(CIX: WRAL30)  1,163.58  down arrow-23.29  (-1.96 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: Apple)  124.53  down arrow-2.22  (-1.75 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: QUINTILES)  72.08  down arrow-1.17  (-1.6 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(OP: BASF SE)  89.23  down arrow-3.65  (-3.93 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: BioCryst)  14.42  down arrow-0.2  (-1.37 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: BioDelivery)  7.26  down arrow-0.43  (-5.59 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: CEMP)  31.96  down arrow-1.93  (-5.69 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: Cisco Systems)  27.54  down arrow-0.74  (-2.62 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: Cree)  25.96  down arrow-1.04  (-3.85 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: DARA)  0.88  down arrow-0.02  (-2.08 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: EMC CORPORATION)  25.99  down arrow-0.46  (-1.74 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: Extreme Networks)  2.65  down arrow-0.11  (-3.99 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: FB)  85.80  down arrow-2.21  (-2.51 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: GLAXOSMITHKLINE)  42.03  down arrow-0.86  (-2.01 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: GOOG)  521.52  down arrow-10.17  (-1.91 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: IBM)  162.97  down arrow-2.49  (-1.5 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: LH)  119.39  down arrow-2.23  (-1.83 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(OP: Lenovo Group)  26.51  down arrow-1.74  (-6.15 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: MRK)  57.29  down arrow-1.2  (-2.05 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: Microsoft Corp)  44.37  down arrow-0.89  (-1.97 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: NTAP)  31.68  down arrow-0.69  (-2.12 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: NOVARTIS AG)  98.53  down arrow-1.39  (-1.39 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(OP: Novozymes A/S)  48.13  down arrow-1.16  (-2.34 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: PFIZER)  33.59  down arrow-0.33  (-0.97 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: Pozen)  10.45  down arrow-0.56  (-5.09 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NY: RED HAT)  75.45  down arrow-2.03  (-2.62 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: BBRY)  8.29  down arrow-0.28  (-3.27 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015
(NQ: Salix)  172.81    (0 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Apr 01 2015
(NQ: SQI)  14.69  down arrow-0.29  (-1.94 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Jun 29 2015

Posts tagged “E-commerce”

May 14

Premium Lock Despite losses, MaxPoint demonstrates muscle in first post-IPO quarter

An expanding number of enterprise customers and a growing diversity of a surging revenue mix gives encouragement to MaxPoint CEO in the first quarter after the ecommerce and advertising firm went public. But don't expect profits any time soon.

MaxPoint's platform MaxPoint's platform

May 11

Premium Lock Red Ventures acquires Pitney Bowes marketing group for $310M

Tech services and marketing firm Red Ventures, which is based just outside of Charlotte, is acquiring the marketing services organization of Pitney Bowes in a deal worth $310 million in cash. Red Ventures received a capital infusion of $250 million in January.

Red Ventures Red Ventures

May 6

Premium Lock Salesforce's independence may end soon; will IBM, Oracle buy?

Merger Analysis: Salesforce's rumored acquisition talks come as the end of "the end of software" era looms, writes Allan Krans, principal analyst at Technology Business Research.

Updated May 5

Premium Lock COO Spitz replaces co-founder Scot Wingo as top exec at ChannelAdvisor

Scot Wingo, the co-founder and CEO of ChannelAdvisor, has resigned that post and has been replaced by Chief Operating Officer David Spitz. The news was disclosed Monday evening after ChannelAdvisor reported a first-quarter loss of $9 million and its stock traded at about one fifth the value they did just a year ago.

Scot Wingo, of ChannelAdvisor rings NYSE's opening bell Scot Wingo, of ChannelAdvisor rings NYSE's opening bell

May 1

Premium Lock Inside SciQuest: On the hunt for more acquisitions, but ...

Stephen Wiehe SciQuest Chair and CEO Stephen Wiehe tells Wall Street analysts that the e-procurement and related services company is on the prowl for acquisitions. But what are the opportunities? Are there good buys? Plus: SciQuest hires its first chief marketing officer.

April 30

Premium Lock Is Oracle gunning for Salesforce? IBM? Deal would be $50B

Oracle ​Investors are betting that business software service company will be sold, with Oracle emerging as the early favorite to pull off a deal that could cost about $50 billion. IBM also could make a play.

Updated April 28

Premium Lock Covance boosts LabCorp earnings; ESPN sues Verizon; data case to SCOTUS; Apple Pay for Discover; Raleigh startup raises $470,000

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of life science and technology news: Covance gives a boost to LabCorp earnings but currency headwinds hurt; ESPN sues Verizon over unbundling; the Supreme Court to hear personal data privacy case; Discover supports Apple Pay; and a Raleigh photo app startup raises $470,000.

April 24

Premium Lock Why NetSuite bought Bronto for $200M - in CEO's own words

Zach Nelson Zack Nelson, chief executive officer of NetSuite, was in Durham along with other executives wrapping up a $200 million deal to buy Bronto Software In his own words, he describes why he's making the buy.

April 23

Premium Lock Facebook call app; AT&T expects merger OK; FCC killing Comcast-TWC deal?; Facebook earnings; eBay thinks small

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and science news: Want to make a call on Facebook? There's an app for that; AT&T sees DirecTV merger advancing; is the FCC killing the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal?; Facebook strong in mobile ads; eBay thinks small as PayPal split nears.

April 17

Premium Lock IBM, SAS top 'Magic Quadrant'in multichannel campaign management report

Marketing When it comes to services that clients can use for management of promotional campaigns across multiple channels, IBM and SAS lead the way, according to a new study from research firm Gartner. These services are a big ($400M) revenue producer for SAS. Why do IBM and SAS ranking highly? Our Insiders can get the details.

April 16

Premium Lock European Union alleges Google's abuses hurt consumers, innovation

EU vs. Google  The European Union's escalating legal attack on Google is likely to ignite a debate about whether the Internet search leader makes life more convenient for consumers or abuses its power to squeeze out rivals who might have something better to offer.

April 16

Premium Lock Mati Energy-ABC update; Yahoo buying Foursquare?; Symantec selling Veritas?; Netflix soars; Etsy's $267 IPO

Bulldog Bulletin In today's wrapup of technology and science news: Durham startup Mati Energy's ABC interview coming later; is Yahoo buying Foursquare?; Semantic reportedly talks with EMC, NetApp about selling Veritas; original content helps Netflix soar; Etsy goes public for $267 million.

April 15

Premium Lock Bitcoin news in NC; Game of Thrones hack; Apple buys 3D photo firm; airlines' hack threat; tablets at Olive Garden

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and science news: Cryptolina returns to N.C.; Game of Thrones is hacked; Apple buys 3D tech to improve iPhone photos; airlines face increasing threats from hackers; and Olive Garden is adding tablets at tables.

April 14

Premium Lock Industry: Digital music sales match physical for 1st time

iTunes on iCloud   The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry's annual digital music report says digital and physical sales each accounted for 46 percent of the $14.97 billion in global music revenues. Income from performance rights and synchronization revenue made up the rest.

April 9

Premium Lock Techies' shopping delight: Apple Watch, streaming services, new Android phones out this week

A closeup of Apple's Watch  The public will have its first chance to see, touch and buy the Apple Watch on Friday, as Apple stores in the U.S. and eight markets abroad start previews and online orders commence. But the Apple Watch isn't the only gadget available this week. Here are five other new devices and services targeting your wallet.

April 8

Premium Lock Soon streaming to a screen near you: The Star Wars saga

Yes, "The Force" will soon be available to stream. The Walt Disney Co., which owns Lucasfilm Ltd., and 20th Century Fox are releasing a digital collection of all six episodes of the Star Wars series. But the news was not greeted with universal acclaim.

Star Wars goes digital Star Wars goes digital

April 7

Premium Lock Report: Uber's popularity surges; business travelers avoiding taxis

Uber Popular Business Travelers A new report by expense management system provider Certify shows that 47 percent of the ground transportation rides by its users in March were through Uber. That's more than tripled from the 14 percent of rides that Uber had just over a year ago in January 2014. In a few cities, Uber now tops taxi rides for business travelers.

April 7

Premium Lock Consumer groups attack YouTube Kids app as deceiving

YouTube  The new YouTube Kids mobile app targets young children with unfair and deceptive advertising and should be investigated, a group of consumer advocates told the Federal Trade Commission in a letter Tuesday.

April 6

Premium Lock Search, social and shopping: Pinterest turns 5

Pinterest Turns 5 n its five short years of life, Pinterest has become 'the' place where brides-to-be create wish boards of wedding china photos and do-it-yourself home renovators bookmark shiny turquoise tiles for bathrooms. It's where people share ideas and ingenuity and get creatively inspired. And it's fueled a new way of searching for items that's even stolen traffic from tech giant Google.

Updated April 3

Premium Lock Autonomous car's 3,400 miles; Red Hat JBoss big data; Windsor Circle's new product; SciQuest partnership; ChannelAdvisor winners

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup: An autonomous car goes cross-country; Red Hat bolsters JBoss with more big data; Windsor Circle unveils new product; SciQuest forms a new partnership for transportation services; and ChannelAdvisor hands out awards at its annual showcase.

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