(CIX: WRAL30)  1,171.56  up arrow+0.76  (0.07 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Apple)  117.81  down arrow-0.22  (-0.19 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: QUINTILES)  69.26  up arrow+0.75  (1.09 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(OP: BASF SE)  82.65  down arrow-0.22  (-0.27 %)  Updated: 02:20 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: BioCryst)  10.30  up arrow+0.07  (0.68 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: BioDelivery)  6.03  up arrow+0.12  (2.03 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: CEMP)  32.75  down arrow-0.06  (-0.18 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Cisco)  27.32  up arrow+0.08  (0.29 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Cree)  27.09  down arrow-0.01  (-0.04 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: DARA)  0.92  up arrow+0.01  (1.09 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: EMC)  25.40  down arrow-0.02  (-0.08 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Extreme Networks)  4.34  up arrow+0.01  (0.23 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Facebook)  105.45  up arrow+0.04  (0.04 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: GLAXOSMITHKLINE)  40.96  up arrow+0.26  (0.64 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Alphabet)  750.26  up arrow+2.11  (0.28 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: IBM)  138.46  up arrow+0.46  (0.33 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: LH)  122.07  up arrow+0.25  (0.21 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(OP: Lenovo Group)  20.92  down arrow-1.28  (-5.77 %)  Updated: 02:20 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: MRK)  53.96  up arrow+0.24  (0.45 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Microsoft)  53.93  up arrow+0.24  (0.45 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: NetApp)  30.69  down arrow-0.07  (-0.23 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: NOVARTIS AG)  85.84  down arrow-0.11  (-0.13 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(OP: Novozymes A/S)  47.71  up arrow+0.39  (0.82 %)  Updated: 02:20 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: Pfizer)  32.79  down arrow-0.08  (-0.24 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Pozen)  7.28  up arrow+0.21  (2.97 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NY: Red Hat)  82.50  down arrow-0.02  (-0.02 %)  Updated: 05:15 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: BBRY)  7.82  down arrow-0.09  (-1.14 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015
(NQ: Salix)  172.81    (0 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Apr 01 2015
(NQ: SQI)  12.82  up arrow+0.05  (0.39 %)  Updated: 05:10 PM EST, Nov 27 2015

Posts tagged “Other Firms”

November 10

Google Life Sciences teams up with American Heart Association in $50 million partnership

The American Heart Association and Google Life Sciences, a spinout of their parent company, are investing $50 million in a new initiative to address the challenges in preventing and curing coronary heart disease.

November 10

Ericsson and Cisco Systems set to partner in mega deal

Cisco Systems announces a strategic partnership with Ericsson, claiming it will result in $1 billion in revenue by 2018.

Tags: Cisco
November 9

AT&T launches high speed Internet in Garner

AT&T AT&T today announced that their high speed Internet, U-verse, is now available in Garner, N.C., and three other cities in the state.

Tags: AT&T
November 5

Microsoft and Red Hat Announce partnership for Linux and Azure

Red Hat Microsoft and Red Hat are making it official in a partnership announced Wednesday. Microsoft will offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux as preferred choice for Microsoft Azure. Read more on the partnership.

November 4

IBM acquires Gravitant, Inc., seeks to expand cloud-based offering

IBM Cloud    IBM continues to acquire companies that it believes will help the company serve its customers. Gravitant will be integrated into the IBM Global Technology Services unit.

Tags: IBM
October 30

Google to combine Chrome OS with Android in 2017

Google Google is combining its Chrome OS software, which powers its Chromebooks, with Android, its smartphone operating system, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Google plans to released the combined software in 2017.

Updated October 29

Top digital brands to attend Raleigh Internet Summit

Google, Uber, Twitter, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft & IBM - literally a who's who of tech and digital headline the 100s of brands heading to Raleigh in November.

October 28

Premium Lock IBM acquiring Weather Company assets

IBM Watson avatar   IBM has agreed to acquire most assets of the Weather Company, including consumer and business apps and 900 employees. Financial details were not disclosed, but the Wall Street Journal pegs the deal at over $2 billion. IBM

Tags: IBM
Updated October 27

Premium Lock Verizon, Motorola introduce Droid Turbo 2 with shatterproof screen

New Droid Turbo 2 has shatterproof screen. If you have ever dropped your smartphone on a hard surface and cracked the screen or lost touchscreen capability, you'll like this technology advance: Motorola's new Droid Turbo 2 available only from Verizon and introduced today has the world's first shatterproof display screen and other advanced features.

Tags: Verizon
Updated October 26

Premium Lock Apple wants TV apps, RTI names VP, Xerox reviewing its business

Bulldog In today's Bulldog update of technology news: Apple seeks TV apps; RTI International names new VP; Xerox reviewing options after net loss.

Tags: RTI, Apple
October 26

Premium Lock Raleigh's PrecisionHawk, Verizon, DigitalGlobe, Harris team to make drones safer

A PrecisionHawk drone. aleigh-based PrecisionHawk has teamed with Verizon, Harris, and DigitalGobe Inc. to provide "safety as a service" for the rapidly growing drone aircraft market and have successfully completed initial testing.

Tags: Verizon
October 26

Premium Lock Microsoft steady despite shifts in business model & strategy

Microsoft has realigned its strategic focus, investments and financial reporting around three key ambitions: reinvent productivity and business processes, build an intelligent cloud platform and create more personal computing. Aligning complementary assets such as Azure with server products, Office 365 with Dynamics, and Windows with devices, search and gaming will be beneficial as Microsoft aims to grow lifetime customer value. TBR analyzes its new directions.

Microsoft Corporation    Microsoft Corporation

Updated October 22

Premium Lock CrowdTunes creates a new model for providing music in restaurants

Do you ever get nostalgic for those jukebox days when you plopped a nickel in a slot and played the tune you really wanted to hear? If you had run into Brandon Magsamen, CEO of Durham-based CrowdTunes, 14 years ago as a waiter at a Johnny Rocket's in Austin, Texas, he would have made change in nickels so you could do just that. Today, his startup company, which already nabbed 150 restaurant customers and 25,000 restaurant patron users, has a more sophisticated way to do the same thing.

Brandon Magsamen, CEO of CrowdTunes. Brandon Magsamen, CEO of CrowdTunes.

Updated October 22

Premium Lock Best holiday tech gifts, making room for HQ Raleigh, Quintiles forms alliance, Senate debates cybersecurity bill

Bulldog In today's Bulldog Update of technology news: Best Buy survey cites best holiday tech gifts; making room for HQ Raleigh; cyber security bill advances in Senate, Quintiles, IMS Health form alliance.

Updated October 22

Premium Lock Hands-free voice technologies pose hidden dangers for drivers

Using voice-activated phone systems while driving causes lasting distraction. New research says that using voice-activated systems such as Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana while driving causes mental distraction that can last nearly half a minute after use.

October 20

Premium Lock IBM earnings report gives investors the big blues

IBM                         IBM shares plummeted more than 5 percent in after-hours trading Monday following its third-quarter earnings report that revenue fell for the 14th straight quarter and missed analyst expectations. It also forecast guidance for the year weaker than analysts expected as it transforms from its legacy hardware business to cloud, mobile and other "strategic imeratives."

Tags: IBM
October 19

Premium Lock Envisia lands $4.6M of $5.1M debt offering

Morrisville-based Envisia Therapeutics has raised $4.6 million of a $5.1 million debt offering, according to a regulatory filing. Earlier this month, Envisia reported positive clinical trial results for its experimental glaucoma treatment.

Envisia Therapeutics Envisia Therapeutics

October 19

Premium Lock SAS one of 7 best places to work for single parents

SAS logo at its Cary headquarters   Cary-based SAS Institute is no stranger to best-places-to-work lists, topping many. Now it is on another best list: "The 7 Best Employers for Single Parents" by personal finance site SAS Institute lands at number 4 on the iist.

Tags: IBM, SAS
Updated October 19

Premium Lock Dell's EMC buy underscores its drive for greater relevance

Dell Dell's EMC buy gives it competitive muscle, Fitch Ratings says, but will to 60-day "go-shop" provision lead to a better offer from other large tech companies such as Cisco?

October 16

Premium Lock What will dictate the success of the Dell-EMC merger?

The proposed merger of Dell and EMC would create one of hte world's largest IT companies. What factors will affect its success or failure? Technology Business Research analysts examine the prospects.

Dell Dell

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