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July 21

Premium Lock Inside Microsoft: Cloud has silver lining for tech giant

Microsoft All things lead back to cloud for Microsoft, and that's not a bad thing, says Technology Business Research Analyst Kelsey Mason after reviewing the tech giant's latest earnings report.

July 19

Premium Lock Moody's: Tech giants Apple, Google Microsoft hoard $464 billion in cash

Looking for cash? All told, non-financial U.S. companies studied by Moody's hoarded $1.84 trillion of cash at the end of last year. That's up 11% from 2015 and nearly two and a half times the 2008 level.

July 12

Premium Lock Microsoft eyes buffer zone in TV airwaves for rural internet (+ video)

Microsoft wants to extend broadband services to rural America by turning to a wireless technology that uses the buffer zones separating individual television channels in the airwaves. A Microsoft exec explains the key points of the program. Plus: Watch a video overview about the initiative.

Updated July 5

Premium Lock Microsoft reorganizes, NASA to DART asteroid; kit turns some cars into autonomous vehicles

In today's survey of technology news: Microsoft reorganizes to focus on the cloud; NASA to test asteroid deflection technique; kit turns some cars into self-driving vehicles.

Updated June 12

Premium Lock Microsoft's transformation: Windows under a cloud (Plus: A graphical look at its financials)

Microsoft  Analysis: Microsoft is a study in contrasts as cloud, search and Surface segments soar past its legacy Windows business, writes Technology Business Research analyst Jack Narcotta after reviewing the tech giant's latest earnings. Insiders also get a graphical look at Microsoft's stock.

May 23

Premium Lock Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles

The new, fifth-generation device -- simply called Surface Pro -- won't look or feel drastically different from its predecessor. But Microsoft is hoping its under-the-hood improvements will help it compete with newer laptop-tablet hybrids from Samsung and others. Not to mention Apple's iPad Pro.

Updated May 12

Premium Lock Microsoft includes Validic data in HealthVault program

Microsoft is incorporating Validic's mobile health data technology in an update and expansion of the tech giant's HealthVault program. Validic's platform will be used to link HealthVault Insights data into hundreds of clinical and consumer devices, the goal being to give patients personalized, actionable information. Validic CEO Drew Schiller talks about the deal - and its importance to the emerging Durham company.

HealthVault sample HealthVault sample

Updated May 11

Premium Lock Half-billion Windows 10 devices, but PC slump stunts growth (+ Cortana video)

Microsoft's latest version of Windows is faring better than its maligned predecessor, but the software's growth is still stunted by a shift away from personal computers. Plus: Watch a video about how programmers are using Cortana, the Windows smart assistant and another about the battle against Parkinson's.

Updated May 3

Premium Lock Microsoft takes aim at Google with laptop, slim Windows (+ video)

The new Surface Laptop is the first Surface device without a detachable keyboard. Microsoft says the new laptop will have up to 14.5 hours of battery life, compared with 12 hours for the MacBook Air. The Surface Laptop will come out on June 15.

April 28

Premium Lock Inside Microsoft: Earnings report proves its playbook for transitioning customers to cloud

Microsoft Corporation    Analysis: Focusing on lifetime customer value helps Microsoft successfully traverse business model shifts, says Technology Business Research Analyst Kelsey Mason. Plus: Wire service details on earnings.

Updated April 20

Premium Lock What's behind the SEVC name change to Fusion Conference?

Triangle-based TechMedia has renamed its Southeast Venture Conference to the Fusion Conference, with the first event flying under the new name set for June 7-8, 2017 in Washington, DC. WRAL Techwire conducted a question and answer session with Eric Gregg, who heads TechMedia with partner Scott Hedrick, to talk about the name change and the first Fusion event in June.

Fusion Conference banner on Times Square, NYC. Fusion Conference banner on Times Square, NYC.

Updated April 13

Premium Lock Goodbye Princess Leia; Windows versions won't die; Messenger beats Instagram

In today's tech wrapup: Lucasfilm gave scifi fans a final goodbye to Carrie Fisher, who passed away in December. Facebook Messenger outstrips Instagram.Old versions of Windows refuse to die.

March 21

Premium Lock Watch out, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM: Google Cloud an emerging threat (+ video)

Analysis: Google has evolved drastically over the past year. Not only have the productivity applications for business been rebranded and brought together with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) portfolio under a cohesive business unit in Google Cloud and leadership under Senior Vice President Diane Greene, but the resulting business has substantially furthered its messaging as well. Here's the first of a two-part report.

February 16

Premium Lock QuintilesIMS, ABB, IBM, Cisco crack 'Most Admired Companies' list

Fortune Life science giant QuintilesIMS and several other companies with a major presence in the Triangle are among the firms cracking the latest "World's Most Admired Companies" list from Fortune.

February 1

Premium Lock Recruiting firm: Google dominates in talent poaching

Help wanted          Research from talent recruiting firm Talentful shows that Google dominates other high-tech firms when it comes to poaching talent. Microsoft is its biggest target, Talentful says.

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