(CIX: WRAL30)  1,009.78  up arrow+13.33  (1.34 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Apple)  567.03  up arrow+42.28  (8.06 %)  Updated: 12:03 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: QUINTILES)  50.06  up arrow+0.59  (1.19 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(OP: BASF SE)  113.63  up arrow+1.04  (0.92 %)  Updated: 11:43 AM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: BioCryst)  8.50  down arrow-0.05  (-0.58 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: BioDelivery)  8.75  up arrow+0.09  (1.04 %)  Updated: 12:01 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: CEMP)  10.09  up arrow+0.17  (1.71 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Cisco Systems)  23.44  down arrow-0.06  (-0.26 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Cornerstone)  9.49    (0 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EST, Feb 03 2014
(NQ: Cree)  50.71  down arrow-0.33  (-0.65 %)  Updated: 12:03 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: DARA)  1.90  up arrow+0.02  (1.06 %)  Updated: 12:00 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: EMC CORPORATION)  25.75  down arrow-0.16  (-0.62 %)  Updated: 12:03 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Extreme Networks)  5.70    (0 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Facebook)  62.54  up arrow+1.18  (1.91 %)  Updated: 12:03 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: GLAXOSMITHKLINE)  55.52  up arrow+0.38  (0.69 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: GOOG)  528.50  up arrow+1.56  (0.3 %)  Updated: 12:03 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: IBM)  191.26  down arrow-0.47  (-0.25 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: LH)  100.76  up arrow+0.91  (0.91 %)  Updated: 12:03 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(OP: Lenovo Group)  22.55  down arrow-0.21  (-0.92 %)  Updated: 11:51 AM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: MRK)  57.74  up arrow+0.24  (0.42 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Microsoft Corp)  39.39  down arrow-0.3  (-0.76 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: NetApp)  36.11  up arrow+0.24  (0.67 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: NOVARTIS AG)  84.63  down arrow-1.54  (-1.79 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(OP: Novozymes A/S)  47.60  up arrow+0.61  (1.3 %)  Updated: 11:52 AM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: PFIZER)  30.73  down arrow-0.19  (-0.61 %)  Updated: 12:03 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Pozen)  9.28  up arrow+0.06  (0.65 %)  Updated: 12:01 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NY: RED HAT)  49.97  down arrow-0.08  (-0.16 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: BBRY)  7.37  up arrow+0.01  (0.07 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: Salix)  110.51  up arrow+0.56  (0.51 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014
(NQ: SQI)  25.99  down arrow-0.19  (-0.73 %)  Updated: 12:02 PM EDT, Apr 24 2014

Posts tagged “Mike Walden”

June 15, 2012

Premium Lock What explains N.C.'s high unemployment rate?

North Carolina  Analysis: Prior to the recession, North Carolina had an unemployment rate near 4.5 percent. At the worst point in the recession, the state's jobless rate soared to 11.4 percent, tied for seventh highest in the nation. The big question is, why? There's no easy answer.

Updated March 26, 2012

Premium Lock Tax debate: Higher, lower - What are the tradeoffs?

Politics Analysis: Taxes will be a top topic of discussion this year for several reasons. First, it's an election year, and no matter what the office and what the issues, taxes are at the head of the debate. Second, there's widespread concern about the national debt, and taxes are one way of dealing with our collective red ink. And last - let's face it - arguing about taxes, for many, is just plain fun!

Updated February 27, 2012

Premium Lock 'Gen Z' will inherit challenging economy - and opportunities

Opinion: For "Generaztion Z" young people born between 1995-2010, the economy they inherit will be challenging, fast-paced, require energy and include opportunity.

Who is Gen Z? Who is Gen Z?

February 18, 2012

Premium Lock Is manufacturing really coming back? Yes, but ...

High tech means fewer manufacturing jobs Analysis: Despite a surge, jobs are fewer. How we manufacture things has dramatically changed. Today's factories use much more technology and modern equipment - and fewer workers - than in decades past. This is how our factories can churn out more output with fewer workers.

January 31, 2012

Premium Lock North Carolina's economic 'index' declines in December

However, N.C. State economist Dr. Michael Walden, who compiles the report, says the outlook for 2002 is a "continuing, slow improving state economy."

Tracking NC's economy Tracking NC's economy

January 31, 2012

Premium Lock The economy, the elections and 2012: Key themes to dominate debates

Politics Analysis: Four overarching, basic economic themes that are at the root of most of our specific policy discussions and differences.

Updated December 21, 2011

Premium Lock You decide: Should you buy local?

Mike Walden Opinion: There's a movement afoot to encourage us to buy local, but that has some flaws as well as benefits. Consumers need to decide.

Updated October 17, 2011

Premium Lock As economy struggles, what policy path should we follow?

Economy Analysis: Clearly, the economy is the primary issue in the country. Yet there doesn't seem to be agreement on solutions to our economic problems. Part of the reason is that consensus on solutions doesn't exist among economists.

Updated September 7, 2011

Premium Lock You decide: What should I tell new economics students?

Mike Walden As a new semester starts at North Carolina State University, what do I - and should I - tell undergraduates about this discipline held in both high and low regard?

March 17, 2011

Premium Lock A sure bet: North Carolina's economy will continue to change

North Carolina  The "Big Five" of technology, pharmaceuticals, banking, food processing and motor vehicle parts supplanted the "Big Three" of tobacco, furniture and textiles. What's next?

February 21, 2011

Premium Lock As economy recovers, why aren't the jobs coming back?

Unemployment Analysis fro NCSU economist Mike Walden: CEOs want to make sure the economy has recovered. Plus, improving productivity and lack of job training also hold down hiring.

Updated February 11, 2011

Premium Lock State of world 2011: Are we losing our global economic clout?

Economy Analysis: Can foreign owners of our debt use it as a form of economic blackmail? And is the U.S. dollar about to lose its status as the number one currency in the world? People are wondering.

January 25, 2011

Premium Lock Is Silicon Valley-focused Quora the new rage in social media? Nope

Quora Opinion from Vivek Wadhwa: Is Quora a trend or a fad? Likely, the latter. What is more likely to happen and makes far more sense is that a new generation of private, gated communities will grow and evolve. This is where people with common interests will gather and exchange ideas.

Updated December 10, 2010

Premium Lock Are good-paying skilled jobs disappearing? No, but ...

Economy Analysis: Americans' worries about jobs are deep, and those are based on two factors. One is a long-held worry that technology and modern equipment are replacing jobs. The second is newer: That trade with other countries is cutting jobs here. Are the worries justified? That's a complicated answer.

Updated December 2, 2010

Premium Lock State's economic indicators show 'robust' surge in October, NCSU says

North Carolina's economy "will continue its current path of positive, yet modest, growth in coming months," forecasts NCSU economist Dr. Michael Walden.

NCSU Index: State economy improves NCSU Index: State economy improves

November 24, 2010

Premium Lock How can we forecast the economic future?

Economy Analysis: Economists do take the job of trying to assess where the economy might be going seriously. Models offer insights into what is happening and what might happen. But none is perfect.

November 12, 2010

Premium Lock Elections are over - How will new mix of leaders govern?

State of the economy Analysis: Big three factors of the economy, government spending and debt, and taxes will all have to be debated in the coming months. Polls show voters are angry. How will the politicians respond?

September 12, 2010

Premium Lock Helping jobless: Is there a better way than current benefits?

Unemployment Analysis: Some economists believe a lump sum payment might be a better solution for the jobless than weekly benefits check.

Updated September 2, 2010

Premium Lock Economy is down-shifting – We’re growing, but at a puny rate

Puny growth Tough times: Unfortunately, there's no "easy button" to push to magically create jobs and income. The good news is that consumers are doing what they need to do - working off excesses they built up in earlier years. The bad news is, this takes time.

July 28, 2010

Premium Lock Is U.S. still competitive? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

Global trade Analysis from NCSU Economist Michael Walden: Based on the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index, where does the U.S. rank in the latest reading for 2010? The answer is number two out of 133 countries. Only Switzerland ranked higher. The U.S. actually ranked number one in 2008 and 2009 and only missed the top spot this year due to the depth of the recession.

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