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Posts tagged “Epic Games”

Updated August 24, 2015

Premium Lock Brief video is first tease for Cliff Bleszinki's new game - some fans bark

Cliff Bleszinski, the creative force who helped make Epic Games a world leader in gaming, is on the verge of unveiling the first title for his own company, Boss Key. And Cliff is promising fireworks at "The Shattering." The first tease is out: A brief video.

August 14, 2015

Premium Lock Hacked last month, Epic Games now hit by phishing attack

Someone or some group or some company obviously doesn't like Epic Games. The award-winning video game and technology studio in Cary has been hit by a phishing attack just a month after being hacked.

Updated August 3, 2015

Premium Lock Epic Games' CEO: Augmented reality is next really big thing

You won't need to buy a 70-inch TV to enjoy the latest in big-screen entertainment if augmented reality through wearable computers such as Google Glass and virtual reality headsets deliver on the promise of the immersive technology, says Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney. And when this tech guru talks, you would be smart to listen.

Trying out virtual reality headset Trying out virtual reality headset

June 24, 2015

Premium Lock Epic Games studio People Can Fly regains independence

People Can Fly, the Poland-based game studio acquired by Epic Games and renamed Epic Games Poland, is an independent studio once again. But the firm says it will continue to work with Cary-based Epic.

Man vs. big beast in "Bullestorm" Man vs. big beast in "Bullestorm"

Updated June 9, 2015

Premium Lock Epic showcases 'Fortnite' at Apple show - but player frustration mounts

Epic Games, the Cary-based gaming technology company that Apple showers with love, showcased the latest updates of its next big game on Monday on Apple's big stage. But the game is still a long way from being released, and the people wanting Zombie combat are getting antsy.

May 8, 2015

Premium Lock Former Epic exec Mike Capps joins Unity Technologies as advisor

Mike Capps, the long-time president of Cary-based Epic Games who stepped down three years ago, is getting back in the game business. He's signing on as an advisor to Unity Technologies, which happens to have its own game engine. So does Epic: Unreal, one of the industry's most popular. So what's he going to do exactly?

Mike Capps Mike Capps

Updated April 28, 2015

Premium Lock Travesty! Epic's $1B Gears, Unreal won't make Video Game Hall of Fame

Unbelievable! The new World Video Game Hall of Fame won't include classics "Unreal Tournament" and "Gears of War" from Cary-based Epic Games. That's really an oversight, given the impact both games and Epic as a company have had on the industry.

Gears of War Gears of War

Updated March 6, 2015

Premium Lock Epic's grants; Microsoft-Google co-develop in Java; Red Hat's cloud Atomic Host; Google's wireless (Lenovo) phone and insurance move

In today's Bulldog wrapup on technology news: Epic Games awards its first grants from a $5 million pot; Microsoft and Google unveil co-development plans for Java; Red Hat launches a new operating system for Linux in the cloud; Google to offer one phone for wireless service and it's made by Lenovo's Motorola; Google begins offering car insurance quotes.

March 2, 2015

Premium Lock Unreal offer by Epic to game developers: Unreal Engine 4 is free

Epic Games is making the latest version of its popular Unreal game development engine free for commercial developers. But there's a caveat. Epic does get a 5-percent royalty after the first $3,000 in sales. It's the latest in a series of moves to spread the use of Unreal across the industry, from educators to commercial players.

February 20, 2015

Premium Lock Epic offers $5M in grants to boost Unreal game developers

Epic Games' Unreal development engine is one of the most popular around the world for developers of not only games but other interactive tools from entertainment to training. Its latest version, Unreal 4, is helping drive virtual reality use. Now, the Cary company is offering $5 million in grants to help developers embrace it latest tool suite. How do you get your grant?

Unreal Engine 4   Unreal Engine 4

Updated February 17, 2015

Premium Lock RTP gamers: Nominate your favorites for Video Game Hall of Fame

For three decades, the Triangle has been the home to innovative, market-leading video game companies. Now RTP has a chance to see some of the best products are nominated for the new World Video Game Hall of Fame. So get off the couch - and nominate!

"Gears of War" a Hall of Famer? "Gears of War" a Hall of Famer?

December 2, 2014

Premium Lock Epic Games unleashes two games: Fortnite for free, Infinity Blade on Xbox in China

Cary-based Epic is letting gamers play Fortnite on PC and Infinity Blade on Xbox One, ending a new game drought stretching back three years. John Gaudiosi has the details for WRAL TechWire Insiders.

October 17, 2014

Premium Lock Epic Games tells violent game maker: Don't use our logo

Unreal Engine 4   "Grisly" video game Hatred included Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 logo in a video trailer and the Cary-based company quickly told Destructive Commons to remove it. The game maker complied, reports gaming website Polygon.

October 13, 2014

Premium Lock Epic unleashes Unreal 4 game engine free for educational use

Epic Games is partnering with academia to spread the reach of its latest game engine technology, Unreal Engine 4. Unreal is already one of the world's most popular game creation technologies, used by companies worldwide and across multiple platforms. WRAL TechWire Insider John Gauidosi reports in an exclusive interview with Unreal's general manager.

Unreal Engine 4   Unreal Engine 4

October 1, 2014

Premium Lock Hackers plead guilty in $100M hit on Epic Games, U.S. Army, other game firms

Epic Games' "Gears of War 3" was hacked by a team of hackers known as the "Xbox Underground" and so were other firms as well as the U.S. Army, and two men pleaded guilty in the case on Tuesday.

Hackers hit Gears of War 3 Hackers hit Gears of War 3

September 22, 2014

Premium Lock  Epic's Infinity Blade the game is over - but now comes the movie

Epic Games was never able to bring its mega-selling hit "Gears of War" to the big screen, but the story may have a happier ending for its Infinity Blade. The series, developed for mobile devices to run on Apple's iOS, has sold more than 50 million copies. The game itself is ending but there may be new life for it in Hollywood. John Gaudiosi has the exclusive details for WRAL TechWire Insiders.

Beasts soar and roar across "Infinity Blade III" Beasts soar and roar across "Infinity Blade III"

August 7, 2014

Premium Lock Epic Games expands with new UK studio

Epic Games The independent game developer, which has its global headquarters in Cary, now has opened its latest international hub.

July 21, 2014

Premium Lock Microsoft-Xbox layoffs could impact 'Gears of War' digital series

Nearly the entire staff of the Xbox Entertainment Studios division is being let go as part of Microsoft's huge announced job layoffs. So does this mean now live action video for the "gears of War" franchise Microsoft acquired from Cary-based Epic Games earlier this year? WRAL TechWire Insider John Gaudiosi reports exclusively for Insider subscribers.

Marcus Fenix, the Gears of War star, is back in Gears 3 Marcus Fenix, the Gears of War star, is back in Gears 3

July 8, 2014

Premium Lock Inside Epic Games' Fortnite: A storm of new monster adventures

WRAL TechWire Insider John Gaudiosi's exclusive interview: A lot has changed with Epic Games' first free-to-play PC game, Fortnite, since it was first announced a few years ago. The game now runs on Unreal Engine 4 technology and the gameplay experience has evolved to bring invading monsters out with storms that sweep through the area during the day and at night. Insiders get the details.

Monsters await in Fortnite Monsters await in Fortnite

Updated June 30, 2014

Premium Lock Cliff Bleszinski is back: He's 'out of retirement to make video games again'

Cliff Bleszinski, the creative guru who helped developed multi-million-copy selling video games "Gears of War" and "Unreal Tournament" discloses in a tweet that he's coming out of "retirement."

Cliff Bleszinski  Cliff Bleszinski

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