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July 18

Raleigh-based Social Beverage raises nearly $1.4M, wants $4M

Venture capital Social Beverage Co., a Raleigh-based firm, has raised $1.38 million in a private equity offering, according to a filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

July 17

Bullish on ag tech, Alexandria creating R&D 'mega campus' in RTP

Already a major landlord in the Research Triangle Park, California-based Alexandria Real Estate Equities is developing a unique multi-tenant research and development campus in the Research Triangle Park to drive North Carolina's global leadership in agricultural biotechnology.

Pproposed entryway to Alexandria Center for AgTech Pproposed entryway to Alexandria Center for AgTech

July 14

Premium Lock Durham's newest HQ: Fast-growing software firm Prescient (+ video)

Three months after raising a whopping $40 million in venture capital, Colorado-based construction software startup Prescient is moving its headquarters to Durham. The move follows the firm's decision a year ago to construct a 200-employee plant in the Triad.

July 12

Premium Lock Ways forward for women entrepreneurs to end 'endemic bias'

Diversity  A new report from international consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in conjunction with The Crowdfunding Center not only provides data that shows the success women are having as entrepreneurs in raising crowdfunding but also provides recommendations on how women, governments, agencies, investors, educators and men can help drive more diversity in startup funding. Here's a look.

July 11

Premium Lock Why ecommerce jobs are rising faster than brick-and-mortar jobs disappear

New jobs     The New York Times is highlighting a story about the top economist at the Progressive Policy Institute who says jobs related to ecommerce are rising faster than jobs being lost by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Here are Mandel's reasons as spelled out at the institute.

July 10

Mike Walden: Has North Carolina's economy taken a U-turn?

Economy The argument that North Carolina's economy has made a U-turn is based on analyzing a concept called per capita income. Per capita income is simply calculated as total income in the state divided by total population. A complementary measure is per worker earnings, measured by taking total earnings from working in the state and dividing by the number of workers. So what's all this mean?

July 10

Premium Lock Smart cities & IoT: Thinking outside the trash bin for solutions

Internet of Things City governments looking for ways to utilize the Internet of Things to improve services can learn something by thinking outside the box - as in trash bins. Technology Bushiness Research Analyst Daniel Callahan offers his thoughts based on a recent IoT conference.

July 6

Infosys to receive $25M in state grants, benefits if tech firm hits 2K job target

Infosys will be looking to hire local software developers, analysts, architects and other technology professionals for its outsourcing services. The company says it plans to add as many as 10,000 U.S. jobs in the coming years, with four hubs around the country.

Gov. Cooper holds news conference to discuss jobs announcement Gov. Cooper holds news conference to discuss jobs announcement

July 3

Premium Lock Why IT projects fail - Insight from a Duke researcher

Why do so many information technology projects fail? Duke Fuqua business school professor Jeremy Petranka takes a look.

July 3

State grant to help boost bioscience development in eastern NC

Biotechnology  NCEast Alliance, a Greenville-based economic development organization serving 28 counties with about 1.3 million residents in eastern North Carolina, will receive $100,000 from the state to help develop the region's growing life science sector.

July 3

Premium Lock Joe Magno: Leadership and diamonds - the four C's of quality

Joe Magno Finding and choosing good leaders for any business or organization, like searching for a diamond, can be a challenge, especially today. Applying the 4 "C's" of leadership could help, says Joe Magno, executive director of NC COIN.

June 30

NC Research Campus lands $5M food innovation center

Research Campus' main building. The North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis is getting a new NCSU food processing innovation center.

June 30

Want a job as writer? Journalist? Check out 24 hot openings in RTP

Help wanted sign        So another job opening shows up in The Skinny's LinkedIn feed like the one reported on earlier this week - content managers at IBM. After a quick peek, LinkedIn caught the look and late Thursday sent a list of jobs that fit the journalist/writer profile. And there are some really good jobs available right here in RTP.

June 29

Premium Lock Want apps development job? Here are 3 hot categories

Help wanted          Where are the open jobs in app development? Silicon Valley-based StackShare identifies thousands of openings in DevOps, Database and App Hosting Tools. We've got the lists.

June 29

Survey: Execs report rising risks but less-than-robust efforts to respond

Closing a deal  A global survey of executives finds that most view the world as increasingly risky, with many reporting a "significant operational surprise" over the past five years. However, the majority of executives also report that their organizations are not developing more robust risk management processes.

June 29

Premium Lock NCSU study: Biz execs face 'ever-increasing array of risks' What are their top concerns? What are calls to action?

Risks Just in time for harried business executives trying to deal with the latest global ransomware crisis, North Carolina State's Poole College of Management is out with a new study focusing on risk management. Its conclusion: "An ever-increasing array" of challenges threatens their success. Here are their top concerns and the study authors' calls to action.

Updated June 29

Go, go electric buses in Triangle? Agencies team up for fed grant

The go-go transit agencies in the Triangle are teaming up with Chapel Hill in a bid for federal funding to put electric buses on the region's roadways.

Electric buses in RTP? Could be. Electric buses in RTP? Could be.

June 28

Premium Lock Samsung picks South Carolina for $380M advanced manufacturing plant, 954 jobs

Samsung Samsung says it will invest $380 million to build a new advanced manufacturing plant in South Carolina that will employ more than 950 people.

June 28

Raleigh Chamber promotes from within to fill economic development post

Michael Haley A familiar face is taking over as the leader of economic development at the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

June 28

Premium Lock Jim Roberts: It's time to salute NC vets as entrepreneurs

Everywhere you look these days, a military veteran is also an entrepreneur creating jobs for other veterans in North Carolina. And an upcoming event will highlight what all is happening.

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