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Updated February 15, 2010

Premium Lock Secrets to Tekelec's success? The 'Patent Wall'

CEO Frank Plastina touts the company’s technical prowess and commitment to R&D while talking about Tekelec’s record year for profits. A focus on the “mobile IP core” for applications and services leads to sales and success in a world driven increasingly by mobile communications.

Tekelec's massive, growing "Patent Wall" Tekelec's massive, growing "Patent Wall"

February 15, 2010

Premium Lock N.C. firms will showcase new products, wireless technologies at Mobile World Congress

A BlackBerry smart phone TapRoot and RFMD roll out new products while Tekelec makes a couple of deals. Red Hat, Aviat, Qualcomm, Cisco and IBM are all exhibiting. However, PocketGear has no announcements this year.

Updated February 10, 2010

Premium Lock Google aims to launch 'ultra high-speed' network

In a blog post, the search engine giant lays out its concept for the network that will offer "more than 100 times faster" speeds than most Americans now have.

February 10, 2010

Premium Lock How truly safe are PCs? Key encryption chip is hacked

"You've trusted this chip to hold your secrets, but your secrets aren't that safe," says Christopher Tarnovsky, 38, who runs the Flylogic security consultancy and demonstrated his hack last week at the Black Hat security conference. "It's sort of doing the impossible," says conference founder.

Chris Tarnovsky does the "impossible" hack. (AP) Chris Tarnovsky does the "impossible" hack. (AP)

Updated January 31, 2010

Premium Lock ‘Zero-day’ black market – Where hackers buy secrets to exploit tech flaws

The recent attack on Google brings new attention to the buying and trading of information technology vulnerabilities. Zero days refer to security vulnerabilities caused by programming errors that haven't been "patched," or fixed, by the products' developers. Often those companies don't know the weaknesses exist and have had zero days to work on closing the holes. And hackers are ready to pounce.

Hackers look for "zero-day" flaws Hackers look for "zero-day" flaws

January 26, 2010

Premium Lock Malware research group spins off from Harvard as StopBadware

StopBadware The organization issues what it calls "badware alerts" about corporations whose applications do what the organization deems unwanted and harmful things to users' computers.

Updated January 20, 2010

Premium Lock Surging e-commerce sales mean more hiring at ChannelAdvisor

e-commerce drives growth at ChannelAdvisor The venture-backed firm, now the largest third-party service provider to, is looking to hire 60 people in 2010, CEO Scot Wingo says.

Updated January 19, 2010

Premium Lock Google postpones phone launches in China over censorship dispute

Presents for Google in Beijing. (AP) Search engine giant announces the delay after a Chinese government spokesperson warns Google about compliance. "Foreign enterprises in China need to adhere to China's laws and regulations, respect the interests of the general public and cultural traditions and shoulder corresponding responsibilities. Google is no exception,” the government says.

Updated January 17, 2010

Premium Lock Wrong face at Facebook - AT&T network flaw causes scary Web error

Generally Web sites and computers are compromised from within. A hacker can get a Web page or computers to run programming code that they shouldn't. But in a case involving a Georgia family, it was a security gap between the phone and the Web site that exposed strangers' Facebook pages to them. Misconfigured equipment, poorly written network software or other technical errors could have caused AT&T to fumble the information flowing from their phones to Facebook and back.

Facebook AT&T Glitch Facebook AT&T Glitch

January 11, 2010

Premium Lock Belk expands its contract for IT services from Hosted Solutions

A Belk gift card Charlotte-based retailer will outsource more of its database, other services and use “cloud computing” services from Hosted.

January 7, 2010

Premium Lock Nortel receives OK for Genband’s ‘stalking horse’ VoIP bid

Nortel Auction for one of bankrupt telecommunication gear maker’s few remaining assets is set for Feb. 25.

January 6, 2010

Premium Lock Charlotte-based Conterra Ultra Broadband raises $25 million

Conterra Provider of broadband services draws investors from Goldman Sachs Group, former Alltel Wireless execs and its chairman. Funds will be used for network expansion.

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