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May 14, 2008

Premium Lock H-1Bs: Can I recoup the costs of my visa holders who quit?

 TechLaw: Most tech companies do not flinch at the prospect of sponsoring a highly qualified foreign national for an H-1B visa. Nor are the fees incurred in obtaining the visa important – at least not until the visa holder quits only a few months after the fees have been paid. Can the employer require the employee to pay those fees back if the employee leaves before the end of the visa term?

May 5, 2008

Premium Lock Will North Carolina do better in a recession?

Mike Walden You Decide: Will the state repeat its unfortunate experiences of the past with a worse unemployment rate and a greater drop in commerce than other parts of the country? Or will our state break with the patterns of the past and be a place that outperforms other regions?

Updated April 24, 2008

Premium Lock Watch Out for Pickets, IBM – Alliance@IBM Plans Protest at Meeting in Charlotte

IBM protesters in Charlotte will be real one, not avatars. Unlike a protest made up of avatars in the online world of Second Life last year, the Charlotte gathering will include real people carrying real signs.

Updated April 16, 2008

Premium Lock Motricity Executive Signs on as Chief Operating Officer at Hosted Solutions

Kip Turco Christopher Turco is part of expanding management team being put in place after Hosted acquisition.

Updated April 11, 2008

Premium Lock Verizon Business Shifting Some Job Responsibilities to Philippines from Cary

Verizon However, telecommunications giant says it is working to find other positions for affected N.C. employees and envisions no layoffs.

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Updated April 11, 2008

Premium Lock Record Demand for High-Tech Visas vs. Slowing Economy – What Gives?

 The gaggle of high-tech companies known as Compete America is howling, demanding more visas because they say they can’t hire enough tech workers in the good old U.S. of A. Bunk.

Updated April 8, 2008

Premium Lock Private Equity Firm Acquires Hosted Solutions in $140M Deal

Hosted's Rich Lee. Management of the data services provider that's led by founder and CEO Rich Lee will stay with Hosted, which is now part of ABRY Partners.

Updated April 8, 2008

Premium Lock Intelligent Move? SAS To Make a Major Play in Booming Software as a Service Market, Insider Says

Blogger at TMCnet, citing a 'friend' at SAS, reports Cary-based software firm will roll out a series of web-hosted product offerings for business intelligence this week.

April 2, 2008

Premium Lock Marketing Boo Boos: Avoid These Errors So You Don’t Boo Hoo

Most small business owners market and promote themselves haphazardly, going in a million directions and failing to create a targeted strategy.

Updated March 28, 2008

Premium Lock Outsourcing of IT Jobs Isn’t a Panacea, Panelists Warn Execs at Executives’ Edge Event

Lost jobs Hidden costs, from loss of productivity to communication breakdowns and cultural differences, makes 'dual shoring' a growing alternative, execs say.

March 19, 2008

Premium Lock January Jobless Rate Surges in N.C. Metro Areas

 State employment commission sees these unemployment jumps plus increases in 99 of 100 counties as ‘red flags.’ Raleigh-Cary rate hits 4%, Durham at 4.1%. Even Orange County rate climbs, and it has state’s lowest.

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March 13, 2008

Premium Lock Fighting the Global War for Talent – Schools are on Front Lines

 The Innovation Exchange: Recruiting and retaining skilled employees within a constantly shrinking talent pool will continue to be a critical component to the success of any business in the near future. More and more private companies believe investing in public schools will help provide a solution. But there are critics of the idea.

March 12, 2008

Premium Lock Try E-Verify, Avoid the Fine for Hiring Illegal Aliens

Ward and Smith TechLaw: On March 27, 2008, the fines for hiring an illegal immigrant increase. Fines, combined with an increasing number of criminal prosecutions for violation of the immigration laws, make the availability and use of the federal government's E-Verify system an increasingly important program for employers.

Updated March 11, 2008

Premium Lock Job Market in Durham Among Nation’s Strongest, Survey Shows

Jobs More Raleigh, Fayetteville employers looking to trim payrolls, Manpower reports. However, Greenville, Rocky Mount job markets look positive.

Updated March 11, 2008

Premium Lock Putting Carl Icahn’s Motricity Comments in Context

When viewed in the full context of the video of interview with Primack at a buyouts conference, Icahn doesn’t come off nearly as critical of the deal as the blog posts – and the headline on The Skinny about “remorse” - appeared to make him.

Updated March 10, 2008

Premium Lock Red Storm Is on the Prowl for New Gaming Talent

  Morrisville-based game developer wants to beef up staff. And product development executive Elizabeth Loverso praises Triangle as a place to grow staff. She also sees gaming industry in region continuing to grow.

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