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Posts tagged “Opinion Analysis”

October 29

NCSU Index of NC leading economic indicators declines again

Dr. Michael Walden The NCSU IIndex of North Carolina leading economic indicators, (the "Index"), a forecast of the economy's direction four to six months ahead, declined by 0.8% in September. This continued a downward trend in the Index, which has dropped in eight of the past twelve months. A similar national decline may be partly responsible.

Updated October 27

Premium Lock Accenture rotates at both horizontal and vertical axes of its business

Sometimes an energetic focus on the new can be a way to mask what is and is not happening with the old. In Accenture's case, a vigorous presentation of five distinct businesses showed a company so confident in its strategy, performance and potential that it can almost take for granted its core strengths, such as industry knowledge and operations expertise, competency and delivery.

Accenture Accenture

October 26

Premium Lock Microsoft steady despite shifts in business model & strategy

Microsoft has realigned its strategic focus, investments and financial reporting around three key ambitions: reinvent productivity and business processes, build an intelligent cloud platform and create more personal computing. Aligning complementary assets such as Azure with server products, Office 365 with Dynamics, and Windows with devices, search and gaming will be beneficial as Microsoft aims to grow lifetime customer value. TBR analyzes its new directions.

Microsoft Corporation    Microsoft Corporation

October 26

Premium Lock Reality catching up to Star Trek

Virtual reality googles n the television series Star Trek, virtual reality-chambers called "holodecks" take humans into computer-generated worlds where they interact with avatars -- and with each other. Imagine being able to visit a distant planet or Tahiti during your lunch break. In Star Trek, holodecks come into existence in the 24th century and reproduce all sensory perceptions, including touch and smell.

Updated October 23

Premium Lock AWS adds top tier partners, goes after more markets

Amazon Web Services (AWS) posted an impressive 78 percent year-to-year growth rate in 3Q15, generating $2.1 billion in the quarter. The business unit is back to high double-digit growth and shows no sign of a slowdown. A Technology Business Research analyst examines its success.


Updated October 23

Premium Lock Three in ten U.S. jobs held or created by the self-employed

Pew Research In research relevant to policymakers, Pew Research examines the hiring practices of self-employed workers, many of whom are entrepreneurs. Some of the findings are surprising.

October 22

Premium Lock Endowments, foundations express concerns over private equity

NEPC Endowments and foundations make significant investments in private equity, but many are concerned about valuations, fund terms, fees and fund sizes.

October 21

Premium Lock Study says: big businesses nab lion's share of state incentives

Report shows 93 percent of One North Carolina Fund dollars go to large businesses. Governors and state legislators routinely praise small businesses for their contributions to economic growth and job creation, but states actually give big businesses the dominant share of their economic development incentive awards. A new analysis of more than 4,200 economic development incentive awards in 14 states, including North Carolina, finds that large companies receive dominant shares: 70 percent of the deals and 90 percent of the dollars.

Updated October 9

Premium Lock NC fails to take up crowdfunding exemption bill

Mark Easley Unfortunately, the NC JOBS/PACES Act investment crowdfunding exemption bill (S481) has once again failed to make it through the NC legislature. Mark Easlely Sr. says its a missed opportunity for the state.

October 9

Premium Lock AT&T ahead of its peers, TBR analysts say

Over 135 analysts converged at AT&T's world headquarters in Dallas to hear directly from C-Level and senior executives what the operator is up to in business, technology and go-to-market strategy, and where the operator aims to be in the future. TBR analysts report on the event.


Updated October 8

Premium Lock Can we resolve our NC tax issues?

Mike Walden Taxes are always part of discussions about government and public policy, and taxes were clearly a hot topic in the recent session of the North Carolina General Assembly. Debates occurred about taxing services, lowering income tax rates, implementing incentives for business and energy expenditures, and dividing public revenues between urban and rural counties. Legislation was passed for some of these items, but economist Mike Walden says there will be more discussion and debate in future sessions.

Updated October 7

Premium Lock NC Idea selects 22 semifinalists in fall grant cycle

NC IDEA NC IDEA has selected 22 semi-finalists from across the state in its 20th grant cycle to-date. These semi-finalists were chosen from the 130 applications received from NC-based startups focused on software, IP-based technologies, consumer products and medical device and diagnostics.

Updated October 7

Premium Lock MMA Energy Capital closes on 55M to build its NC solar projects

solar power MMA Energy Capital has closed a $55 million financing facility with Coenergy through its joint venture with Fundamental Advisors to be used for the construction of its 36 megawatt North Carolina solar portfolio.

October 7

Premium Lock Business leaders focused on cutting cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity   Prevention, detection methods and cybersecurity innovation are on the rise as forward-leaning business leaders focus on solutions that reduce cybersecurity risks and improve business performance. The Global State of Information Security Survey 2016 released today by PwC US examines how executives are looking towards new innovations and frameworks to improve security and mitigate enterprise risk.

October 6

Premium Lock Operators will focus on connected devices in 2H15 to gain subscribers in the saturating smartphone market

Mobile carriers are struggling to generate wireless service revenue growth in the U.S. due to the ongoing pricing war and the saturating smartphone market. To offset declining service revenue, operators are focused on expanding their connected device offerings and increasing equipment revenue through unsubsidized device purchases, According to TBR's 2Q15 U.S. & Canada Mobile Operator Benchmark.

T-Mobile T-Mobile

October 5

Premium Lock Durham named a top 10 city for Millennial entrepreneurs

The Durham Innovation District Durham has gained repeated national attention for it burgeoning startup culture, fueled by multiple downtown incubators and hundreds of fledgling companies throughout the city. A new report from lists Durham as number 9 on a list of the top ten cities for Millennial entrepreneurs.

October 5

Premium Lock Smartwatches will wrest attention from PCs and mobile devices

Technology Business Research, Inc.'s 2Q15 Devices and Platforms Benchmark illustrates how wearables will disrupt the device landscape as consumer mindshare and revenue shift from PCs and smartphones.

Apple's smartwatch Apple's smartwatch

October 2

Premium Lock M&A value strong, but market volatility drags down venture-backed IPO activity

NVCA Ninety venture-backed M&A deals were reported in the third quarter, 20 of which had an aggregate deal value of $5.1 billion, increasing 39 percent compared to the second quarter and marking the strongest quarter for M&A exits this year, according to the Exit Poll Report by Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). Biotech companies accounted for more than three-quarters of the IPOS.

Updated September 30

Premium Lock Unisys' comeback in the making: execution key

Unisys has been serving the IT industry for a very long time. The commoditization of IT hardware and the emergence of software and services as the growth drivers for the IT industry necessitated many firms, including Unisys, adapt and transform. Is it a comeback in the making? TBR analysts look at its strategy.

Uniisys Uniisys

September 30

Premium Lock NC economic index declines, continuing mild downward trend

Mike Walden The North Carolina State Index, a forecast of the economy's direction four to six months ahead, declined by a modest 0.4% in August, continuing a downward trend that began in mid-2014. However, the reduction in the Index should be characterized as an "easing" rather than a "tumble", suggesting no near term threat of an recession.

Techwire Inside Partners
The Skinny: A Blog by Rick Smith