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Updated August 14

Premium Lock 21st century's biggest challenge? Tech changing how we work, who works

We are going through what many economists think is the big issue of the 21st century, Dr. Mike Walden, North Carolina State University economist, says. That is, "How technology is rapidly changing how we work and who works."

Dr. Mike Walden Dr. Mike Walden

July 24

Premium Lock Report: How to drive innovation within government

Innovation Driving the transformation of the federal enterprise through innovation is central not just to improving the lives of Americans and boosting productivity, but also to restoring faith in government, says the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation.

Updated July 19

Premium Lock Vivek Wadhwa: Amazon-Whole Foods deal shows disruptive competition comes out of nowhere

Vivek Wadhwa    The march of Amazon shows that this is the new nature of disruption: Disruptive competition comes out of nowhere. The incumbents aren't ready for this and as a result, the vast majority of today's leading companies will likely become what I call toast--in a decade or less.

July 10

Premium Lock Joe Procopio: What natural language generation means to financial management

Joe Procopio Veteran entrepreneur, blogger and author Joe Procopio talks about artificial intelligence and natural language generation means to personal financial management.

July 6

Premium Lock CEO confidence declines in Q2

CEO confidence falls from prerecession high The Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence, which had increased to prerecession highs in the first quarter, declined in the second quarter of 2017. The Measure now reads 61, down from 68 in the first quarter (a reading of more than 50 points reflects more positive than negative responses).

Updated June 12

Premium Lock Inside Intel: Chip drives into 2016 with strategic shifts in full gear

Intel Analysis: Intel ends a revenue decline of two straight quarters and slows a drop in operating income with a 2015-ending quarter that shows some investments are paying off, writes Technology Business research Krista Macomber. What bets are delivering? WTW Insiders find out.

May 26

Premium Lock Mike Walden: Can urban and rural areas get along?

Mike Walden Right now, the economic winds are blowing in favor of urban regions. Yet a rural renaissance could come, based on agribusiness expansion, tourism, an influx of retirees and a revival of large-scale manufacturing needing big tracts of land. So - could tomorrow be different - will the prospects for urban and rural regions come together?

April 20

Premium Lock Report: back to the basics helps prevent security incidents

Phishing, hacking and malware accounted for most of the security incidents analyzed by the BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Response Report for 2016, up 12 percent from the previous year at 43 percent. The firm has advice on how to avoid security breaches.

Cybersecurity   Cybersecurity

Updated April 14

Premium Lock Research: How power and pressure impact performance

For many people, too much pressure in a business situation can lead to under performance or abject failure. New research from Columbia Business School shows that your power in relationship to others can determine how you respond to the pressure of high-stakes situations and whether you will succeed or fail.

Research says business pressures can lead to failure. Research says business pressures can lead to failure.

April 14

Premium Lock Mike Walden: How is economics involved in health insurance?

Mike Walden Analysis: The ongoing health care debate includes many elements, among them politics and power. I'm not deriding those elements - they are part of the process. But they sometimes obscure some important fundamental factors that eventually must be considered to have a successful insurance plan.

Updated April 13

Premium Lock Study says: Facebook may negatively affect your sense of well-being

Facebook may be bad for your sense of well-being. A John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health study found interactions with Facebook can lead to negative effects.

Facebook  Facebook

April 13

Premium Lock Survey: Teens love iPhones, Amazon, Nike, and food

Teen survey show spending trends Teenagers are spending their money on food, athletic gear, video games and more than three-quarters of them own iPhones. So says the latest Piper Jaffray Taking Stock with Teens survey.

April 8

Premium Lock HepatoSys, Lonza collaborate on liver cell research

Medical research Two North Carolina bioscience companies with expertise in human liver cells are joining forces to improve the quantity and quality of those cells for use in pharmaceutical research and drug testing.

April 6

Premium Lock Mike Walden: Why did we move away from self-sufficiency?

Mike Walden Life is much different today. While some of us have small vegetable gardens and others have chicken coops - even in the city - most of us rely on buying food in supermarkets or restaurants, purchasing clothes in stores and buying our cars, trucks and electronics at dealers. Most homes are built by professional contractors with large crews. Why do we do this?

March 31

Premium Lock NCSU economist: Are we asking too much of the Fed?

Mike Walden The Federal Reserve - for short, the "Fed" - is again front and center in the news. With the economy improving and the stock market soaring, the Fed is expected to increase short-term interest rates several times in 2017. Yet the Fed and its policies have not been held in high regard by many. Here's an analysis from NCSU economist Dr. Mike Walden.

March 28

Premium Lock Vivek Wadhwa: How regulators can make smart devices more secure against hackers

Vivek Wadhwa Whether it be our TV sets, cars, bathroom scales, children's toys or medical devices, we are already surrounded by everyday objects equipped with sensors and computers. And the companies that make them can get away with being careless with consumer security -- and with stealing customer data. So, what can be done? Here are some thoughts.

March 17

Premium Lock NCSU economist: Is farming a high-tech industry? Yes. Here's why

Mike Walden Is farming a high-tech industry? Some say it was actually the first high-tech industry, writes NCSU Economist Dr. Mike Walden.

March 17

Premium Lock Tech foundation: Trump budget cuts critical investment

Innovation Analysis: The reality is that if the United States is going to successfully manage its growing financial problems and improve living standards for all Americans, it needs to increase its investment in the primary drivers of innovation, productivity, and competitiveness. The Trump budget goes in the opposite direction, says a senior fellow at the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation.

March 7

Premium Lock How automation, new tech helps one nonprofit increase revenue by 300%

Innovation At Children's Flight of Hope, we have proven that investing in technological infrastructure has exponentially magnified our organization's ability to execute our mission, says CEO Staci Barfield.

February 13

Premium Lock Report: Is the cloud safe?

Both trust in cloud services and threats to its safety are on the rise, according to Intel's 2nd annual cloud security report: "Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky." Intel has recommendations.

Is the cloud safe? Is the cloud safe?

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