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May 19

Spectrum rolls out lower cost broadband service for seniors, qualified customers

Cable services  Charter Communications is offering a new lower-cost broadband service to qualified customers in an attempt to help seniors connect to the internet and also to bridge the "digital divide." The program is similar to one offered by AT&T.

May 19

Resident group proposes Airbnb rules for Raleigh

Resident group proposed Airbnb rules for Raleigh The Raleigh task force resident group proposed official Airbnb regulations at a meeting Thursday evening, voting to recommend allowing short-term rentals in Raleigh through sites like Airbnb.

Updated May 18

FCC: Move to end 'net neutrality' a step toward 'ending utility-style regulation' of internet

FCC        The FCC has voted to kick off the repeal of "net neutrality" rules designed to keep broadband providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from interfering with the internet. The FCC says the move could mean "ending utility-style regulation of the internet."

May 18

Premium Lock Cisco's 55 consecutive quarter growth of service revenue is over, but ...

Analysis: Cisco services revenue growth hits a pothole after 55 consecutive quarters of year-over-year expansion, but security and data analytics are coming to the rescue, says Technology Business Research Analyst Kelly Lesiczka.

Snapshot of Cisco's earnings Snapshot of Cisco's earnings

May 18

Premium Lock WannaCry ransomware & The perils of shoddy attribution: It's the Russians! No wait, it's the North Koreans!

Speculation detracts from real and meaningful conversations about inherent software vulnerabilities that result from manufacturers' refusal to incorporate security-by-design into software development, the failure of organizations all over the world to protect their systems and client data according to their value and potential for harm, and governments' responsibility to manage, secure, and disclose discovered vulnerabilities.

Ransomware attack: 'Ooops ..." Ransomware attack: 'Ooops ..."

May 18

Finally! Media wakes to IBM telling remote workers to head back to office - or quit

News broke in February that IBM was going to start making remote workers head back to Big Blue Offices or leave the company. That means change-or-quit for thousands of workers, including an unknown number of Big Blue employees in North Carolina. The controversial topic has been discussed quite often since then but now The Wall Street Journal has made the mandate a front-page story. Finally, an important employment story should attract global attention.

Charting IBM's revenues Charting IBM's revenues

Updated May 18

Cisco announces 1,100 more layoffs; stock plunges 7.5%

Cisco's campus on Kit Creek Road in RTP  Cisco Systems said Wednesday that it is laying off 1,100 more workers, deepening job losses at the internet gear maker battling declining revenue. But Cisco's top exec says the tech giant is making progress as the company continues to make acquisitions.

May 17

Amazon refreshes lineup of low-cost tablets, new kids model

Amazon is offering a thinner and lighter version of its cheapest, 7-inch tablet, while shaving $10 off the price of an 8-inch model.

TEC--Amazon-New_Tablets_74041 TEC--Amazon-New_Tablets_74041

May 17

Premium Lock Think tank spells out plan to feds for data innovation

Data Innovation How can the federal government help the private sector to accelerate improvements in data innovation and thus "enhance quality of life"? The Center for Data Innovation has a plan. Here are the details.

Updated May 16

Beating 'ransomware:' How Durham auto parts firm won its battle

Auto parts manufacturer AW North Carolina turns to AT&T for help when its own enterprise network came under attack through "ransomware." The AW case serves as an example of how companies can defeat such attacks as the "Wannacry" global onslaught over the past several days. In an exclusive interview, the GM for AW North Carolina talks about how his firm fought back - and won.

A transmission made by AW of NC A transmission made by AW of NC

May 16

Experts see possible North Korea links to global cyberattack

Cybersecurity experts are pointing to circumstantial evidence that North Korea may be behind the global "ransomware" attack: the way the hackers took hostage computers and servers across the world was similar to previous cyberattacks attributed to North Korea.

Tracking cyberattack Tracking cyberattack

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May 15

Cyberattack wave ebbs, but experts see risk of more

The "ransomware" cyberattack that has hit companies and governments around the world ebbed in intensity on Monday, though experts warned that new versions of the virus could emerge.

Ransomware attack - in Chinese Ransomware attack - in Chinese

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May 15

Judge orders Uber not to use technology taken from Waymo

Uber self-driving car in Pittsburgh   A federal judge has ordered Uber not to use technology that a key executive downloaded before he left Waymo, the autonomous car company that was spun off from Google. But he refused to order a halt to Uber's self-driving program, as requested by Waymo.

May 15

Premium Lock Study: 'Broadband investment heads in wrong direction'

The Broadband Report       USTelecom's seventh annual report on broadband investment numbers will be finalized soon, but initial analysis strongly suggests that investment in 2016 continued to trend downward following the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) adoption of the 2015 Open Internet Order.

May 15

Sounds of Commerce: Bronto transforms marketing data into a work of art for Moogfest

Moogest this week will feature "The Sounds of Commerce," a creation of Oracle + Bronto that is designed to illustrate the sheer scale of data shared daily between consumers and the world's top ecommerce brands to make it all relatable.

Working on "Sounds of Commerce" at Bronto Working on "Sounds of Commerce" at Bronto

Updated May 15

Has your network been 'patched'? Failure to do opens way for global hack

A massive global "ransomware" attack on Friday hit corporate and government networks across 74 countries on Friday. And a security firm points out the attacks could have been prevented if companies had "patched," or updated their networks to guard against the onslaught being called "Wanna Cry." Demands were made in multiple languages with payments to be made through Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Plus, an update on what's happened where.

Ransomware attack: 'Ooops ..." Ransomware attack: 'Ooops ..."

May 15

Getting WTW on the go: Use our mobile iPhone/iOS, Android apps

WRAL TechWire, a comprehensive source of coverage of companies in the Carolinas and beyond with a focus on the growth industries of broadband, life sciences, and on entrepreneurs and venture funding, has WRAL TechWire apps for iOS and Android devices.

Reading WTW on iOS devices Reading WTW on iOS devices

May 15

WTW's week in review: 62 headlines not to be missed, part three

Triangle headlines Here's a look back at technology, life science and other related news as reported in WRAL TechWire for this past week, part three.

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