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1:11 p.m. Friday

Premium Lock Inside IBM's new z14: Bringing apps, data to mainframe for intelligence, insight

IBM Z In the second part of a review examining IBM's new z14 mainframe, customers will be able to leverage an increasing degree of analytics and insight than on prior models. The ability to leverage the analytics capabilities of Watson on IBM's Z portfolio, not just z14, makes this entire product portfolio uniquely valuable to its users.

Updated 7:16 a.m. Friday

Premium Lock More to fear: 'Email compromise' attack a bigger threat than ransomware, Cisco says (+ video, tips to fight attacks)

Ransomware is a major story these days but there actually is a bigger threat confronting businesses and enterprises: Business email compromise attacks. So says tech giant Cisco in a new cybersecurity report. Plus, a new threat is emerging - "destruction of service" attacks which are linked to the growing Internet of Things universe.

7:10 a.m. Friday

Premium Lock Inside Microsoft: Cloud has silver lining for tech giant

Microsoft All things lead back to cloud for Microsoft, and that's not a bad thing, says Technology Business Research Analyst Kelsey Mason after reviewing the tech giant's latest earnings report.

12:18 p.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Report: Half of consumers would trade smart home data for discounts

Some 50 percent of consumers who live in households with broadband services are willing to share Internet of Things data in return for electricity discounts, according to Parks Associates.

Share data for discounts? Share data for discounts?

Updated 8:04 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Lenovo CEO sets new target, hints he might quit if he fails

Yang Yuanqing  After diversifying Lenovo away from what he has called the "bread and butter" of PCs into servers, smartphones and all things Internet, Chair and CEO Yang Yuanqing is now making a play for ecommerce and AI success. And he tells Bloomberg he might quit if he fails.

6:31 a.m. Thursday

Amazon isn't technically dominant, but it pervades our lives

Amazon  Amazon's $13.7 billion deal for Whole Foods merely extends Amazon's long quest to make shopping so convenient that consumers won't even think about stepping away from its embrace. The more successful that strategy, the more Amazon can monopolize the attention and shopping dollars of its customers -- which, of course, is perfectly legal.

1:20 p.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock Inside IBM: Big Blue relies on Watson, cognitive computing to drive cloud, software growth

IBM's latest earnings report demonstrates that vertical-specific cloud solutions enhanced with Watson capabilities help IBM weather software license declines, says Technology Business Research Analyst Molly Gallaher Boddy.

IBM cognitive, related revenues grow IBM cognitive, related revenues grow

7:12 a.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock IBM can't shake revenue blues despite new initiatives

Shares in IBM took a major hit in after-hours trading Tuesday after the tech giant reported revenues that failed to meet analysts' expectations. Big Blue has now reported 21 consecutive quarters of year-on-year sales declines. So what's next?

Tracking IBM revenues by segment Tracking IBM revenues by segment

Updated 5:39 p.m. Tuesday

Google Glass is back: Enterprise Edition targets industry

Google Glass is back with a new "Enterprise Edition" announced on Tuesday. The initial target: Use on the job.

Using Google Glass on the job Using Google Glass on the job

6:50 a.m. Tuesday

Premium Lock Inside IBM Z: Data encryption on the fly for digital business

A team of analysts from Technology Business Research take a detailed look at IBM's new z14 mainframe, which was announced Monday, generating headlines worldwide. What's beyond the hype?


Updated 5:16 p.m. Monday

Premium Lock IBM counters cyber threats with 'Z': 12B encryptions a day (+ video)

Worried about cyber crime and hacking? Cloud vulnerability? To counter these threats, IBM is rolling out IBM Z, a new transaction system that Big Blue says is capable of processing "more than 12 billion encrypted transactions" a day. That capacity makes it the world's most powerful, the tech giant claims. Plus: A video about Syztem Z.

Updated 6:13 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Musk to governors: AI a 'fundamental risk' to human existence + Video: His entire talk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned a bipartisan gathering of U.S. governors on Saturday that government regulation of artificial intelligence is needed because it's a "fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization." Plus: Watch the entire video of his presentation.

5:45 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Inside Infosys: Increasing volume, monetizing IP are essential for growth

Infosys Infosys, which just days ago announced plans to expand its presence in North Carolina and create 2,000 jobs, faces challenges as it seeks to become an even larger tech solutions provider. Investments in proprietary price-competitive offerings can turn the firm into a formidable solutions-led vendor, says an analyst for Technology Business Research.

5:20 a.m. Monday

WTW's week in review: 57 headlines not to be missed, part three

Week in review Here's a look back at technology, life science and other related news as reported in WRAL TechWire over this past week, part three.

5:00 a.m. Monday

WTW's week in review: 57 headlines not to be missed, part one

Week in review Here's a look back at technology, life science and other related news as reported in WRAL TechWire for this past week, part one.

Updated July 14

Premium Lock Here's why Cisco is acquiring a cloud security service firm (+ video)

Cisco, which operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP, is making another acquisition. The head of Cisco's M&A and venture investment team explains why it's buying Observable Networks. Plus: A video overview of Observable.

Updated July 14

Premium Lock Watson a dunce? Analysts question just how smart IBM's AI play really is

IBM Watson avatar     If supercomputer Watson is the key to IBM's future as the cornerstone of its artificial intelligence play, a Wall Street analyst firm says Big Blue is headed for trouble. "Outgunned" for talent, IBM faces increasing competition as well as the fact Watson requires "significant consulting" services.

July 11

Premium Lock Inside the data center evolution - what's going on?

What are the latest trends, challenges and obstacles in the ever-evolving data infrastructure market? Technology Business Research Analyst Stephanie Long takes a look.

A Cisco C3260 model server A Cisco C3260 model server

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