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Updated August 4

Premium Lock ChannelAdvisor CEO: World's shift to online retail boosts bottom line

E-Commerce Since taking over as CEO of ecommerce service provider ChannelAdvisor two years ago, David Spitz has focused more of the company's attention on bigger customers - including the granddaddy of all in online, Amazon. The results continue to pay off as the world moves to embrace the Internet for even more buying. "Working with Amazon is inevitable," Spitz says. And ChannelAdvisor benefits from offering its customers ways to benefit. he says.

August 1

Premium Lock Cloud of good news: AWS perfects its small-but-mighty role in the Amazon show

AWS Amazon Web Services' growth is helping boost Amazon's bottom line with its strongest performance to date, says Technology Business Research Analyst Meaghan McGrath.

Updated August 1

Premium Lock Red Hat boosts its Enterprise Linux with cloud tech acquisition

Red Hat  Red Hat, the world's top developer of Open Source Linux solutions and services, is giving a boost to its top product with the acquisition of technical and other assets of Permabit Technology.

Updated August 1

Premium Lock Bitcoin backers avoid civil war over big change - for now (+ FAQ)

Bitcoin On the eve of a major change in bitcoin, a threat of a split in the digital currency has been avoided -- for now. Plus: An FAQ about bitcoins.

Updated August 1

Premium Lock Report: 57% of large firms deploying or mulling bitcoin solutions (+ video)

Large companies are moving to embrace bitcoin, or blockchain, technology despite a variety of challenges facing cryptocurrency, a new survey finds. Plus: A video overview about bitcoins.

July 28

Amazon and Foxconn reflect a growing trend: Deliver it now

Amazon  Amazon's plans to add 50,000 jobs at a dozen warehouses across the United States and Foxconn's decision to build a $10 billion plant and hire up to 13,000 workers in Wisconsin aren't just feel-good stories of job creation. They reflect the pressures companies now feel to be as close to their customers as possible -- a trend that's helping restore some American factories and jobs.

July 28

Forbes: Amazon CEO Bezos was briefly the world's richest man

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos briefly became the world's richest man Thursday in Forbes magazine's tracking of wealth, as stock in his e-commerce company hit an all-time high.

Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos

July 27

Wall Street darlings Facebook, Amazon hit $500B milestone

Facebook  Facebook and Amazon have joined an exclusive club open to only the richest companies in the world: both crossed the half-a-trillion mark.

Updated July 26

Premium Lock Epic's new 'Fortnite' roll-out turns into a technical nightmare

Cary-based Epic Games launched early access to its eagerly anticipated "Fortnite" game on Monday - and immediately ran into server problems. Despite numerous posts from Epic on forums explaining what was happening as the roll-out turned into a day-long nightmare, fans weighed in with attacks - and praise.

Combat in Fortnite  Combat in Fortnite

Updated July 25

Premium Lock Alphabet still spells p-r-o-f-i-t-s despite $2.7B EU fine

Google Alphabet, the corporate parent of all things Google, continues to grow revenues despite a whopping $2.7 billion fine from the European Union. Technology Business Research Analyst Daniel Callahan takes a look at the profit-making machine.

Updated July 24

Premium Lock Charlotte fundings: Commerce Signals, Falfurrias raise cash (+ video)

Commerce Signals pulls in nearly $12 million as it seeks to broaden the reach of its platform that offers "data-driven answers" to advertising and marketing performance. Meanwhile, investment firm Falfurrias Capital Partners has raised $7.2 million to fund an acquisition.

July 24

Premium Lock Review: Amazon meal kits offer easy dinner - for a price (+ video)

Amazon's new ready-to-eat meal package is the perfect recipe for someone who doesn't have enough time to shop and cook, yet has a healthy appetite and a need for balanced meals. But how does it compare to the competition?

July 24

Premium Lock Report: Office space, services surge as sharing economy revenues surge

The sharing economy continues to grow more powerful with revenues forecast to double in five years to more than $40 billion. And new targets for disruption are emerging.

A WeWork photo touts the move toward shared office space A WeWork photo touts the move toward shared office space

July 21

Premium Lock Rocket Fuel sale highlights complexities of ad tech business models

E-Commerce After billions of dollars in venture capital investment and initial public offerings, a fragmented advertising technology (ad tech) sector is maturing and consolidating with new challengers rising to face Google, says Technology Business Research analyst Seth Ulinski.

July 21

Premium Lock 'Darknet' crackdown: Cyberpolice shut one bazaar, seize another

In an innovative blow to illicit internet commerce, cyberpolice shut down the world's leading "darknet" marketplace -- then quietly seized a second bazaar to amass intelligence on illicit drug merchants and buyers.

Feds' notice about darknet seizure Feds' notice about darknet seizure

July 20

Premium Lock Amazon isn't technically dominant, but it pervades our lives

Amazon  Amazon's $13.7 billion deal for Whole Foods merely extends Amazon's long quest to make shopping so convenient that consumers won't even think about stepping away from its embrace. The more successful that strategy, the more Amazon can monopolize the attention and shopping dollars of its customers -- which, of course, is perfectly legal.

Updated July 19

Premium Lock Raleigh finance startup lands $3M venture investment

Constellation Digital Partners, a Raleigh-based startup focusing on a finance software platform, lands a $3 million investment from a credit union. The new venture is targeting credit unions, and seven have already signed on as investors.

Constellation Constellation

July 19

Premium Lock Coastal Credit Union's 3-year road to digital finance hit, led by its CIO

You may not have heard of Kris Kovacs or expected a credit union to be a leader in digital banking. No more. Kovacs is spearheading a digital platform that might transform credit unions, and he's reaping awards: Coastal Credit Union and several partners recently spun out a new venture led by Kovacs that has just landed $3 million in new venture capital. Here's the back story about the emerging success of Constellation Digital Partners.

Kris Kovacs Kris Kovacs

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