(CIX: WRAL30)  1,215.22  down arrow-0.49  (-0.04 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: Apple)  131.78  down arrow-0.27  (-0.2 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: QUINTILES)  70.59  up arrow+0.07  (0.1 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(OP: BASF SE)  94.45  down arrow-0.04  (-0.04 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: BioCryst)  11.17  down arrow-0.15  (-1.33 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: BioDelivery)  8.36  up arrow+0.41  (5.16 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: CEMP)  36.30  down arrow-0.26  (-0.71 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: Cisco Systems)  29.35  up arrow+0.04  (0.14 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: Cree)  30.92  up arrow+0.88  (2.93 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: DARA)  0.77  up arrow+0.03  (4.05 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: EMC CORPORATION)  26.52  down arrow-0.17  (-0.64 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: Extreme Networks)  2.68  up arrow+0.03  (1.13 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: FB)  80.15  down arrow-0.41  (-0.5 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: GLAXOSMITHKLINE)  44.79  up arrow+0.18  (0.4 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: GOOG)  539.78  down arrow-0.01  (-0 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: IBM)  171.71  down arrow-0.29  (-0.17 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: LH)  118.91  down arrow-0.54  (-0.45 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(OP: Lenovo Group)  31.52  down arrow-0.76  (-2.35 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: MRK)  59.70  up arrow+0.24  (0.4 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: Microsoft Corp)  47.45  down arrow-0.16  (-0.34 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: NTAP)  33.26  up arrow+0.24  (0.73 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: NOVARTIS AG)  104.25  up arrow+0.72  (0.7 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(OP: Novozymes A/S)  48.66  up arrow+0.84  (1.76 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: PFIZER)  34.44  up arrow+0.14  (0.41 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: Pozen)  6.55  down arrow-0.17  (-2.53 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NY: RED HAT)  77.78  down arrow-0.7  (-0.89 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: BBRY)  10.03  down arrow-0.08  (-0.79 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015
(NQ: Salix)  172.81    (0 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Apr 01 2015
(NQ: SQI)  15.44  up arrow+0.12  (0.78 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, May 28 2015

Posts tagged “Other Firms”

3:41 p.m. today

Apple, Facebook, Google urge NC legislators not to freeze its renewable energy standard

Energy in N.C.  Apple, Facebook, and Google, which all own data centers that consume considerable quantities of energy in North Carolina, have asked state legislators not to freeze the state's renewable energy standard.

10:50 a.m. today

Online video will consume 80 percent of Internet use in five years

 In five years, online video will consume 80 percent of the global Internet use and rise even higher, to 85 percent in the U.S. So says Cisco's annual study of the future of Web published Wednesday.

Updated 3:23 p.m. yesterday

Video revenue surges, text string can disable iPhone Messages, Netflix subscriber growth, Snapchat IPO

Bulldog In today's Bulldog roundup of tech news: study shows online video advertising revenue doubled over three years; Netflix projected to have 100 million subscribers by 2020; a tiny text string can disable iPhone Messages app; Snapchat plans an IPO.

6:28 a.m. Tuesday

Microsoft drops bid for Salesforce

Microsoft Corporation  Microsoft decided not to buy Salesforce because the price was too high, according to the San Francisco Business Times.

Tags: Microsoft
May 22

Premium Lock So what next for NetApp? 'Flash,' for revenues, layoffs to cut costs

Analysis: Another weak quarter financially led NetApp to announce 500 layoffs this week with many of those taking place at its campus in RTP. The storage technology device firm is facing increasing competition and is relying on "flash" offerings to rebuild revenue even as it cuts costs. Technology Business Research analyst Stephen Belanger offers his insight into what the company will do next.

NetApp's main building in RTP NetApp's main building in RTP

May 22

Apple-IBM apps for Watch go enterprise IT; Uber loses in France; FAA apps target delays; PayPal going mobile; PowerSecure solar at Cree

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Apple and IBM unveil enterprise apps for the Watch; Uber loses legal case in France; PayPal is going mobile; the FAA hopes apps will fight flight delays; and PowerSecure teams with Cree for a solar project in Durham.

Updated May 22

Google Fiber, Triangle Literacy Council team to target 'Digital Inclusion'

Google Fiber Google Fiber, which is the process of building an ultra high-speed Internet network in the Triangle, is teaming with the Triangle Literacy Council to launch a mobile computing lab. Google Fiber also will fund a fellowship for its "digital inclusion" effort to help more people utilize the Internet.

May 22

Premium Lock Inside HP: Financial decline, business challenges persist as split nears

HP Tech giant HP made news Thursday by disclosing the $2 billion-plus sale of a server business in China, but the latest earnings report shows revenue declines at each of its business units year-over-year. Technology Business Research takes a look at what's happening as HP nears a split into two groups.

May 21

HP sells China server unit; Peak 10 grows in Triangle; Time Warner Cable back in play?; Spotify expands; PayPal's $25M fine

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: HP is selling its server business in China; Peak 10 expands in the Triangle; will Altice buy Time Warner Cable?; Spotify adds more services; and PayPal pays $25 million settlement.

Updated May 21

NetApp cutting 500 jobs after disappointing earnings report

Inside NetApp's new RTP lab In an SEC filing Wednesday evening, data storage technology firm NetApp disclosed that it is laying off some 500 employees in a cost-cutting move. Many of those cuts are coming from NetApp's Triangle work force, sources say. NetApp won't spell out the number of local cuts but insists the firm remains "deeply committed" to North Carolina.

May 20

Premium Lock Inside Cisco: Will leadership change affect its culture or direction?

Cisco's headquarters      Analysis: Secure, scalable intelligent networks light the path as Cisco works to reconstruct its reputation as a trusted advisor of the connected world, but what impact will new CEO Chuck Robbins have when he takes over from John Chambers?

Updated May 19

Sources: NetApp cutting 15 percent of its work force at RTP campus

NetApp, its stock price under pressure and with competition "disrupting" its data storage business, is cutting some 15 percent or 200 positions of its work force at the company's big campus in Research Triangle Park, sources say. NetApp says it can't comment.

NetApp's new 155,000 square foot lab in RTP NetApp's new 155,000 square foot lab in RTP

May 19

Prostitute guilty in Google exec death; Apple updates Macs; Allscripts cuts Raleigh jobs; anti-Muslim video back online; Alibaba's apology

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: A prostitute pleads guilty in the death of a Google executive; Apple updates some of its Macs; Allscripts is cutting jobs in Raleigh; an anti-Muslim video is back online at YouTube; and Alibaba's founder apologizes for counterfeit goods.

May 19

Road risks: 70% now using social media, net while driving

Texting A new survey from AT&T finds that the threat of distracted drivers using smartphones has spread well beyond texting. Some 7 in 10 people now admit to web surfing, video chatting and even taking selfies while they are behind the wheel.

Updated May 19

Premium Lock AT&T CEO vs. FCC: 'These will not be the rules of the land ...'

Randall Stephenson Randall Stephenson, chair and CEO of AT&T, takes on the FCC in very blunt language during a presentation at a JPMorgan technology conference. AT&T has already sued against Internet regulation as imposed by the FCC and is also seeking a "stay" of some rules in another case. But Stephenson sees change on the horizon and thus AT&T will continue to invest in broadband. Our Insiders get the full story.

Updated May 18

Court backs Apple vs Samsung; Google wins free-speech case; Royalty Exchange woes; IBM claims no NC tax credits; startup rethinks awards

Bulldog In our latest Bulldog wrapup of technology news: An appeals court backs Apple in its suit against Samsung; Google prevails in free speech case; startuo Royalty Exchange eyes sale or possible shutdown; IBM claims no tax credits in N.C.; and a Triangle startup rethinks awards.

May 18

Apple CEO to grads: Change the world

In addressing graduates over the weekend at George Washington University, Apple CEO Tim Cook told students to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Steve Jobs.

Tags: Apple
May 18

Premium Lock Why buy AOL? Inside Verizon's $4.4B acquisition decision

Verizon   Analysis: So why did telecommunications giant Verizon decide to buy AOL? Technology Business Research analyst Seth Ulinski sees multiple reasons for the decision. He explains those to WTW Insiders.

Updated May 18

Apple electric car?; Nissan autonomous cars; Icahn's $100M Lyft deal; Heat Bio trial; Rdio $4 plan

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news: Apple may be building an electric car; Nissan plans autonomous cars; Carl icahn bets $100 million on Lyft; Heat Bio launching clinical trial; and Rdio launches new service.

May 18

BlackGirls Code, Bandwidth hackathon, Triangle Startup Weekend TrailBlazers, Internet Summer Social highlight upcoming tech calendar

Social networking WTW is expanding its weekly calendar. Why? Because more people than ever are looking for information and organizers are submitting an ever-increasing number of events. So be sure to check each Monday for the latest event update. WTW has details on four recent additions to the Triangle's always busy technology events calendar: BlackGirls Code chapter launch; a hosted hackathon, the next Triangle Startup Weekend event, and an International Summer Social from the Organization of Women in International Trade.

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