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Updated September 5

Premium Lock Forecast: Smartphone industry doesn't face first-ever sales decline - yet

The Broadband Report       Unless Apple's next generation fo smartphones set off a new wave of excitement, the smartphone industry faces years of slow growth with Android still dominating operating systems.

Updated September 5

Eager to buy next-gen $1K iPhone? No thanks, most of us say

A new survey finds that the forthcoming iPhone just may not be the huge hit so many people are expecting - especially if the price is $1,000 or more. But consumers do say what they most want in a new phone even as they balk at the growing use of mobile payments technology such as ApplePay.

September 5

Premium Lock IBM's blockchain strategy: An entire ecosystem

In the first of a three-part report, Technology Business Research takes an in-depth look at IBM's unfolding strategy for blockchain.

IBM blockchain diagram   IBM blockchain diagram

August 31

Hi! Alexa, Cortana talk to each other in Amazon-Microsoft deal (+ video)

Microsoft and Amazon are pairing their voice assistants together in a collaboration announced Wednesday.

August 30

Premium Lock Cisco, CommScope, Qualcomm embrace broadband deregulation

The Broadband Report       Cisco, CommScope, Qualcomm and several other members of the Telecommunications Industry Association embrace call for FCC to reduce broadband deregulation. However, they do not call for repeal of "net neutrality."

August 29

Premium Lock Watch out, AT&T, Verizon: Comcast ramps up IoT network

Internet of Things Cable giant Comcast's expanding challenge for Internet of Things network business will be mostly heard by telecom heavyweights in the space such as AT&T, Verizon and Vodafone, says Technology Business Research Analyst Daniel Callahan.

Updated August 28

Premium Lock Blockchain potential: Top 30 industries it will impact

Best known initially for use with bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain is emerging as a technology with the potential to turn inside out a wide variety of industries. Just days ago, IBM recently announced a partnership with food providers to use blockchain as a means of tracking products and improving safety. What industries are next?

IBM blockchain diagram   IBM blockchain diagram

Updated August 25

Premium Lock Cisco enlists Game of Thrones' 'Tyrion' for new campaign (+ video)

Just hours ahead of the season seven cliff-hanger finale for "Game of Thrones," Cisco is cashing in on the show's global popularity to launch a new marketing campaign. Its star is Peter Dinklage, AKA as GOT's Tyiron Lannister.

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August 25

Premium Lock Think you're depressed? Google offers help (+ video)

Google has a new feature designed to help people suffering from depression. Users in the United States who search for "depression" or "clinical depression" will now be offered a questionnaire to test their depression levels and help determine whether they should seek professional help, Google said in a blog post.

August 25

Warning: Shopping by voice on Amazon or Google device could cost you

Voice shopping is still new. But once you start using it, look out -- you might never know if it's offering you the best deal. Because these devices can't say much without tiring your ears, voice shopping precludes some of the savvy shopping practices you may have relied on to find the best bargains -- in particular, researching products and comparing prices.

Updated August 24

AT&T's new Primetime tablet aims to hook you on DirecTV (+ video)

AT&T is taking a page from the winning playbook of Amazon by launching a tablet of its own on Friday, the purpose clearly being to provide HD-quality entertainment virtually anywhere at anytime. Cheaply. Sound like an Amazon device for shopping and streaming?

August 24

Premium Lock Top PC seller HP shows strong growth, eyes 3D printing as 'growth engine' (+ video)

HP, which recently regained the No. 1 ranking for PC sales from Lenovo, shows strong growth across its traditional businesses in its latest financial report. Next up: 3D printing.

Updated August 22

Premium Lock Former enemies Red Hat, Microsoft take evolving partnership to cloud (+ video)

Once dreaded enemies, Open Source-leader Red Hat and the so-called Darth Vader of proprietary - Microsoft - continues to expand their budding partnership by teaming up for offerings in the cloud.

Updated August 22

IBM, suppliers partner to improve food safety with blockchain technology (+ video)

Blockchain technology, which so far is best known for digital currency known as bitcoin, will now be used by IBM and a consortium of food providers as well as retailers in an attempt to improve food safety.

August 22

Verizon raises unlimited wireless plan price with high-definition video

Verizon   Verizon is raising the price of its unlimited plan while introducing a slightly cheaper, more limited version as wireless carriers battle each other for customers.

August 22

Premium Lock Cisco buying hyperconvergence software firm for $320M (+ video)

As data center technology changes continue to evolve, so too does Cisco. The networking giant is continuing its revamp with a $320 million buy of Springpath, a developer of hyperconvergence software.

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