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Posts tagged “NC IDEA”

February 12, 2015

Premium Lock Automated Insights: Proof that Triangle's entrepreneurial network delivers

Council for Entrepreneurial Development "Success has many parents," writes Steve Hinkson, director of communications at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development. And Robbie Allen, CEO of Automated Insights which made its "exit" through acquisition on Thursday, is proof - as Allen recently told the CED.

December 15, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA winner: EMPLOYUS, a crowdsourced talent recruiting app

ExitEvent In the latest profile of winners in NC IDEA's latest grant awards program, ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman talks with Ryan O'Donnell, co-founder of EMPLOYUS, a crowdsourced talent recruiting app.

December 9, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA winner: Upswing, the tutoring app for at-risk college students

In the third of a series profiling the five latest NC IDEA grant winners, ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman talks with Melvin Hines, founder of Upswing.

Melvin Hines Melvin Hines

December 9, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA winner: Freebooksy, go-to service for free and discount e-book discovery

In the second of five profiles featuring the newest recipients of NC IDEA grants, Amy Huffman of ExitEvent features Carrboro-based Freebooksy.

Freebooksy Freebooksy

Updated December 8, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA awards $250,000 in grants to five emerging startups

Five startups, including four from the Triangle, are the latest recipients of grants worth as much as $50,000 from economic development group NC IDEA. More than 90 companies have now received such grants worth some $3.7 million.


December 8, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA winnter: Mati Energy, its tea-energy drink flying off Whole Foods shelves

ExitEvent In the first of a series profiling the latest winners of NC IDEA grants, ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman reports about energy drink startup Mati Energy, which is based in Durham.

Updated December 5, 2014

Premium Lock Startup-focused NC IDEA names four new board members

NC IDEA Economic development group NC IDEA is adding four members to its board, replacing three others who recently left. NC IDEA annually invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to North Carolina startups.

September 30, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA picks 19 startups for next step in grant process

NC IDEA NC IDEA has selected 19 startups from around North Carolina as semifinalists in its latest rounds of grants. Nearly 100 firms applied for the non-dilutive grants which can be worth as much as $50,000.

September 4, 2014

Premium Lock Are IPOs dead? Not hardly, says Durham venture capitalist

ExitEvent In the past couple of years, an unprecedented number of venture-backed companies have closed financings of $100M or more at valuations above $1 billion. This phenomenon has led to grumbling by some--most notably, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen--that the "IPO is dying" and that individual investors are "missing out" on what used to be great opportunities to ride exciting young companies from their IPOs onward. Is that really the case?

Updated July 29, 2014

Premium Lock Offering a stipend to startups, Groundwork Labs demonstrates its own growth

Among all the efforts focusing on boosting startups in the Triangle these days, Groundwork Labs is unique. It's free. And now the program, which is funded by economic development group NC IDEA, is reaching beyond the Triangle to help startups by the offering of a housing stipend. John Austin, director of Groundworks, talks about the new program, how Groundworks is different, and the success it has had so far in helping grow new businesses from the ground up.

The Groundwork Labs system The Groundwork Labs system

July 28, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA to open fall grant cycle in August

Since its inception in 2006, NC IDEA's grant program has awarded more than $3.4 million to 88 companies across the state. On Monday, NC IDEA announced that the organization's 18th grant cycle will open on Aug. 11 with a series of information sessions being held throughout North Carolina.


May 20, 2014

Premium Lock Does unemployment really link to entrepreneurial activity?

ExitEvent John Cambier of IDEA Fund Partners and NC IDEA in Durham is an investor who deals daily with startup entrepreneurs. He offers a counterpoint to a recent post published in ExitEvent and WRAL TechWire that cites a recent report linking unemployment and entrepreneurship.

Updated May 5, 2014

Premium Lock NCSU alumni expanding their security startup with a return to Raleigh

Rami Essaid, Engin Akyol and Andrew Stein turned their educations at N.C. State into fast-growing tech security startup Distil Networks but left North Carolina to launch the venture-backed firm. Now they are returning to Wolfpack country by opening an office in Raleigh. And they are hiring. We have the details in an exclusive interview for WRAL TechWire Insiders.

Distil's team Distil's team

April 2, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA picks 25 semi-finalists in latest round of startup grants

NC IDEA Economic development group NC IDEA is preparing to award another series of non-dilutive grants of up to $50,000 this spring. And 25 companies are still in the running from among 133 applicants.

March 11, 2014

Premium Lock CED's 'Raising Dough' fundraising series kicks off today

Gold  Today's "Startup blog:" If you are an entrepreneur looking for insight into attracting investors, don't miss the opening day of a two-part series from the Council for Entrepreneurial Development about "Raising dough."

Updated March 7, 2014

Premium Lock Square 1 profits; NC IDEA deadline; CED's 'Raising Dough;' Mohu kickstarter; Global NEXT mentoring

Gold  Today's "Startup blog" - the first in a regular addition to WRALTechWire's lineup - focuses on Triangle and NC startups, an IPO update, and a kickstarter success. Check out details about Square 1 Bank, NC IDEA's application deadline, CED's fund-raising series, Mohu's kickstarter success, and a mentoring program from Up Global NEXT.

Updated February 18, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA defends $250,000 grant to CED, but how will money be spent as organization reboots?

The economic development group NC IDEA is funneling $250,000 to the Council for Entrepreneurial Development to help the CED implement a strategic shift. But what does that mean? The CED isn't talking. Meanwhile, its lead person on last year's big data project - called TriangulateNC - has left. Plus, not everyone in the Triangle startup community endorses the NC IDEA grant. WRALTechWire takes an in-depth look at what's happening with the CED in an exclusive story for our Insiders.

Walk into CED's HQ, see the motto Walk into CED's HQ, see the motto

Updated January 31, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA'S biggest grant - $250,000 - gives CED chance to really 'Start Something'

Like any non-profit organization, the Council for Entrepreneurial Development faces a never-ending need to raise money from donors and sponsors. But the $250,000 grant from NC IDEA - the biggest ever given in one sum by the group - is a huge shot-in-the-arm of cash that gives CED leaders a chance to spend less time raising money and more time fueling further growth of the Triangle's resurgent tech community. The $135 million sale of Digitalsmiths is proof CED is crucial to the region's continued growth. And the CED says it has new plans for its future. NC IDEA has bought in. CED must now deliver.

Walk into CED's HQ, see the motto Walk into CED's HQ, see the motto

Updated January 31, 2014

Premium Lock NC IDEA awards $250,000 grant to Council for Entrepreneurial Development

NC IDEA, an economic development group in Durham focused on helping startups across the state, is giving $250,000 to the CED, which is also focused on giving entrepreneurs assistance in growing new ventures. The grant is to be spread out over three years with funds to help launch a new "information bank."

Council for Entrepreneurial Development Council for Entrepreneurial Development

January 29, 2014

Premium Lock Looking for a job? IDEA Fund Partners portfolio firms are hiring

Information Technology      According to its latest newsletter, IDEA Fund notes eight startups it has funded have openings requiring specific skill sets. And many of the jobs are located in the Triangle.

Techwire Inside Partners
The Skinny: A Blog by Rick Smith