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May 31

Premium Lock Cisco, IBM team up to tackle cybercrime plague (+ video)

Tech giants Cisco and IBM - both of which have a major presence in the Triangle - are joining forces to help businesses fight the growing threat of cybercrime. And a security intelligence website sees promise in the alliance.

May 24

Premium Lock Women CEOs earned more last year, but few were in top job

IBM's Ginni Rometty        The median pay for a female CEO was $13.1 million last year, up 9 percent from 2015, according to an analysis by executive data firm Equilar and The Associated Press. By comparison, male CEOs earned $11.4 million, also up 9 percent.

May 22

Premium Lock The Human Future: Quantum speculations, scifi vs. science fact

Is science fiction a way to approach examining problems such as quantum mechanics, behavior modifying brain implants, and other topics in physics and science? It certainly generated many audience questions at a Moogfest Transhuman session at the American Underground@Main in Durham, Sunday.

May 18

Premium Lock Finally! Media wakes to IBM telling remote workers to head back to office - or quit

News broke in February that IBM was going to start making remote workers head back to Big Blue Offices or leave the company. That means change-or-quit for thousands of workers, including an unknown number of Big Blue employees in North Carolina. The controversial topic has been discussed quite often since then but now The Wall Street Journal has made the mandate a front-page story. Finally, an important employment story should attract global attention.

Charting IBM's revenues Charting IBM's revenues

Updated May 16

Premium Lock IBM's own retirement fund sells most of its Big Blue shares

IBM   Warren Buffett isn't the only investor shying away from shares in Big Blue.

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May 15

Premium Lock Robot future: IBM acts for jobs on a best-in-class way forward via public-private partnerships (+ video)

In the second of a two-part report abot robotics' threat to jobs for humans in the future, Geoff Woollacott, Senior Strategy Consultant and Principal Analyst at Technology Business Research, outlines ideas from IBM to help people stay employed.

May 15

Premium Lock Robot future: Before Bill Gates can tax C-3PO, IBM offers a better way forward

We are at the dawn of profound economic change spurred by technological innovation, which The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman captures in his book "Thank You for Being Late." The underlying economic disruptions and dislocations are felt across the globe, especially in developed countries, where many political pollsters credit innovation for triggering the populist uprisings that led to the Brexit and President Trump and that have permeated the recent French presidential election cycle. So who has a better idea for dealing with this future? Bill Gates and taxing robots or IBM and forming partnerships to train workers?

Robot, small Robot, small

May 11

Premium Lock Watson to power voice commands in new Star Trek game from Red Storm (+ video)

How does Watson say "Beam me up?" We'll find out soon. IBM's Watson is bringing voice command capabilities to the new Red Storm Entertainment game "Star Trek: Bridge Crew."

May 9

Premium Lock Exclusive: IBM making computing horsepower available to the masses

What's coming next on top of IBM's Watson super computer and hybrid-public cloud offerings? "Unlocking the horsepower of analytics in the cloud to solve data problems in education, energy research, and healthcare." So says Kevin Eagan, chief experience officer and general manager of digital experiences at IBM in an exclusive interview with WRAL Techwire.

Updated May 8

Premium Lock IBM exec: Big Blue had to 'turn itself upside down' to survive

IBM had to "Turn itself upside down," to meet the challenges of the digital age," says Kevin Eagan, IBM's chief digital experience officer and general manager of digital platforms, in the opening keynote address at NCTA's State of Technology 2017 event in Durham.

Kevin Eagan, IBM general manager, digital platforms Kevin Eagan, IBM general manager, digital platforms

May 8

Premium Lock Buffett, Munger: We missed on Google + Video: Why Buffett sold IBM shares

Listening to Warren Buffett never gets old to the thousands of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders who filled an arena Saturday to listen to the billionaire investor at the company's annual meeting. But they did hear some doubts about Buffett's and partner Charlie Munger's wisdom on tech stocks.

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Updated May 5

Premium Lock Buffett dumps Big Blue, shares take 2.5% hit: 'I don't value IBM the same way ...'

IBM                           Warren Buffett is backing away from Big Blue in a big way, disclosing to CNBC on Thursday that his Berkshire Hathaway firm has sold one third of its IBM stake. The news sent IBM shares 2.5% percent lower on Wall Street in Friday trading.

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May 5

Premium Lock Inside IBM's latest telco cloud deal: Big Blue bails out Verizon

Analysis: IBM recycles another telco cloud business, adding Verizon into the mix in a deal similar to one for AT&T in 2015. So why did Verizon sell and what does IBM gain? Technology Business Research Analyst Kelsey Mason takes a look.

IBM's cloud data center footprint IBM's cloud data center footprint

May 2

Premium Lock Having sold data centers, Verizon sells cloud/hosting service to IBM

The Broadband Report       Verizon, which closed on a $3.6 billion deal to sell its data centers on Monday, has now disclosed it recently sold to IBM its cloud and managed hosting service.

April 28

Premium Lock Videos: IBM's Rometty talks using AI to improve business, job skills training

In an exclusive interview with Fox Business News, IBM Chair and CEO Ginni Rometty talks about how Big Blue is using artificial intelligence to improve business.

April 26

Premium Lock IBM opens 4 more US data centers; RTP not on list

Big Blue says it is opening additional data centers in the U.S. to support its growing cloud, data businesses. However, RTP isn't on the list.

IBM's cloud data center footprint IBM's cloud data center footprint

Updated April 25

Premium Lock IBM, ABB bring Watson to factory, utility IoT (+ video)

IBM and ABB, two companies with a major presence in the Research Triangle, are partnering to bring IBM Watson cognitive computing solutions for Internet of Things usage on factory floors, across utilities, smart grids and more.

Updated April 24

Premium Lock Checking IBM's pulse: Healthcare a bright spot amid anemic services performance (+ video)

In reporting a 20th consecutive quarter of a drop in income, IBM's healthcare related businesses stand out as a bright spot amid otherwise anemic services performance, says Technology Business Research Analyst John Caucis.

April 24

Premium Lock Report: IBM's top exec pay package 'now worth $65M'

IBM's Ginni Rometty        IBM's total compensation package for Chair and CEO Ginni Rometty is worth far more than $33 million, says Bloomberg news service. "[H]er compensation is now worth $65 million, or almost twice as much as her reported pay," Bloomberg says. citing how IBM values stock options. She's now among the top 10 best-paid CEOs even though IBM has posted declining revenues over the past five years under her leadership.

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