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September 10, 2009

Premium Lock Networking that works: Using LinkedIn and Twitter to amplify professional networking

Heather Hollick Executive Insight: Social media tools are neither substitutes for building relationships, nor are they the next wave in networking. Instead, LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful tools to supplement and amplify the process of keeping network links fresh while revealing opportunities to make them stronger.

Updated September 8, 2009

Premium Lock Apple TV, which doesn’t sell because it doesn’t support the web, may get a facelift

Analysis: Apple is expected to make at least one product announcement on Tuesday. Look for a ‘fix’ to Apple TV to make it a bigger part of Apple’s ‘digital hub’ strategy.

Apple TV to become more web friendly? Apple TV to become more web friendly?

Updated September 1, 2009

Premium Lock Review: Want to be a Hollywood star? Yoostar is a movie studio in a box

If you've ever wanted to battle "The Terminator," talk smack as "The Godfather" or get in the shower with a "Psycho," now you can - without having to move to Hollywood.

Yoostar - movie studio in a box Yoostar - movie studio in a box

Updated September 1, 2009

Premium Lock Guest columnist: 'The need for seasoned executives'

Bill Warner If there is one issue that companies deal with frequently it is poorly constituted executive teams. As a result they are suffering from the lack of business and operational know-how.

Updated August 31, 2009

Premium Lock Triangle Technology Executives Council – Building success together

TTEC Executive Insight: In just over a year, TTEC has exploded in growth to more than 190 members. Members exchange ideas and advice while discussing problems with a bottom line goal of helping each other grow. In future columns, TTEC will offer insight to Local Tech Wire readers as well.

Updated August 31, 2009

Premium Lock NC STEM building new economy one community at a time

NC STEM Opinion: Science, technology, education and math are keys to North Carolina’s future. Sixty percent of the new jobs the U.S. will produce in the coming decades will require at least some competency in the fields of STEM. This is vastly different from the majority manufacturing economy we are exiting. North Carolina already has suffered from this transition. Let’s stem the tide of job losses with students fully motivated to gain a STEM-based education.

August 24, 2009

Premium Lock Cary entrepreneur receives overwhelming support after VC ‘shark’ attack

Kevin Flannery Unlike the Shark VC's, many people saw the value proposition of Kevin Flannery’s WiSpots product line. Several respondents were sales and distribution companies who showed interest in marketing and selling the product. Lots of people had further product suggestions. They even were contacted by potential investors, even ones that had previously passed on the business.

Updated August 24, 2009

Premium Lock ‘Empower South Carolina’ – Creating a new economic and education strategy for S.C.

Empower South Carolina Opinion: Veteran entrepreneur John Warner, others team up for a public effort to lift state’s economic prospects. ‘We all feel the anxiety that if we stay on the course we are on, the gap between us and the best in the world will continue to grow, and the income and quality of life for each of us will suffer,’ he says.

August 23, 2009

Premium Lock `Shadow Complex': It’s a triumph of classic game design

Review: Talk about entertainment on demand – this game delivers. Latest video game effort from Cary-based Epic Games and its subsidiary Chair Entertainment deserves 3 ½ out of 4 stars.

A scene from Shadow Complex A scene from Shadow Complex

August 23, 2009

Premium Lock Can economics help in the health care debate?

Debating health care Analysis: While understanding of several basic economic concepts won’t resolve the health care debate, hopefully they help illuminate some of the issues and make you more informed about the possible options.

August 18, 2009

Premium Lock S.C. economist bets recession is over but ‘road ahead looks pretty bumpy’

Recession ending but rough road ahead? Bruce Yandle at Clemson University, sees good news in unemployment numbers, housing and manufacturing index. But he doesn’t expect unemployment to drop until first half of 2010.

Updated August 18, 2009

Premium Lock Cisco’s CTO Warrior spells out go to war ‘cloud’ strategy

Former Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior In a conference call, Cisco’s top exec John Chambers asks his chief tech officer to discuss the firm’s play in cloud, virtualization markets. Security is Cisco’s trump card, she says.

August 17, 2009

Premium Lock What does it mean to be innovative?

Innovation Exchange The Innovation Exchange: Noah Garrett returns this week as an LTW contributor after a far-too-short summer vacation to ask the most simple of questions: What is innovation?

Updated August 13, 2009

Premium Lock For entrepreneur Neal Page, ‘yet another great day’

Neal Page A tribute: Family, friends, colleagues say good-bye to a technology pioneer whose favorite saying (YAGD) captured his attitude about life even in the final days of a battle with cancer.

August 10, 2009

Premium Lock Should the Federal Reserve be changed?

Should Fed be changed? Analysis: There is a move in Congress to increase legislative oversight of the Fed’s operations. Some in Congress and in the country even want to abolish the Fed. But at the other end of the spectrum, many economists say it was only the quick and decisive actions of the Fed in the last year that saved the country from a financial meltdown and another ‘great’ depression.

Updated August 10, 2009

Premium Lock Bloody waters – Lessons learned from swimming in the 'Shark Tank'

The Angel Connection: Cary's Kevin Flannery doesn't get an offer in premier of investor vs. entrepreneur reality show. The very hyped first episode demonstrates many rights and wrongs in fundraising and starting a new business.

Investors can be sharks Investors can be sharks

Updated August 7, 2009

Premium Lock X doesn't mark the spot for new Sony Walkman success

The Walkman X Review: Thirty years after revolutionizing portable music with the Walkman for playing cassette tapes, Sony is trying to master the digital media player with the X Series Walkman.

Updated August 3, 2009

Premium Lock Outsourcing benefits U.S. workers, too

Vivek Wadhwa Analysis: Many companies are hiring temporary and contract workers in the U.S. at a faster clip than they're sending jobs to India and other overseas locations

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