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November 18, 2016

Premium Lock Morgan Spurlock tells Internet Summit: Take risks, make a difference

What does it take to create stories that make a difference in the world, Morgan Spurlock, asked the Internet Summit Thursday at lunch. Spurlock found fame with the documentary "Super Size Me," going 30 days eating nothing but fast food and reporting the results.

November 18, 2016

Premium Lock Internet Summit: What do successful innovators do? They find a new medium

Patrick Vlaskovits Patrick Vlaskovits, who gave new meaning to the phrase "the medium is the message" in a presentation at the Internet Summit on Thursday, wants your forgiveness.

November 18, 2016

Premium Lock Startup unveils flashy content management system at Internet Summit

Do conferences such as the Internet Summit do much for the companies with promotional tables at the event? Gabriel Stevens launched ownCMS four days before this year's event at the Raleigh Convention Center hoping that it would.

November 17, 2016

Premium Lock Internet Summit: Google tags offer high level data

Google tag manager is a free tool that can give marketers a wealth of data about visitor behavior on their site not available through Google Analytics alone, Steve Guberman, director of search marketing at the Golf Channel's GolfNow site, told a session Tuesday at the Internet Summit in Raleigh.

Steve Guberman of GlofNow at the Internet Summit Steve Guberman of GlofNow at the Internet Summit

Updated November 17, 2016

Premium Lock Party time! Internet Summit draws 2,200 with bigger entertainment focus

The 2016 Internet Summit brought more than 2,200 people to the Raleigh Convention Center, about 200 more than in the past. That may be at least partly due, to the increasing number of well-known media figures and top business strategy speakers at the event.

Dressing up for Internet Summit Dressing up for Internet Summit

November 17, 2016

Premium Lock Internet Summit: Much content marketing advice is bunk, says Wizard of Moz

If you are a marketer who thinks "Facebook is everything," you couldn't be more wrong, Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz, told the Internet Summit Tuesday in Raleigh as he debunked much common advice on content marketing and SEO.

The SEO pyramid The SEO pyramid

July 29, 2016

Premium Lock Last day to nab a discount for the Internet Summit

Internet Summit Today (Friday, July 29) is the last chance to get a discount price for the Internet Summit in Raleigh November 16-17. Companies and speakers on the agenda include: Hulu, Moz, Marketing Profs, Airbnb,Red Hat, the Daily Show, Salesforce, Walgreens, AOL, Bitly, comedian Rainn Wilson, Ann Handley.

Updated October 29, 2015

Premium Lock Top digital brands to attend Raleigh Internet Summit

Google, Uber, Twitter, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft & IBM - literally a who's who of tech and digital headline the 100s of brands heading to Raleigh in November.

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