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Posts tagged “Novozymes”

March 9

Premium Lock What is the animal microbiome and what does it mean to NC?

Agbio What is the animal miocrobiome and how will it affect agriculture in North Carolina? That's the question that will be addressed at the ag Biotech professional for March 23 at the North Carolina biotech center.

February 9

Premium Lock Novozymes reorganizes; changes may create some new jobs

Novozymes Novozymes, a global company focusing on enzyme development and production, is reorganizing. Its North America leader explains what's happening and says there will be some new jobs as a result.

Updated January 25

Premium Lock Lenovo adware suits; Google back taxes; GSK $15M in new fund; Novozymes poultry product

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news: Lenovo fights lawsuits over adware; Google pays back taxes in U.K.; GSK puts $15 million in new university drug development fund; and Novozymes launches a poultry product with French partner.

January 19

Premium Lock Novozymes spins off biopharma group, says lower commodity prices will impact growth

Novozymes Novozymes, the global industrial enzyme producer which employs more than 500 people across the triangle region, is spinning off its biopharma unit as a separate company. The Denmark-based company also says that falling commodity prices will impact growth.

January 6

Premium Lock New Valeant CEO; Novozoymes-Monsanto product; Monsanto job cuts

Biotech      In today's Bulldog wrapup of life science and biotech news: Valenat, which operates Sprout Pharmaceuticals and Salix in Raleigh, has a new CEO; Novozymes and Monsanto move toward first crop product in 2017; and Monsanto plans 1,000 job cuts.

Updated December 1, 2015

Premium Lock Novozymes blasts EPA-Obama biofuels decision: 'They didn't go all-in'

Biofuels   Novozymes, which has a huge operation in Franklinton and is the world's largest provider of enzymes and other technologies to create biofuels, reacted angrily to new EPA guidelines for biofuel and ethanol production issued Monday. The company wanted the government to require more biofuels but it says the President and the EPA "didn't go all-in.'

Updated May 27, 2015

Premium Lock Twitter eyes Flipboard; Charlotte's extended Google I/O event, Novozymes

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news, reports say Twitter is in talks to acquire Flipboard; Novozymes to start operations of new $11M waste-to-energy system; Charlotte holding extended Google I/O event.

January 22, 2015

Premium Lock Biogen tops sustainable corporations list; Novozomes, Lenovo, Cisco, EMC crack top 100

G100 The annual "Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations" list has a distinct Triangle flavor to it. Biogen is No. 1. Also cracking the list are Novozymes, Lenovo, Cisco and EMC.

Updated April 23, 2014

Premium Lock Novozymes to build $36M facility, create 100 jobs in Cary

Biofuels   The company will build a new bioagriculture research and development facility in Cary. The company said it will invest $36 million over the next three years and create 100 new jobs at the facility. Salaries will start at $70,000.

December 11, 2013

Premium Lock Novozymes, Monsanto 'BioAg' partnership aims to boost sustainable agriculture worldwide

Novozymes and Monsanto are teaming up to discover, develop and commercialize microbes that could be used in sustainable agriculture. WRALTechWire takes an inside look at the deal and what both firms are bringing to the table.

Corn harvest photo, c/o Novozymes Corn harvest photo, c/o Novozymes

Updated December 10, 2013

Premium Lock Monsanto to pay Novozymes $300M in forming 'bioag' product alliance

Crop giant Monsanto is teaming up with microbial and enzyme technology firm Novozymes to form a partnership that will target development of bioagricultural products that the companies say will be "sustainable." The deal includes a $300 million upfront payment to Novozymes, which operates its North American headquarters in Franklinton.

Graphic describes agricultural biologicals Graphic describes agricultural biologicals

December 2, 2013

Premium Lock Italian firm to build $200M biofuels plant, hire 65 in Sampson County

Biofuels   Biochemtex, which is a partner in a joint venture with Novozymes, says it will build the biofuels plant and create 65 jobs over three years. The company could receive $300,000 from the state's One North Carolina if it meets objectives.

Updated November 18, 2013

Premium Lock Novozymes exec: Associated Press stories don't tell the truth about ethanol

Opinion: What should have been a balanced media report on the impacts of the ethanol industry on land conservation, turned into a tale that isn't really what it seems, says the president of North Carolina-based Novozymes America.

Novozymes' Adam Monroe, left, criticizes AP series on ethanol Novozymes' Adam Monroe, left, criticizes AP series on ethanol

Updated September 20, 2013

Premium Lock BASF buying San Diego enzymes company to challenge market leaders Novozymes, Dupont

BASF's planned acquisition of biotech company Verenium is just the latest in a string of moves by the chemicals company to challenge industrial enzymes leaders Novozymes and Dupont. Read more about the deal.


July 23, 2013

Premium Lock Patents: Novozymes loses biofuel suit; Google, Amazon win Internet case

Patents Novozymes' biofuels patent ruled invalid. In Internet case, Google and Amazon prevail in fight over interactive technology.

June 25, 2013

Premium Lock Novozymes grows agbio position with plans to acquire South Dakota firm

Novozymes' bioyield enhancers portfolio is getting bigger through the aquisition of agbio company TJ Technologies. Learn why Novozymes wants this South Dakota company.

Novozymes' facility in Franklinton  Novozymes' facility in Franklinton

March 28, 2013

Premium Lock Novozymes to boost R&D in bioagriculture, biofuel race

Novozymes' facility in Franklinton  Novozymes' new CEO starts on April 1 and he says the world's largest industrial enzymes maker will increase R&D spending agriculture and biofuel projects.

March 11, 2013

Premium Lock GSK diabetes drug could deliver big dividend for Novozymes

Novozymes technology promises to increase the active life of the new diabetes drug, meaning type 2 diabetes sufferers could inject once a week instead of daily. Novozymes uses genetically modified proteins that allow GSK to fuse its drug with albumin found in blood serum, fooling the body into accepting the active ingredients that it would normally deem foreign and expel.

Novozymes' facility in Franklinton  Novozymes' facility in Franklinton

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