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Updated May 12

Premium Lock Microsoft includes Validic data in HealthVault program

Microsoft is incorporating Validic's mobile health data technology in an update and expansion of the tech giant's HealthVault program. Validic's platform will be used to link HealthVault Insights data into hundreds of clinical and consumer devices, the goal being to give patients personalized, actionable information. Validic CEO Drew Schiller talks about the deal - and its importance to the emerging Durham company.

HealthVault sample HealthVault sample

Updated May 12

Premium Lock 5G bidding war: Verizon tops AT&T for Straight Path

The Broadband Report       Verizon has won a bidding war with AT&T for Virginia-based Straight Path, a major holder of wireless spectrum. The deal is seen as part of Verizon's strategy to offer next-generation 5G wireless broadband services.

May 11

Premium Lock Why Cisco is buying AI startup MindMeld for $125M (+ video)

Networking giant Cisco is making a move into artificial intelligence for Internet of Things applications by acquiring a Silicon Valley startup. Cisco's vice president of corporate business development explains why. Plus: Watch a video about MindMeld's technology.

May 11

Premium Lock Watson to power voice commands in new Star Trek game from Red Storm (+ video)

How does Watson say "Beam me up?" We'll find out soon. IBM's Watson is bringing voice command capabilities to the new Red Storm Entertainment game "Star Trek: Bridge Crew."

Updated May 11

Half-billion Windows 10 devices, but PC slump stunts growth (+ Cortana video)

Microsoft's latest version of Windows is faring better than its maligned predecessor, but the software's growth is still stunted by a shift away from personal computers. Plus: Watch a video about how programmers are using Cortana, the Windows smart assistant and another about the battle against Parkinson's.

May 10

Google: We generate $2.38B in business across NC

Google Google says it is driving $2.38 billion worth of economic activity across North Carolina while working with thousands of website publishers and providing free advertising to non-profits. That's nearly triple the impact Google first reported in 2009.

May 9

Premium Lock Exclusive: IBM making computing horsepower available to the masses

What's coming next on top of IBM's Watson super computer and hybrid-public cloud offerings? "Unlocking the horsepower of analytics in the cloud to solve data problems in education, energy research, and healthcare." So says Kevin Eagan, chief experience officer and general manager of digital experiences at IBM in an exclusive interview with WRAL Techwire.

Updated May 8

Premium Lock IBM exec: Big Blue had to 'turn itself upside down' to survive

IBM had to "Turn itself upside down," to meet the challenges of the digital age," says Kevin Eagan, IBM's chief digital experience officer and general manager of digital platforms, in the opening keynote address at NCTA's State of Technology 2017 event in Durham.

Kevin Eagan, IBM general manager, digital platforms Kevin Eagan, IBM general manager, digital platforms

May 8

Premium Lock Buffett, Munger: We missed on Google + Video: Why Buffett sold IBM shares

Listening to Warren Buffett never gets old to the thousands of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders who filled an arena Saturday to listen to the billionaire investor at the company's annual meeting. But they did hear some doubts about Buffett's and partner Charlie Munger's wisdom on tech stocks.

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Updated May 5

Buffett dumps Big Blue, shares take 2.5% hit: 'I don't value IBM the same way ...'

IBM                           Warren Buffett is backing away from Big Blue in a big way, disclosing to CNBC on Thursday that his Berkshire Hathaway firm has sold one third of its IBM stake. The news sent IBM shares 2.5% percent lower on Wall Street in Friday trading.

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May 5

Premium Lock Inside IBM's latest telco cloud deal: Big Blue bails out Verizon

Analysis: IBM recycles another telco cloud business, adding Verizon into the mix in a deal similar to one for AT&T in 2015. So why did Verizon sell and what does IBM gain? Technology Business Research Analyst Kelsey Mason takes a look.

IBM's cloud data center footprint IBM's cloud data center footprint

May 4

Apple: We're responsible for nearly 35,000 jobs in NC

Apple    Apple declares in a new report that it is responsible for creating nearly 35,000 jobs across North Carolina. The tech giant maintains multiple operations in the state, including retail stores and a mammoth data facility.

May 4

Premium Lock Cisco acquires analytics tech team, IP in expanding software embrace

Internet of Things Cisco, which recently struck an analytics development deal with Cary-based SAS, is pushing further into analytics software by acquiring the advanced analytics team and related intellectual property from a Chicago firm.

Updated May 3

Premium Lock Inside Apple: Revitalized Mac PC business, services power revenue growth

Apple    Analysis: Apple's revitalized Mac PC business and sustained success in its Service segment powered the company's revenue growth in 1Q17, says Technology Business Research Analyst Jack Narcotta.

Updated May 3

Apple growing cash stash spurs talk of huge acquisition (+ video)

As Apple's stash of cash grows, so does the possibility that the world's most valuable company will use some of the money for a huge acquisition that would expand its empire beyond iPhones and other gadgets. Plus: Watch Fox Business News analysis of Apple's earnings.

Updated May 3

Microsoft takes aim at Google with laptop, slim Windows (+ video)

The new Surface Laptop is the first Surface device without a detachable keyboard. Microsoft says the new laptop will have up to 14.5 hours of battery life, compared with 12 hours for the MacBook Air. The Surface Laptop will come out on June 15.

May 2

Premium Lock Having sold data centers, Verizon sells cloud/hosting service to IBM

The Broadband Report       Verizon, which closed on a $3.6 billion deal to sell its data centers on Monday, has now disclosed it recently sold to IBM its cloud and managed hosting service.

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