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Updated May 23, 2014

Premium Lock Cox plans gigabit Internet speed services in three cities

Fiber optic network                      The move will bring its service in line with Google's fiber rollout in cities such as Kansas City and Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas; and an AT&T rollout in Austin and a planned offering in Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.

Updated May 20, 2014

Premium Lock Why is AT&T on such a tech binge? Rapid change, NCSU economist says

From the $48.5 billion bid to acquire DirecTV to its plans to deploy fiber optic services in the Triangle, AT&T is on a technology binge. What's going on? NCSU Economist Dr. Michael Walden sees a variety of reasons in this exclusive WRAL TechWire conversation.

AT&T touts its GigaPower      AT&T touts its GigaPower

May 12, 2014

Premium Lock Cary agrees to lease terms for Google Fiber 'huts'

Fiber optic network                      Cary's Town Council says it has struck an agreement with Google for lease terms that would allow Google to place "fiber huts" in the town's limits should Google chose to deploy its super-fast Internet and entertainment network in the Triangle.

May 9, 2014

Premium Lock Internet companies ask FCC to ditch net neutrality plan

Net Neutrality More than 100 companies ranging from startups to web giants filed a letter this week calling on the FCC to rethink its path on protecting and preserving an open, equal Internet - a debate that is nearing a boiling point on Capitol Hill.

May 2, 2014

Premium Lock Google Fiber: Triangle metros meet initial deadlines

Governments in cities under consideration for the next round of Google Fiber network expansion have all meet the Internet giant's deadline for filling out a "checklist." That group of cities includes Raleigh, Durham

Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks

Updated May 2, 2014

Premium Lock With business surging, Quintiles ups guidance; Street likes the news

Quintiles' headquarters       A year after returning to the public markets, Quintiles celebrates some good news. The world's global life science services provider, reports revenues topped $1 billion for the second consecutive quarter. Meanwhile, net income and earnings per share surge $42 million and 27 cents compared to one year ago., topping expectations from Wall Street analysts. Quintiles also increases its financial expectations for the year.

Updated May 1, 2014

Premium Lock AT&T reportedly wants to buy DirecTV in a $40B deal

AT&T                             Communications giant AT&T is interested in acquiring satellite broadcaster DirecTV in a deal that would be worth some $40 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal. AT&T recently announced plans to deploy a fiber-optic network in the Triangle and is investing in a new online video venture.

May 1, 2014

Premium Lock Triangle steps up Google Fiber drive with new film: #FIBEREDUP

Community activists striving to bring Google Fiber and its ultra-fast Internet service to the Triangle are intensifying their efforts. Tonight they premier a film titled #FIBEREDUP which they hope demonstrates to Google how important fiber-optic service would be.

World Premiere on May 1 World Premiere on May 1

April 16, 2014

Premium Lock Raleigh signs on to AT&T ultra-fast Internet plan

The Raleigh City Council on Wednesday authorized the city manager and attorney to contract with AT&T to bring the communications provider's next-generation internet and cable service to local residents.

Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP

Updated April 16, 2014

Premium Lock Wake Forest is test bed for gigabit internet

RST Fiber began installing the fiber Tuesday that the company says will bring internet speeds up to 100 times faster than cable to Triangle-area homes.

RST network map RST network map

Updated March 29, 2014

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: High speed Internet is a modern gold rush

ExitEvent ExitEvent and WRALTechWire will be cooperating in presenting news about the region's entrepreneurial sector. Today, entrepreneur Jivan Achreja offers his analysis on what Google Fiber could mean to the Triangle.

Updated March 20, 2014

Premium Lock Hey Triangle, are you getting #FIBEREDUP?

How bad do you want Google Fiber in the Triangle? Maybe there's a way for you to show your excitement.

World Premiere on May 1 World Premiere on May 1

Updated March 12, 2014

Premium Lock Why wait for Google? Gigabit Internet coming to Raleigh soon

RST Fiber, a company based in Shelby NC, plans to offer Internet service to homes at gigabit speeds as well as ala carte TV services and super high definition video in the Raleigh area within the next 60 days. While Google Fiber considers building a gigabit network in the Triangle, RST says a statewide fiber optic network is now operational and Raleigh will be one of its first service areas.

RST network map RST network map

Updated March 12, 2014

Premium Lock Shelby firm's statewide fiber network makes NC a 'gigabit state'

RST Fiber on Tuesday activated a North Carolina-wide fiber optic network covering some 3,100 miles. Offering up to 100-gigabit per second Internet access, RST says it has deployed a network to support the "Internet of Everything" as described by Cisco CEO John Chambers.

RST graphic compares Internet service speeds RST graphic compares Internet service speeds

Updated March 3, 2014

Premium Lock Google spells out quick timeline, 'checklist' for Fiber network to cities

The Internet giant says it already has met with Triangle, Charlotte and other officials in the 34 communities that are on its shortlist for deployment of Google Fiber networks. Deployment decisions could be made by the end of the year.

Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks

Updated February 25, 2014

Premium Lock How can North Carolina become a true Gigabit State?

Analysis: Google Fiber's stated interest in the Triangle and Charlotte is good news for the state. But is this the "holy grail" for North Carolina? Is access to gigabit service from Google and/or other providers in our urban areas enough? No. I would argue strongly that we are not the Gigabit state until affordable options for scalable broadband service expand into rural North Carolina. This isn't a "nice to have" anymore but a necessity.

Google Fiber   Google Fiber

Updated February 25, 2014

Premium Lock Something's happening here - and it's clear: Startup boom time

It's well known among area entrepreneurs that something big is happening in the Triangle. And increasingly, people outside of startup circles understand, perhaps more vaguely, that good things are brewing. Two recent developments underlined the potential and excitement: Google Fiber, expanding entrepreneurial network.

Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks

Updated February 21, 2014

Premium Lock Google Fiber could help make NC the first 'gigastate'

If Google Fiber were to pick the Research Triangle and Charlotte, the high-speed connectivity across the state would take quantum leaps. Don't forget the NC Next Generation Network is under development, MCNC's NCREN has a state-wide fiber backbone, and Time Warner Cable has Duke Net's highway. More projects might be coming - say from some giant like AT&T. Mix all these networks and you have the first "gigastate."

A grouping of networks targeting North Carolina A grouping of networks targeting North Carolina

Updated February 20, 2014

Premium Lock Google picks Triangle for fiber network deployment list

The Triangle area is on the list of metropolitan areas where Internet giant Google wants to deploy its "Google Fiber" broadband network for TV, Internet and other services. However, a final decision about deployment is contingent upon negotiations with various local government agencies.

A screen shot of Google Fiber TV selections A screen shot of Google Fiber TV selections

Updated February 20, 2014

Premium Lock NC Next Generation Network welcomes Google news but pushes ahead with own agenda

The people spearheading the NCNGN project are pushing ahead with their own plans even as they welcome the news that a Google Fiber network could be headed to the Triangle. "This is great news for the region, but this is still preliminary and our efforts are still continuing," said Elise Kohn

Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP

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