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September 8

Premium Lock Inside HPE: Services group adapting to meet demands in rapidly shifting IT landscape

HPE Analysis: On Wednesday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise said it would spin off software units in an $8.8 billion deal that it says will help it focus on faster-growing businesses. The groups include big data, security for big companies and IT operations management units. They will merge with U.K. software company Micro Focus International PLC. So what's next for HPE? Technology Business Research analyst Kevin Collupy takes a look.

Updated September 8

Risky move? Apple is betting big on a wireless world (+ graphical view)

Apple iPhone 7 - no headphone port ” Apple wants to push consumers further into a wireless world. Its tactics: Eliminate the standard headphone jack in its newest iPhones and market new "AirPods"€” tiny wireless earbuds that the company claims greatly improve on standard Bluetooth technology. But there are risks.

September 7

It's official: Dell closes on $60B EMC deal - biggest tech merger ever

Dell Dell on Wednesday closed on its $60 billion of EMC in the largest-ever tech industry merger. The merger will impact the triangle where EMC has multiple operations.

September 7

Apple to show off new iPhones - maybe new ways to listen, too

​Apple is expected to show off new iPhones, an updated smartwatch -- and maybe some new gear for listening to both -- during its annual fall product launch event today. Here's a preview.

Goodbye Headphone Jack? Goodbye Headphone Jack?

September 6

Premium Lock Analyst: Analytics honeymoon over - customers demand 'tangible business value'

Innovation What's happening in analytics these days? "From a professional services perspective, customers expect their vendors to go beyond implementing software to help them extract deeper business insights from their data. This reflects what I see as the end of analytics' honeymoon period," says research analyst Jen Hamel.

Updated September 6

AT&T, Qualcomm to test controlling drones over cell network

Drone deliveries to your house or business may have become more likely today with news that AT&T and chip maker Qualcomm are going to test controlling drones over AT&T's cell network.

Updated September 6

Scoop? Lenovo leaks rumored new iPhone 7 specs

Lenovo and its Motorola smartphone group are getting credit for delivering a scoop about the new iPhone 7 specs, which Apple is expected to announce Wednesday.

Lenovo's iPhone scoop Lenovo's iPhone scoop

September 5

Premium Lock Inside the PC war: HP Inc's move into premium markets paying off (+ video)

Analysis: HP Inc., which continues to fight with Lenovo and Dellin the race for No. 1 among global PC sellers, is finding success with a focus on premium machines, says Technology Business Research Analyst Jack Narcotta.

September 5

Premium Lock Inside T-Mobile: The 'Un-carrier' movement fires on all cyldinders

The Broadband Report       Analysis: T-Mobile's recent good news about record-low postpaid subscriber churn in the second quarter of this year is a sign that the wireless provider's strategy is paying off against keen competition from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Updated September 2

Premium Lock Fiber war! Google Fiber to AT&T: 'Consumers want a choice'

Only hours after an AT&T executive ridiculed Google Fiber's challenges in rolling out a fiber network, GF responds with a blog of its own about the broadband battle currently underway in Nashville. GF is lobbying to speed up the permitting process for hanging fiber. GF also makes clear that consumers want "choice" among providers.

Google Fiber wants change in Nashville Google Fiber wants change in Nashville

September 1

Premium Lock AT&T execs mocks Google fiber: 'Pardon our dust'

AT&T GigaPower       AT&T's increasingly bitter fight with Google over competing fiber networks takes on a new, mocking tone as a top AT&T executive says in a blog post that broadband network building is "not for the faint of heart."

Updated September 1

Third round of layoffs hit IBM in 8 months, including RTP

IBM layoffs     IBMers are lighting up a Facebook page with reports across the country about a new round of layoffs. IBM's campus in RTP is taking a hit. It's the third cut in jobs so far this year. To add insult to billfold pain, the IBMers have been told their last day at work will be in November, which means they miss out on IBM's 401K contribution this year. IBM confirms that layoffs are underway.

August 31

Action! IBM's Watson produces first AI movie trailer (+ video)

IBM's artificial intelligence powerhouse Watson is getting credit for helping produce the first Hollywood movie trailer relying on AI. It's for the sci-fi thriller "Morgan," and Entertainment Weekly offers the trailer a rave review.

August 30

Premium Lock Cisco buying startup Container X in latest software move (+ video)

Just two weeks after disclosing plans to cut 5,500 workers as part of a pivot away from its traditional hardware focus, Cisco on Tuesday said it plans to buy two-year-old cloud-focused startup Container X.

August 30

Premium Lock Forecast: Computer sales to keep dropping in '16, '17

A Lenovo gaming-geared laptop   Worldwide desktop and notebook computer sales to continue dropping but could rebound in 2018, according to a new forecast.

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