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July 19

Premium Lock Despite big layoffs and cost cuts, Yahoo is in 'downward spiral'

New Yahoo! logo Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says Yahoo has kept a promise to slash its work force but losses keep mounting. Yahoo is "stuck in a downward spiral," says The Associated Press. Plus: A graphical view of its stock.

July 14

Premium Lock Microsoft cloud court fight; diverse emojis; Nintendo NES returns; EU-Google battle

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Microsoft wins a court fight over access to cloud data; more divers emojis are on their way; the classic Nintendo NES returns; and the EU steps up its fight with Google.

July 14

Premium Lock Why a former VC decided to join fast-growing Relias Learning

Alex Osadzinski is a Sun Microsystems vet, a serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley venture capitalist who moved to Cary in 2011 to invest in some companies and then "slowly fade away." Now he's a top exec at Relias Learning, which announced a huge expansion and 450 new jobs earlier this week. Why did he join the company? ExitEvent has the story. Plus: Read his bio.

Alex Osadzinski Alex Osadzinski

Updated July 14

Premium Lock Google-LinkedIn land deal; Amazon Prime Day hit; China hacks FDIC?; leukemea drug suit

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Google, LinkedIn make a big land swap in Silicon Valley; Amazon's second Prime Day a bit hit; did China hack FDIC computers?; and Juno Therapeutics is sued over a leukemia drug trial.

July 8

Premium Lock Triangle headlines: Paul Gilster, Brooks Bell, Chris Heivly, HQRaleigh

Triangle headlines Paul Gilster takes us to space about that new triple star system; Brooks Bell blogger discusses the risks of ecommerce personalization; Chris Heivly touts the next Jobs Under the Big Top event; and HQRaleigh confirms its expansion to Charleston, S.C.

July 8

Premium Lock New world with 3 suns (photos, video); lab CEO banned; Wendy's hack info; $1.3B security merger

In today's Bulldog wrapup of science and technology news: A newly discovered plant has three suns; the CEO of testing firm Theranos is suspended by feds; Wendy's provides info about what restaurants were hacked; and a big security technology merger involves Avast and AVG.

Updated July 7

Premium Lock Raleigh going bananas over Amazon's Prime delivery service

Amazon Prime Now delivery service  While remaining fuzzy about the details, Amazon says Raleigh residents are buying lots of bananas and other goods through its "Prime" delivery service. To celebrate Prime's growth here and elsewhere, Amazon is offering a host of specials.

Updated July 7

Premium Lock New Verizon options; Wal-Mart pay by phone; hoverboard recalls (+ video); $1.3B IBM vs. Indiana fight

In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Verizon revamps its wireless plans - which could save you money; Wal-Mart offers pay-by-phone; more than 500,000 hoverboards are recalled due to fire hazards; and a new judge is named in the $1.3 billion dispute between IBM and the state of Indiana.

Updated July 6

Premium Lock Streaming music fee dispute; Netflix-Comcast deal; Singapore tops tech survey; Vermont GMO law

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and science news: You may be paying too much for streaming music; Netflix is coming to Comcast; a Cisco-backed tech survey says Singapore benefits most; and Vermont passes first GMO labeling law.

July 5

Premium Lock Wilmington's cloud banking startup nCino raises another big round

nCino nCino, the fast-growing emerging company in Wilmington that aims to revolutionize banking, continues to be a fund-raising powerhouse.

Updated July 4

Premium Lock Report: Bitcoin transactions to top $92B; Trump could drive higher

Economic uncertainty created by Britain's exit from the European Union, or Brexit, and the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency are driving up interest in bitcoins, according to a new report.

July 4

Premium Lock Triangle headlines: Brooks Bell, Chris Heivly, Lenovo, Global Knowledge, NC Research Campus, Telehealth, Sensus

Triangle headlines In WTW's latest roundup of news and opinions from around the Triangle: Brooks Bell's blog on maximizing content; Chris Heivly on successful startup execs; Lenovo recognized as a top brand; Global Knowledge hires new execs; a new whitepaper from TeleHealth; and Sensus helps a California city save water.

Updated July 1

Premium Lock SciQuest pitches shareholders to approve $500M buyout bid

SciQuest Having failed to find a better offer, SciQuest is urging its shareholders to approve a deal with one of its current investors to take the company private.

Updated July 1

Premium Lock CEO: Even as WedPics tops 1M weddings, HB2 is hurting biz

Fast-growing Raleigh startup WedPics, which provides a variety of services for newlyweds, soars past the 1 million mark in weddings published. But its CEO says growth would be faster if not for what he calls the "idiotic rule."

Updated June 29

Premium Lock It's first-and-goal for NC's crowdfunding bill

Computer board Legislation to permit crowdfunding in North Carolina is on its way to Gov. Pat McCrory.

June 28

Premium Lock Crowdfunding bill 'down to the 2 yard line;' bitcoin bill advances

Crowdfunding  North Carolina's General Assembly is on the verge of sending a crowdfunding bill to Gov. Pat McCrory. Plus: a bill addressing virtual currency is moving forward.

Updated June 22

Premium Lock Samsung gears up for TV ad market, acquires AdGear

Samsung "listening TV" Analysis: As margins compress and revenue growth of smart TVs slows, ad tech represents a high-growth, potentially lucrative endeavor for the device manufacturer and expands its operating system (OS) in Samsung smart TVs. Given Samsung's annual revenue of over $170 billion, TBR believes the $50 million spent to acquire AdGear represents a small but timely strategic move.

Updated June 22

Premium Lock Instacart launches 1-hour food delivery service in Triangle

Instacart delivers Instacart joins Amazon in targeting triangle residents for fast, customized delivery of products - but the Silicon Valley startup is focused on satisfying your hunger for fresh foods and other staples. And Instacart is working with several high-profile partners.

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