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Updated February 7

Premium Lock NC CEOs to launch reading initiative

Jim Goodnight     On Feb. 9 at Creech Road Elementary School, the leaders of some of North Carolina's most prominent businesses - inlcuding SAS, Red Hat and AT&T, will spearhead the national release of a report from the Business Roundtable (BRT), "Why Reading Matters and What To Do About It."

Updated September 21, 2015

Premium Lock Red Hat earnings beat expectations, shares rise

Red Hat Red Hat Inc. (NYSE:RHT) reported second-quarter earnings of $51.4 million, or 47 cents cents a share, up from $46.8 million and 41 cents a share in the same period last year, topping analyst expectations of 44 cents a share.

July 10, 2015

Premium Lock Cempra drug; Apple iOS 9 beta; states where women earn least, Red Hat CEO

Bulldog In today's Bulldog technology news update: Cempra pneumonia drug; NC 14th among states where women earn least; Apple iOS 9 besa released; Red Hat CEO on the agenda at Fortune Brainstorm TECH.

Updated May 26, 2015

Premium Lock Red Hat boosts CEO salary to $1M

Jim Whitehurst    Red Hat (NYSE:RHT) CEO Jim Whitehurst is getting a $100,000 raise, which boosts his salary from $900,000 to $1 million as of June 1, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Updated May 15, 2015

Premium Lock Author, author! Why Red Hat's CEO wrote 'The Open Organization'

Jim Whitehurst Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Raleigh-based Red Hat, is now an author, too. His book, "The Open Organization," is due in stores on June 2. So why did he take time out of a busy schedule running the world's leading open-source Linux software and services firm to write?

Updated March 5, 2014

Premium Lock Leadership lessons from the Red Hat tower: CEO stresses r-e-s-p-e-c-t

On Tuesday, Red Hat unveiled a new business process management suite and also announced further security acceptance for its "cloud" computing offerings. Yes, the Hatters continue to grow at a relentless pace. And spearheading the drive is CEO Jim Whitehurst. He's leading the company to places it has never been - and in a blog post the affable exec with the boyish grin explains the secrets to his success.

CNBC's Jim Cramer, Red Hat's Jim Whitehurst one-on-one CNBC's Jim Cramer, Red Hat's Jim Whitehurst one-on-one

April 4, 2012

Premium Lock CEO aims to keep Red Hat growing, its value high to ward off buyers

Jim Whitehurst      In his fifth year as the top executive at Raleigh-based Red Hat, Jim Whitehurst plots a strategy for continued growth and another 150 local jobs in the wake of the Linux software firm topping $1 billion in revenues. He aims to keep the stock price high and at the same time keeping the company focused on the "changing paradigm" in computing. As for his own career, Whitehurst says "I can't imagine anything better to do."

Updated March 19, 2012

Premium Lock Red Hat CEO's interview style: 'I would be all over you ...'

Jim Whitehurst      In a story for The New York Times' "Corner Office" series, Jim Whitehurst says his job interview process focuses on finding team players.

Updated January 11, 2012

Premium Lock Red Hat, Raleigh to discuss shared future

Red Hat Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst and Nancy McFarlane, the new mayor of Raleigh, will talk to the media Friday about the "mutually beneficial future" of the capital city and the world's leading provider of open-source software.

December 20, 2011

Premium Lock Red Hat credits worldwide execution with Q3 profit

Red Hat in the Cloud Red Hat's Jim Whitehurst says a down economy helps the company sell its solutions to companies looking for efficiencies.

Updated May 20, 2011

Premium Lock Lenovo to add 50 jobs, contracts with support firm for 250 more

The world's No. 4 PC maker says it is adding personnel to support its growing global business. Affiliated Computer Services will provide customer support.

Lenovo's new covertible tablet     Lenovo's new covertible tablet

Updated March 24, 2011

Premium Lock Red Hat's CEO touts 'tremendous quarter'

In his own words: Jim Whitehurst provides a glowing report about the Linux software developer and services provider's performance in a quarter that beat Wall Street expectations.

Jim Whitehurst      Jim Whitehurst

Updated October 27, 2010

Premium Lock MBA is good, but passions drive them to work, local execs say

Harvard business grads Oct. 25, 2010 At a gathering of Triangle-area alumni, Harvard Business School grads Jim Whitehurst of Red Hat, John Replogle of Burt's Bees, Tony Frazier of Cisco and Michael Jacobs of Jacobs Capital and UNC talked about why they do what they do.

Updated October 27, 2010

Premium Lock Execs describe passions that drive their work

Harvard Business School panel Oct. 25, 2010 At a Harvard alumni event, Crimson MBAs John Replogle of Burt's Bees, Jim Whitehurst of Red Hat, Tony Frazier of Cisco and Michael Jacobs of Jacobs Capital talked about what makes their work rewarding.

Updated October 26, 2010

Premium Lock Red Hat CEO: Growth demands more space

Jim Whitehurst      Jim Whitehurst said the Linux giant is out of room to expand in its Raleigh headquarters on Varsity Drive.

Updated April 22, 2010

Premium Lock Red Hat CEO gives entrepreneurs a pep talk about creating innovation

Jim Whitehurst      “Every industry has built brittle, optimized systems around the way the world was 20 years ago when those companies were originally successful,” Red Hat’s CEO tells entrepreneurs and investors. “The potential for new ideas, for entrepreneurs to come in, to redefine business models has never been higher.”

Updated December 5, 2009

Premium Lock Red Hat's CEO on Obama jobs summit – 'Creating jobs the open source way'

Opinion: "In order to create and sustain real, long-term, high value jobs, we must recognize and harness the power of participation to drive innovation in this country," writes Jim Whitehurst, who was invited to the White House event.

Updated November 7, 2009

Premium Lock Software patent case: ‘One small leap for open source, one giant leap for mankind’

Jim Whitehurst In his own words: Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst warns that the future of software is at stake in the Bilski Case. The Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Monday.

Updated October 19, 2009

Premium Lock Open source, free software and Linux – How does Red Hat make money?

Executive Q&A: Jim Whitehurst, chief executive officer at Red Hat, talks about how his company works with a community of worldwide developers to improve Linux. Then the company provides services to support the ever-changing operating system to keep it robust and secure.

Jim Whitehurst Jim Whitehurst

Updated October 2, 2009

Premium Lock Red Hat takes aim at 'patent trolls,' filing a brief with Supreme Court

Red Hat vs. patent trolls The world’s top developer of open source Linux say argue that software patents impede innovation. The court will open hearings on a key case next month.

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