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May 13, 2014

Premium Lock Ex-SAS employee grows her startup through buying then selling her home

ExitEvent Avelist CEO Jody Porowski writes for the website Medium about the strategies and sacrifices she's made to grow her company after leaving a job at SAS. ExitEvent has the details.

May 12, 2014

Premium Lock With solar and pedal powered ELFs in production, growing pains at Organic Transit

Rob Cotter, the inventor of the solar, electric and pedal-powered ELF vehicle, is finding new challenges at every step of further development. He shares his trials and tribulations with other entrepreneurs in this ExitEvent recap of a recent event at the American Underground.

The ELF car The ELF car

May 9, 2014

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: The Less Obvious Reason Why We Need More VC Funds

The typical mantra of startup community promoters is that capital is a region's greatest need. Companies just can't grow without it. And in the Triangle, the lack of Series A funding is the specific problem. Journalist Laura Baverman gives deep dive in this story as part the news partnership between WRALTechWire and ExitEvent.

ExitEvent ExitEvent

May 8, 2014

Premium Lock Looking for a job in Triangle? Try game development

Help wanted          Raleigh's East Coast Game Conference proves there's opportunity for indie studios and developers in the Triangle. And Jivan Achreja, writing at ExitEvent, has the details. This story is part of the news partnership agreement between ExitEvent and WRALTechWire.

Updated May 7, 2014

Premium Lock Rebooting the smart watch: Why they must die so wearables can live

ExitEvent In this latest post from ExitEvent, founder Joe Procopio writes about the challenges of wearables - and what he believes must happen to make them successful. This story is part of a news agreement between ExitEvent and WRAL TechWire.

May 6, 2014

Premium Lock Less emotion, more action needed in female-led startup movement

Women need an outlet to share their frustrations, hardships and perceptions about starting and funding a company in a still male-dominated startup world. And now with several female-oriented groups starting up--besides SOAR, there's E51 which holds its first CoffeeConnection this Thursday and the Triangle Multicultural Women's Entrepreneurship Meetup--perhaps this is the first time the Triangle has provided a place for aspiring female founders to share those stories. But there's only so far we can go as a startup community simply sharing our problems. So writes Laura Baverman, editor of ExitEvent.

ExitEvent ExitEvent

May 2, 2014

Premium Lock Important eyes, valuable contacts, great exposure at Charlotte Venture Challenge

ExitEvent David Rose, CEO at PRSONAS, represented his company at the Charlotte Venture Challenge on Thursday along with several other Triangle firms. He writes about his experiences for ExitEvent.

Updated May 2, 2014

Premium Lock Her goal is making the Triangle a Mecca for sports startups

Basketball - Generic Graphic A Basketball Analytics Summit is first event of a new sports entrepreneurship focus at UNC. Leading the charge is Debby Stroman, a UNC professor and former college basketball player. ExitEvent has the details.

May 1, 2014

Premium Lock Inside the Charlotte vs. Raleigh private equity/venture capital scenes

ExitEvent If you're thinking about heading to the Charlotte Venture Challenge Thursday where Red Hat founding CFO Manoj George and Klever Founder Phil Verghis are keynoting and seven local companies are competing, here's an interesting take on the opportunities in that region from Raleigh investor Merrette Moore.

April 14, 2014

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: Catching up with Mati Energy and NeuroSpire at Paradoxos

Tatiana Birgisson, founder of Mati Energy and a speaker at Paradoxos, had a lot to say about the power of grassroots influence. Sarah Bill shares the story as part of the news partnership between WRALTechWire and ExitEvent.

ExitEvent ExitEvent

April 4, 2014

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: Want to build relationships with investors? Become a source of deal flow

ExitEvent Elliott Hauser is CEO of Trinket, an education technology startup in Durham helping instructors and teachers get their course materials online. His report on how connecting investors with founders they want to meet is a "win-win-win" is part of the news partnership between WRALTechWire and ExitEvent.

Updated March 29, 2014

Premium Lock Attention, all startups: How entrepreneurs can pitch the media

The editors of ExitEvent and WRALTechWire discuss with entrepreneurs ideas and examples how how best to generate publicity. Tweets from the event as tweeted by's Lisa Jefferies capture the discussion.

Media meetup hosted Underground @Raleigh Media meetup hosted Underground @Raleigh

Updated March 29, 2014

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: Social selling 101 for startups

ExitEvent ExitEvent and WRALTechWire are cooperating in presenting news about the region's entrepreneurial sector. Today, entrepreneur Eric Boggs offers first-hand advice about how startups can sell their products.

Updated March 29, 2014

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: High speed Internet is a modern gold rush

ExitEvent ExitEvent and WRALTechWire will be cooperating in presenting news about the region's entrepreneurial sector. Today, entrepreneur Jivan Achreja offers his analysis on what Google Fiber could mean to the Triangle.

Updated March 28, 2014

Premium Lock Looking for funding? Line up for new Seahawk Venture Funds

ExitEvent The new Seahawk Innovation Funds is up and running in Wilmington, backed in part by UNC-Wilmington. Laura Baverman has the story in the latest post that's part of WRALTechWire's partnership with ExitEvent.

Updated March 28, 2014

Premium Lock Need startup help? City of Raleigh offers new guide to Triangle

ExitEvent The City of Raleigh's new online Small Business Resource Guide is a one-stop document for need-to-know information, It this latest post from the news partnership between ExitEvent and WRALTechWire, ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman takes a deep dive into the project.

March 28, 2014

Premium Lock Salute! Startups to be Charlotte's queen for the day on April 4

Don't be surprised if you start hearing more and more about the Charlotte startup scene in the coming months. For one thing, they're going to be celebrating it when a number of local startups and startup-related organizations come together on April 4th for Charlotte's first-ever Startup Community Celebration. And the city has plenty to shout about these days WRALTechWire's Joe Procopio has the exclusive story for our Insiders.

Startups, not just a sculpture downtown, add glitz in Charlotte Startups, not just a sculpture downtown, add glitz in Charlotte

Updated March 26, 2014

Premium Lock Exit Event news: 'Maker Startup Weekend' coming to Raleigh

ExitEvent Laura Baverman, editor of ExitEvent, takes an in-depth look at a new type of startup event coming to Raleigh. Its focus is on technology-powered prototyping. This is the latest post in the news partnership between WRALTechWire and ExitEvent.

Updated March 25, 2014

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: StepLeader bolsters management, targets growth

ExitEvent In the latest post from the ExitEvent-WRALTechWire news partnership, ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman talks with StepLeader CEO Brian Handly about where he is taking the company next.

March 24, 2014

Premium Lock Joe Procopio: Why work-life balance is crucial for startups

Startups are looking a lot different than they did just a few years ago. Founders and even employees are getting older on average, more established in their lives, and with more responsibility than the average early-twenties dorm-room founder. Work/life balance is finally starting to become part of the startup equation, and for the right reasons. It's not that you need to do these things because you'll go crazy if you don't, it's because you'll be a better entrepreneur and make a better startup if you do.

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Lifestyle

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