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Premium Lock The Human Future: Why autonomous vehicles aren't an automatic success

Do you know why the companies developing autonomous cars do so much on-the-road testing, testing, testing? It's because their software is not good at dealing with novel situations, so they require enormous amounts of experience with actual roads and driving situations.Duke University's Michael Clamann discussed the "Arrival of the Robot Car," in a Moogfest pub talk at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, Saturday evening.

6:47 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock The Human Future: Evolution inside the genome revolution

We learned a lot from the first genetics revolution, the sequencing of the entire human genome from 1997-2003. But what's exciting now in the field is the new technology that allows changing the genome in very precise ways, says Charlie Gersbach, a Duke department of biomedical engineering professor.

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Premium Lock The Human Future: Brain machine interfaces let paraplegics walk (+ videos)

Seeing paraplegics who haven't moved their legs in 12 years walk with an exoskeleton and brain-machine interface, or monkeys wired to a mind-interface playing video games is like watching a science fiction film. And much of what's making this possible is happening "right here at Duke," says a principal scientist.

May 9

Former FDA commissioner headlines NCBiotech event

Rober Califf Immediate past U.S. FDA commissioner, Robert Califf, M.D., now the Donald F. Fortin, M.D. professor of cardiology at the Duke University School of Medicine, will address the spring symposium of the North Carolina Regulatory Affairs Forum at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

May 5

Construct3D 2017 education conference underway at Duke University

The aim of this conference is to raise the level of discourse and deepen the value of this technology for all of those engaged in this practice through a series of keynote talks, educator and technology innovator presentations, context-specific track activities, and hands-on workshops and demonstrations.

Construct3D Construct3D

May 5

Duke, UNC among best-value colleges in country, Forbes says

Forbes  Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are among the best-value colleges in the country, according to a new ranking.

April 24

Premium Lock Guest opinion: 'Our cancer centers need Congress to pass robust NIH budget'

Cancer research  The directors of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Duke Cancer Institute and Wake Forest Cancer Center have jointly written an open letter to Congress calling for what they call a "robust" National Institutes of Health budget.

April 21

Premium Lock UNC, Duke part of $3.2M project to develop better Zika virus test

Mosquitos that carry Zika Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine and Duke are part of a project that has received a $3.2 million federal grant to develop a test for the Zika virus they hope will provide accurate results for a wide range of time between when an individual is potentially exposed to when he or she is tested for the virus.

April 20

Premium Lock NC Biotech Center awards $1.6M in Q3 loans and grants

N.C. Biotech Center's tower The North Carolina Biotechnology Center awarded 14 loans and grants totaling $1.6 million to companies, universities and other bioscience entities in the third quarter of its 2016-2017 fiscal year ending March 31.

Updated April 18

Premium Lock Duke breakthrough? 'Spray-on' memory could enable bendable digital storage

USB flash drives are already common accessories in offices and college campuses. But thanks to the rise in printable electronics, digital storage devices like these may soon be everywhere - including on our groceries, pill bottles and even clothing.

"Spray-on" memory  "Spray-on" memory

April 14

Premium Lock Duke Law's lab could make Durham a legal tech hub

Duke Law Tech Lab While last week's Duke Law Tech Lab Demo Day was the first in the nascent Duke-based accelerator's history, it signaled the start of an effort grand in both ambition and scope.

Updated March 15

Premium Lock Finance execs, Duke economist tell Trump: Stop using Twitter

Corporate financial executives have a clear message for President Trump: Cease and desist with the Twitter tweets. And a Duke economics professor agrees: "They create a lot of noise and uncertainty, which detracts from the positive things that can be accomplished."

Donald Trump Donald Trump

Updated March 15

Premium Lock Duke survey: Exec optimism at 14-year high, 'strong' hiring plans but ...

Optimism among US chief financial officers is at a 14-year high with companies planning "strong hiring and spending" this year, says a new survey from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and CFO Survey. However, they also have some concerns.

Updated March 7

Premium Lock Duke executive: Healthcare costs can be reduced

Healthcare reform Duke's Dr. Mark McClellan stresses to CED Life Science Conference the themes of sustainable healthcare reforms for better outcomes, value-based payment in healthcare and the need for better real-world evidence of treatment success.

Updated February 16

Premium Lock Duke oncology startup led by former Trimeris CEO raises $4M

Cancer research  Former Trimeris CEO Dani Bolognesi is among the leaders of an emerging oncology startup targeting brain cancer. Istari Oncology has raised nearly $4 million in new capital.

Updated February 15

Premium Lock Duke inventors' kitchen safety recipe: Internet of Things stove control, app raises $175K

We've all seen the home security commercials where customers lock the doors with a mobile app. Now two Duke inventors are taking this Internet of Things/app combo to the kitchen with remote monitoring - and the ability to turn off the heat remotely before disaster strikes. It's hot, too. Their kickstarter campaign is lighting up with buyers who have pledged more than $175,000.

Inirv's system Inirv's system

Updated February 1

Premium Lock NSF funding shows North Carolina emerging as a nanotech hotbed

To some it might seem surprising that four of the 23 universities named as sites and awarded grants under the National Science Foundation's National Nanotechnology Coordinating Infrastructure Program were in North Carolina. Here's why it's not a surprise to those who follow nanotech developments.

Nanotech's growing impact Nanotech's growing impact

Updated January 31

Premium Lock Travel ban could block Iranian researcher from Duke project

Immigration debate An Iranian researcher may not be able to assist a Duke University project to help paralyzed people walk again because of President Donald Trump's order halting travel to the U.S. from several predominantly Muslim countries.

December 19, 2016

Premium Lock Family cellphone plans: A proving ground for consumer bundling

Smartphones are everywhere, and millions of families contain their monthly costs by using a family subscription plan. What most of them don't realize is that they are part of a bundling of consumers that is new and not completely understood.

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