M in shares; uninstall advisory

Lenovo   Lenovo shares drop 4% as Google sells $221 million in shares. The move helped send Lenovo shares to a 52-week low. Plus: Lenovo advises customers to uninstall Accelerator Application.

Updated June 2

Premium Lock Inside Citrix: Emerging from reorg, a new strategy, new portfolio

Analysis: Citrix, which has a major presence in Raleigh where its Citrix business group is based, is emerging from a year-long reorganization with a new portfolio of products and revised strategy, say Technology Business Research analysts.

Citrix HQ in Raleih Citrix HQ in Raleih

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