(CIX: WRAL30)  1,179.91  up arrow+14.59  (1.25 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: Apple)  126.37  up arrow+3.12  (2.53 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: QUINTILES)  68.00  up arrow+0.74  (1.1 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(OP: BASF SE)  102.20  up arrow+1.58  (1.57 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: BioCryst)  8.57  up arrow+0.27  (3.25 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: BioDelivery)  10.51  down arrow-3.38  (-24.33 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: CEMP)  34.93  up arrow+2.93  (9.16 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: Cisco Systems)  27.65  up arrow+0.52  (1.92 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: Cree)  35.41  up arrow+0.38  (1.07 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: DARA)  0.76  down arrow-0.03  (-3.91 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: EMC CORPORATION)  25.52  up arrow+0.35  (1.39 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: Extreme Networks)  3.15  up arrow+0.07  (2.27 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: FB)  83.20  down arrow-0.11  (-0.13 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: GLAXOSMITHKLINE)  47.20  up arrow+0.18  (0.38 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: GOOG)  552.03  up arrow+3.69  (0.67 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: IBM)  162.67  up arrow+2.27  (1.42 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: LH)  127.28  up arrow+0.13  (0.1 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(OP: Lenovo Group)  28.97  up arrow+0.4  (1.4 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: MRK)  58.34  up arrow+0.59  (1.02 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: Microsoft Corp)  40.96  down arrow-0.01  (-0.02 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: NTAP)  35.38  up arrow+0.28  (0.8 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: NOVARTIS AG)  101.31  up arrow+0.91  (0.91 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(OP: Novozymes A/S)  46.69  up arrow+0.74  (1.62 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: PFIZER)  35.00  up arrow+0.47  (1.36 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: Pozen)  7.69  up arrow+0.01  (0.13 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NY: RED HAT)  76.69  up arrow+0.17  (0.22 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: BBRY)  8.80  down arrow-0.66  (-6.98 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: Salix)  172.65  up arrow+0.05  (0.03 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015
(NQ: SQI)  17.33  up arrow+0.21  (1.23 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Mar 30 2015

Posts tagged “E-commerce”

January 8, 2014

Premium Lock John Chambers: 'Internet of Everything' is $19 trillion opportunity

In a keynote presentation Tuesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Cisco CEO John Chambers drew a picture of a world in which objects in homes, at airports, at hotels and elsewhere that are connected to the Internet know peoples' preferences. That could lead to consumers buying more goods. "This is not about technology at all," Chambers says. "It's about how it changes peoples' lives forever."

John Chambers at CES John Chambers at CES

Updated January 7, 2014

Premium Lock ChannelAdvisor names Cree executive as its general counsel

Diana Allen Diana Semel Allen is joining ecommerce services provider ChannelAdvisor as its general counsel and vice president. Allen most recently worked for nearby Cree. She replaces Scott Alridge, who left ChannelAdvisor as of Dec. 31.

January 3, 2014

Premium Lock CEOs: Here's how to market a business on 'only' $1M per year

Three Ships Media Guest opinion: Great marketing is tough under any circumstance. However, rapid change as customers shift to a digitally influenced decision-making process is increasing pressure on senior marketers. Zach Clayton of Raleigh-based Three Ships Media has some ideas about how to adjust and compete.

December 27, 2013

Premium Lock Apple beats Android in battle of Christmas shopping

e-commerce An IBM report shows that Apple's devices were used to make 23 percent of all e-commerce orders compared to just 4.6 percent of orders for Android. Apple users also spent nearly twice as much.

Updated December 19, 2013

Premium Lock Raleigh-based StepLeader helps big content recommendation site Taboola go mobile

Taboola, the force behind all those "recommended" - i.e. sponsored stories - at many major websites, is now populating mobile devices, not just PCs. Helping bring those stories to its customers is Raleigh-based StepLeader.

Taboola example Taboola example

Updated December 18, 2013

Premium Lock ChannelAdvisor appoints new executive to lead efforts in China

ChannelAdvisor's new logo ChannelAdvisor is boosting its growth efforts in China with the appointment of a new executive to lead efforts in that country. The company also discloses the agenda for its annual "Catalyst" conference.

December 4, 2013

Premium Lock Cyber Monday sets another record, ChannelAdvisor and ComScore data show

Cyber Monday  Online shoppers - especially at Amazon, eBay and through Google - drove traffic to record levels and ended up making nearly $2 billion in purchases, according to Morrisville-based ChannelAdvisor and Internet research firm ComScore.

Updated December 3, 2013

Premium Lock ChannelAdvisor: Mobile cuts deeply into PC share of online shopping

Tracking of how consumers made purchases online over the Black Friday weekend by ChannelAdvisor finds that 40 percent used mobile devices. That percentage runs counter to a new survey from research firm Ovum, which says are likely to remain dominant. But "Cyber Monday" data might skew ChannelAdvisor's findings. Meanwhile, overall Cyber Monday traffic shows a big bump.

Tracking how consumers are buying Tracking how consumers are buying

Updated December 3, 2013

Premium Lock IBM: 'Cyber Monday' sales set record; ChannelAdvisor: Google Shopping soars

Cyber Monday  Retailers catering to smartphone and tablet users are especially benefiting, with mobile traffic accounting for 30 percent of the total, an increase of 58 percent from last year, IBM reports. Meanwhile, Morrisville-based ChannelAdvisor reports big increases for Google, Amazon and eBay.

November 29, 2013

Premium Lock Thanksgiving gives boost to ecommerce sales - especially mobile

ecommerce         With six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and New Years in 2013, retailers were counting on getting a big boost from turkey day shoppers. Morrisville-based ChannelAdvisors reports the online "baskets" were filled,

Updated November 27, 2013

Premium Lock Rush to Bitcoin as a digital currency continues: Price tops $1,000

Bitcoins, which exist as software and aren't regulated by any country or banking authority, surged to a record $1,044 today, up more than 80-fold from a year earlier. The currency has rallied on growing interest from investors in China and the U.S., while merchants are starting to accept Bitcoins for everything from Gummi bears to tuition fees.

Updated November 19, 2013

Premium Lock Bell and Howell names Pitney Bowes exec as new CEO

Bell and Howell Bell and Howell's new CEO brings experience from AT&T and elsewhere to his new post at the Durham communications solutions company.

Updated November 14, 2013

Premium Lock Internet Summit from an investor's perspective; BCV's Jason Caplain talks to TechWire

Bull City Venture Partners's Jason Caplain is on the lookout for new tech investments. WRALTechWire caught up with him to get his thoughts on tech and investment trends.

Jason Caplain Jason Caplain

Updated November 14, 2013

Premium Lock Windsor Circle raises $950,000, to move to new HQ, is adding staff

Marketing retention software startup Windsor Circle has closed on $950,000 in new funding and as a result is making several moves targeting ways to drive more growth. WRALTechWire Insiders get the details.

Windsor Circle aims to improve customer retention Windsor Circle aims to improve customer retention

Updated November 13, 2013

Premium Lock Triangle startups PopUp, InRFood chosen Startup Showdown winners

Two Triangle startups were among the three winners in the Internet Summit's Startup Showdown. Learn about the technologies these companies are developing and what they get for winning the showdown.

Internet Summit 13 Internet Summit 13

Updated November 6, 2013

Premium Lock Twitter is powerful, but where are the profits?

For all its power and reach, Twitter gushes losses -- $65 million in the third quarter, nearly three times more than it lost a year ago. As Wall Street analysts size up Twitter ahead of its first public stock sale this week, more than a few are expressing concern about the company's lack of profits.

 Twitter IPO Should You Invest Twitter IPO Should You Invest

November 6, 2013

Premium Lock ChannelAdvisor to raise $31.8M in follow-on stock offering

ChannelAdvisor's new look ChannelAdvisor, which went public in May, is selling more stock in a follow-on offering that will cash out some investors and raise capital for the company. Read about the e-commerce company's plans.

November 6, 2013

Premium Lock Google opens how-to shop with live video advice

Google HQ Google Helpouts is a how-to shop that sells expert advice on everything from cosmetics to the cosmos in live video sessions streamed on computers and smartphones.

November 5, 2013

Premium Lock SciQuest's 3Q loss widens to $1.8M as firm digests recent acquisitions

SciQuest Electronic purchasing and spend management software company SciQuest (NASDAQ:SQI) reported a third quarter loss of $1.8 million, which the company attributed to the expected impact of its recent acquisitions.

October 31, 2013

Premium Lock Royalty Exchange opens 'Music City' office

Royalty Exchange The new Nashville site joins is the third regional office for the Royalty Exchange. The company also has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Techwire Inside Partners
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