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Updated May 29, 2014

Premium Lock Going inside Startup Factory pitches: What latest 'grads' are all about

Four new companies - Curagami, Knomad, Hostel Rocket and CareLulu - emerge from The Startup Factory 12-week accelerator program ready to grow. Who are they? What are they all about? What are they looking for from investors? WRAL TechWire's Jason Parker profiles the new grads.

Michelle McBryde of Hostel Rocket networks at TSF showcase Michelle McBryde of Hostel Rocket networks at TSF showcase

May 26, 2014

Premium Lock Which economic future will prevail? Taking shots in the dark

Economy  v It's a tall order to say anything definitive about the economy that far away. So many things can, and will, happen that are on nobody's radar screen. Making predictions for 2040, 2050 or 2060 really are "shots in the dark." There are largely two camps - optimistic and pessimistic. Here's a look from an economist's point of view.

Updated May 26, 2014

Premium Lock RTP Park Center's eventual build-out will be in the billions

The planned Park Center off I-40 in the Research Triangle Park is its first re-development in 50 years. The first, 100-acre phase is in planning and details of when construction will begin and early retail tenants will be forthcoming in late September or early October, Research Triangle Foundation president and CEO Bob Geolas tells WRAL TechWire in an exclusive interview

Bob Geolas      Bob Geolas

Updated May 23, 2014

Premium Lock RJ Reynolds to create 200 jobs for 'e-cig' manufacturing

RJ Reynolds is creating 200 jobs at a plant in Tobaccoville for production of electronic cigarettes, or 'e-cigs.' The company is not receiving any state incentives for the jobs or investment in plant facilities.

E-cigarette user, or vaper E-cigarette user, or vaper

Updated May 23, 2014

Premium Lock Triangle region likely to reach five-year goal of adding 100,000 jobs by June

Location, location, location, used to be the economic developer's mantra. But in the Research Triangle region, it should be education, education, education. So said Charles Hayes, president and CEO of the Research Triangle Regional Partnership and other speakers at the State of the Research Triangle breakfast Thursday. They also had good news: job growth is on the upswing in the RTP.

May 22, 2014

Premium Lock Report: Health care, computing 'clusters' drive Triangle job growth

Industry "clusters" targeted by a 5-year jobs growth plan launched by the Research Triangle Region Economic Partnership have produced 80 percent of the job growth, according to the State of Things to Come report issued Thursday. The goal is 100,000 new jobs, and that number is expected to be reached in June.

A slide from Triangle report breaks down cluster growth A slide from Triangle report breaks down cluster growth

Updated May 22, 2014

Premium Lock NC House begins working on patent troll bill bill at urging of SAS

Court decision Cary-based software developer SAS Institute has been a proponent of the bill. General counsel John Boswell said that one patent troll company had won $85 million from other companies before going after SAS. After $8 million in litigation costs, SAS won. But when SAS tried to recoup damages against the company, it had only $800 in the bank.

Updated May 22, 2014

Premium Lock Crowdfunding bill appears to be on fast track in General Assembly

NC JOBS Act    The North Carolina JOBS Act, which would enable crowdfunding of startups, could become law during the General Assembly's current session, a key backer of the bill tells WRAL TechWire. Insiders get the details.

May 16, 2014

Premium Lock Do we live in the most interesting times? Don't forget your history

Mike Walden Analysis: I was born in 1951, and most of my current students were born after 1990. I and they have certainly seen our lives altered by new inventions and innovations, especially in information technology and communications. But some say that, while these changes have been significant, their impacts have not been as transforming on daily lives as those brought about by electricity, the automobile and tractor, the telephone and the radio in the 20s and 30s. It's popular to say we live in a fast-paced, highly connected, ever-shifting world. But a strong case can be made for that world actually occurring 90 years ago.

May 16, 2014

Premium Lock Ag Biotech Showcase to highlight nine emerging NC, regional firms

Biotech industry Nine entrepreneurial companies from North Carolina and three other Southeastern states will take the North Carolina Biotechnology Center stage next Tuesday, May 20, for the Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase 2014.

Updated May 16, 2014

Premium Lock Good news for IT job seekers: NC openings grow 2.6% in April

More information technology jobs were available in April - and that's no joke. The new IT Job Trends report from the North Carolina Technology Association shows that the daily advertised average of IT jobs increased 2.6 percent. Says the report: "Labor demand bottom out earlier this year."

NC high-tech job picture improves in April NC high-tech job picture improves in April

Updated May 16, 2014

Premium Lock Report: NC is bucking declining national entrepreneurship trend

State of the economy   Nationally, entrepreneurial activity is declining, but activity in North Carolina increased in 2013, bucking the national downward trend. A new Kauffman Foundation report suggests declining entrepreneurship could be a sign that the economy is improving--in good economic times, fewer entrepreneurs begin their businesses out of "necessity" than in poor economic times. Amy Huffman has the details.

Updated May 12, 2014

Premium Lock Data Matters: New courses dig deep into big data analytics

The Broadband Report: The National Consortium for Data Science and other partners including the Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC-CH are hosting a series of short courses on all things data this summer in Chapel Hill.

Big Data Big Data

May 9, 2014

Premium Lock Internet companies ask FCC to ditch net neutrality plan

Net Neutrality More than 100 companies ranging from startups to web giants filed a letter this week calling on the FCC to rethink its path on protecting and preserving an open, equal Internet - a debate that is nearing a boiling point on Capitol Hill.

Updated May 8, 2014

Premium Lock Jobs report helps show why Raleigh-Durham should be one metro area

A new report from financial news and advice site WalletHub demonstrates - again - why Raleigh, Durham and the Triangle need to be united as one Metropolitan Statistical Area. A Triangle MSA would boost our region's hopes of gaining more media attention and, hopefully, more jobs as well as talented people who want to relocate. The Next Generation Network consortium is an example of what a united Triangle can produce.

Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP

Updated May 7, 2014

Premium Lock Raleigh, Durham among best cities to start careers; Fayetteville near bottom

Help wanted sign        Just in time for graduation, financial news and advice website WalletHub is out with a new report ranking cities as best - and worst - places to launch a career. Raleigh came in 14th, Durham 36th. But Fayetteville is among the worst at No. 143 out of 150 metros.This story has been updated with seven key statistics for each city.

May 6, 2014

Premium Lock Award-winning tech transfer exec returns to NC after leading U.Va. Innovation transformation

W. Mark Crowell, who helped lead tech transfer efforts at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and N.S. State as well as the building of NCSU's Centennial Campus, is returning to Chapel Hill after a four-year tenure as the award winning executive director at U. Va. Innovation. The University of Virginia's H. Brevy Cannon interviewed Crowell about the development of the university as a tech transfer and entrepreneurial leader.

U.VA. Innovation logo U.VA. Innovation logo

Updated May 5, 2014

Premium Lock FCC gears up for E-Rate modernization with NC input

The Broadband Report       The Broadband Report: The Federal Communications Commission is holding a workshop on Tuesday focused on E-Rate reform with two North Carolina technology leaders featured on the agenda. Heading to D.C. are Phil Emer at the Friday Institute and Joe Freddoso, CEO at MCNC, which operates the North Carolina Research and Education Network.

Updated May 5, 2014

Premium Lock Veteran tech transfer exec leaves UVA, returning to NC roots

W. Mark Crowell, a veteran executive who led technology transfer efforts at UNC-CH, NCSU and Duke, is returning to the Triangle. Crowell is stepping down as executive director of the innovation program at the University of Virginia and plans to become a consultant based in Chapel Hill.

W. Mark Crowell W. Mark Crowell

Updated May 2, 2014

Premium Lock High-tech shares stage at Moogfest - execs explain why

Moogfest is an annual arts and music festival but last week the North Carolina Technology Association teamed up with member Moog Music to add some high-tech to the show. Called "Synthesis," the showcase included SAS and other firms. NCTA's Marc Montoro reports on what happened an Synthesis and why the tech firms chose to participate.

Moog Fest Moog Fest

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