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6:20 a.m. Friday

Inside LinkedIn changes: Training features, news feeds and 'bots' (+ video)

LinkedIn wants to become more useful to workers by adding personalized news feeds, helpful messaging "bots" and recommendations for online training courses, as the professional networking service strives to be more than just a tool for job-hunting.

1:07 p.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock Lenovo: We're not to blame for Linux install woes

The penguin is the symbol for Linux  The penguins are marching against Lenovo, and the world's No. 1 PC manufacturer is trying to calm a controversy on the net among Linux users. The company insists it is not intentionally blocking Linux installations on some new PCs.

August 23

Premium Lock Why the Lenovo licensing deal with Microsoft matters

Lenovo will load Microsoft's productivity apps -- including Microsoft Office, OneDrive and Skype -- on select Lenovo devices that use the Android operating system in a deal Fortune Magazine says matters.

Lenovo Lenovo

Updated July 25

Premium Lock Microsoft shedding effects of declining Windows revenue

Microsoft appears to have shed most of the lingering effects of declining Windows licensing revenue that hampered its performance over the last two years, say analysts at TRBI.

Windows Windows

July 20

Premium Lock Microsoft cloud strategy good for the longerm, analyst says

Accelerating cloud adoption presents near-term financial struggles, but long-term revenue gains for Microsoft, says TBR analyst Kelsey Mason.


July 14

Premium Lock Microsoft cloud court fight; diverse emojis; Nintendo NES returns; EU-Google battle

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Microsoft wins a court fight over access to cloud data; more divers emojis are on their way; the classic Nintendo NES returns; and the EU steps up its fight with Google.

July 13

Premium Lock Building bridges: Microsoft, GE combine to take on the IT/OT divide

Internet of Things Analysis: By bringing Predix, its Internet of Things (IoT) platform, to Microsoft's Azure cloud, GE Digital gains access to IT departments, parts of customer businesses largely unfamiliar with GE as a vendor. Microsoft expands the Azure audience to industrial operations departments (operations technology [OT]) less familiar with Microsoft than with industrial vendors such as GE.

July 7

Premium Lock In his words: Microsoft CEO on COO's exit, need for 'one feedback loop'

Satya Nadella    Since taking over from Steve Ballmer as CEO at Microsoft two years ago, Satya Nadella has made a host of management and organizational changes. More came Thursday with the news that long-time COO Kevin Turner is leaving - and his responsibilities will be shared among five executives.

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July 1

Premium Lock Recapping Red Hat Summit: From analytics to cloud to partnerships - and a wedding

Jim Whitehurst didn't take the stage in a robe and sing/dance with a choir as his predecessor Matthew Szulik once did, but the Red Hat CEO did evangelize on the need for "open source" development in business as well as in communities. Yes, it was Red Hat Summit week. Here's a review.

Updated July 1

Premium Lock Yahoo CEO optimistic; Google Android update; Samsung unlocks phone; Windows update still free

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Yahoo's CEO remains optimistic; Google updates Android with Nougat; Samsung unlocks a new phone; and Windows 10 update is still free.

June 29

Premium Lock Biden cancer drug threat; Windows 10 update; Dow job cuts; top China net exec is out

Bulldog In today's wrapup of technology and life science news: Vice President Joe Biden threatens drug makers over trial information; Windows 10 gets an update; Dow Chemical to cut N.C. jobs; and China's top Internet regulator is replaced.

Updated June 27

Premium Lock Enemies no more: Red Hat, Microsoft embrace at Hatters' summit

The years of bitter acrimony between Red Hat and Microsoft are formally over, believe it or not. At the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco on Monday, the two tech rivals unveiled Microsoft products that include Red Hat Linux support. And later this week Microsoft will demo how its SQL Server will run Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Hatters even renamed a developers' blog ""

June 14

Premium Lock Microsoft + LinkedIn user data = Reinventing work

Analysis: So what does the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn really mean? It's all about data from LinkedIn's users and putting it to work through Microsoft applications, says Stuart Williams, vie president of Technology Business.Research.

A sample of LinkedIn tracing social data A sample of LinkedIn tracing social data

Updated June 13

Premium Lock Why did Microsoft buy LinkedIn? Plus: A review of other major tech deals

LinkedIn Why is Microsoft buying LinkedIn for $26 billion? An expert analyst speaks out. Plus: A review of other recent tech mega mergers.

June 13

Premium Lock LinkedIn's CEO letter to employees: Why I sold to Microsoft

In a letter first shared with employees and then published for the world to see, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner explains in detail why he decided to sell the company to Microsoft for more than $26 billion. He headlines his letter: "LinkedIn + Microsoft: Changing the Way the World Works."

Updated June 13

Premium Lock Microsoft buys LinkedIn at 50% premium in $26.2B deal + A graphical view

LinkedIn Microsoft said Monday that it is buying professional networking service site LinkedIn for about $26.2 billion. Plus, see a grpahical view of LinkedIn.

Updated June 1

Premium Lock SciQuest being acquired for $509M; shares soar 33%

SciQuest, a Morrisville-based provider of e-procurement solutions, is being sold to a private equity firm in a deal valued at some $509 million. Shares soar 33 percent to match offered deal price. Meanwhile, seven law firms say they are looking into the sale.

What SciQuest does What SciQuest does

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