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Posts tagged “Cleantech”

Updated July 15

Premium Lock CEO: $850M deal means LED-focused 'Cree 3.0'

Cree expects to spend the next six months after the sale of its Wolfspeed division to Infineon Technologies closes working through the transition. But by 2017 it will to be on the way to a Cree 3.0 focusing on its LED lighting business, and looking for M&A opportunities, Cree chair and CEO Chuck Swoboda says.

Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss, left, and Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss, left, and Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda

Updated July 15

Premium Lock Cree including huge building as part of Infineon-Wolfspeed deal

Cree is selling a building at the end of its Silicon Drive campus in Durham as part of its $850 million cash sale of its Wolfspeed Power and RF division to Infineon Technologies, the company disclosed at a press conference Thursday morning.

Cree and Infineon execs at press confernece. Cree and Infineon execs at press confernece.

Updated July 15

Cree selling power-radio frequency business for $850M

Wolfspeed Cree is selling its power and radio frequency division to Infineon Technologies for $850 million in cash. Cree had intended to spin off the group known as Wolfspeed as a separate company. Most of Wolfspeed's 600 workers are expected to keep their jobs.

July 11

NCSU researchers drive toward more efficient solar cells

Solar Cells For solar energy to become a real power player in the energy game, solar cells need to be both inexpensive to manufacture and efficient in terms of energy they collect. That's why researchers are focusing their efforts on organic solar cells, which use non-fullerene polymers.

Updated June 29

Premium Lock Semprius tops $13M in debt financing with latest raise

Semprius logo Semprius continues to raise debt rather than investment capital, closing a new raise of just over $280,000. Here's a look at all the debt funding the Durham-based company has raised since 2012.

June 27

Browse free or die library project; Tesla-SolarCity hurdles; drones to rescue; China paid search demand

In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Libraries fight for Internet freedom (see video); conflicts hinder Tesla-SolarCity deal; drones tested for rescue missions; China demands paid search information after man's death.

June 22

Premium Lock Longer Twitter videos; 72 new emojis; Tesla wants SolarCity; beeping NFL footballs

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Twitter to allow longer videos; a host of new emojis; Tesla wants to buy SunCity; and NFL tries beeping footballs to cut down on fumbles.

June 20

Premium Lock Industry group hails new solar manufacturing jobs

Solar energy      An India-based company's decision to build a solar panel manufacturing facility in Halifax is good news for North Carolina's clean industry sector, says the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.

June 16

Premium Lock Triangle flexes cleantech, IoT muscle at Smart City Summit

Triangle leaders are talking up the region's cleantech, Internet of Things and more at the Smart Cities Innovation Summit. Jenn Bosser, executive director of the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster, talks about why the Triangle is participating and how the cleantech cluster initiative can benefit the region.

Cleantech Cluster logo Cleantech Cluster logo

April 15

Premium Lock Obama backs cable box choice; techies vs. feds again; wind power sets record; police target 'inciting' websites

Bulldog In today's Bulldog roundup of technology news: President Obama throws his weight behind more choices for cable boxes; Microsoft's suit is latest from tech industry against government about privacy; wind power sets a record; and police are monitoring hundreds of websites in Europe after terror attacks.

March 24

Premium Lock Solar tech firm Semprius raises 7th round of debt in 14 months

Semprius, a developer of solar technology, has gone back to investors to raise another round of debt financing. The latest raise is the seventh the Durham-based firm has made over the past 14 months.

A Semprius 24.5kW system A Semprius 24.5kW system

March 21

Premium Lock Duke Energy to power 10,000 homes with recycled poop

New Duke Energy logo Duke has agreed to buy the energy produced from a planned Carbon Cycle Energy plant in eastern North Carolina that will take methane from pig and chicken waste and send it to four Duke plants.

Updated March 3

Premium Lock Cree aims to please street light critics with 'warmer' LEDs

Reacting to complaints about the brightness, harshness and appearance of its LED streetlights, Durham-based Cree is rolling out new devices that it says will provide a "warm color." They can even be dimmed.

A new Cree street light fixture  A new Cree street light fixture

Updated February 17

Premium Lock Cree's SmartCast tech is part of Cisco's new IoT 'Digital Ceiling'

A new suite of smart building services from Cisco includes SmartCast, a system designed to deliver LED lighting in more cost-effective ways and in multiple shades, from Cree. Cree says SmartCast brings the Internet of Things to building lighting systems with "Power over Ethernet."

Updated February 17

Premium Lock What is Cisco's 'Digital Ceiling'? Here's a primer

On Wednesday, Cree disclosed it is a partner with Cisco's new "Digital Ceiling" suite of smart building applications. Cisco says it's taking the Internet of Things to the management of "indoor spaces." Here's insight from Cisco about what the Digital Ceiling is.

A "Digital Ceiling" IP network A "Digital Ceiling" IP network

February 11

Premium Lock Solar backers try to allay NC lawmakers' fears about panel removal

Solar energy      Solar industry members and advocates told a legislative panel Wednesday there's little need to worry about the safe removal of solar panels in the state's future.

Updated January 29

Premium Lock Iron Yard courses in Raleigh; US Navy's Great Green Fleet; Merck hepatitis drug OK'd; self-driving car debate; EU vs. Google on taxes

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news: The Iron yard is registering students for coding courses in Raleigh; the U.S. Navy's biofueled task force belies biofuel problems, says MIT; Merck wins approval for hepatitis drug; California regulators debate auto-control cars; and the EU make probe Google tax deal.

January 28

Premium Lock NC's top environmental officer pushes restrictions on solar farms

Critics of solar are trying to rein in the industry by rewriting state laws, and the head of the state Department of Environmental Quality is leading the charge, pushing the state Energy Policy Council to recommend some major changes.

Solar energy Solar energy

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