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(NQ: CREE)  23.53  down arrow-0.29  (-1.22 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Aug 24 2016
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(NQ: Facebook)  123.48  down arrow-0.89  (-0.72 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Aug 24 2016
(NY: GSK)  43.90  down arrow-0.51  (-1.15 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Aug 24 2016
(NQ: Alphabet)  769.64  down arrow-2.44  (-0.32 %)  Updated: 05:20 PM EDT, Aug 24 2016
(NY: IBM)  159.05  down arrow-1.21  (-0.76 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Aug 24 2016

Posts tagged “CED”

July 18

Premium Lock CED's Dhruv Patel: Just call him the Matchmaker

Dhruv Patel Dhruv Patel, the CED's Director of Investor Relations, is a very busy man these days as he plays matchmaker between emerging startups and investors from around the country. And he finds the role "extremely satisfying."

July 15

Premium Lock Venture Q&A: CED's Dhruv Patel on what latest stats show

Dhruv Patel In an exclusive Q&A, the CED's Dhruv Patel, director of investor relations, talks about what the latest venture capital statistics from the MoneyTree report mean.

Updated June 24

Premium Lock Joan Siefert Rose: 7 crucial lessons in building successful startup hubs

Joan Siefert Rose Want to build a successful startup hub? Here are the Council for Entrepreneurial Development's top seven answers on what to do, and what not to do, to promote a vibrant entrepreneurial culture.

June 16

Premium Lock HBO's Silicon Valley co-producer, Joe DeSimone among CED Tech Venture headliners

CED Tech Venture 2016 "The Next" is the theme for this year's Tech Venture Conference from the Council for Entrepreneurial Development. And the first five announced speakers reflect ongoing changes in technology from Hollywood to bitcoin, from 3D printing to behavioral science and media.

June 9

Premium Lock CED formally names chairman, adds 16 new board members

CED Richard West, the new chair of the board for the Council of Entrepreneurial Development, will be joined by a host of new board members as the CED sets its leadership for 2016-17. One of its first tasks will be finding a new CEO.

Updated June 8

Premium Lock Joan Siefert Rose explains her decision to resign as CED's top exec

In a letter sent via email, Joan Siefert Rose explains her decision to resign as chief executive officer of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development at the end of this year.

Joan Siefert Rose Joan Siefert Rose

Updated June 8

Premium Lock Council for Entrepreneurial Development's CEO to resign

CED logo Joan Siefert Rose, the top executive at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development over the past eight years, told the CED's board on Tuesday afternoon that she will resign at the end of this year. She says the decision is "voluntary" and plans to take some time off before pursuing another job.

June 3

Premium Lock Tech in brief: Quintiles enrollment; INC's new chair; CED venture pitches; Home Care Assist

Triangle technology briefs: Quintiles launches a precision enrollment program for oncology trials; INC Research's veteran cahir and former CEO retires, and a current board member takes over; the CED is looking for startups who want to pitch investors at its annual venture capital event; and a new home care screening service launches in Raleigh.

Updated May 24

Premium Lock Report: Startup capital funding off to slower start in '16

CED Startups and emerging firms that the Council for Entrepreneurial Development defines as "entrepreneurial companies" are off to a slower start in 2016 when it comes to fundraising. That's according to data in the CED's new Innovators Report.

May 24

Premium Lock Closing books on 2015: $1.25B in NC capital + A tip of the cap to CED

Joan Siefert Rose The Council for Entrepreneurial Development is closing the 2015 financial books for startups and emerging companies in North Carolina with data about grants. The new information boosts the capital haul to more than $1.2 billion. Plus: here's a "thank you" to the CED for its Innovators Report.

Updated May 16

Premium Lock Profiling CED's first four Entrepreneur Hall of Famers

In announcing the first four selections for the new Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, the Council for Entrepreneurial development also provides succinct biographies. Here they are - with photos.

Dennis Gillings, center, rings in NYSE action Dennis Gillings, center, rings in NYSE action

Updated May 13

Premium Lock CED Entrepreneur Hall of Fame picks pioneers Dougherty, Gillings, Hutchison, Young

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development's new Hall of Fame is kicking off with a powerful lineup of honorees: The father of venture capital in North Carolina, the co-founder of Quintiles, a longtime tech industry lawyer, and the irrepressible co-founder of Red Hat.


Updated April 26

Premium Lock CED to unveil Entrepreneur Hall of Fame on Founder Day

CED Council for Entrepreneurial Development The Council for Entrepreneurial Development is launching an Entrepreneur Hall of Fame to honor in part its past - which includes old logos such as the one featured with this post. Green jackets for the winners?

Updated April 4

Premium Lock Tech-focused business groups wary of HB2 or take no position

HB2 debate   Power pro-business advocacy groups who also have a focus on or include members of the high tech and life science industries are either analyzing the recently passed Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act or steering clear of any comment.

Updated March 9

Premium Lock Breaking through:CED life science conference report

CED Life Science Conference 2016 Robin Deacle of the NC Biotech Center says the recent CED Life Science comference was two full days.

March 3

Premium Lock From gene editing to microbiome, precision medicine to big data and more: NC's bright biotech future

CED Life Science Conference 2016 Doug Edgeton, CEO of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, gave a thumb's up overview about the state's life science sector in a briefing to the boards of the Biotech Center, the CED and NCBio earlier this week. Here's a recap.

March 2

Premium Lock H.S. student tackling cancer cure? Yes - at NC School of Science and Math

CED Life Science Conference 2016 We've found some treatments that have great results for some cancers. We have ideas about other treatments, some that may work broadly against many cancers. Those ideas were widely discussed at the 2016 CED Life Science Conference. A highlight: The presentation from a student at the North Carolina School of Science and Math.

March 1

Premium Lock Startup CEO's advice at life science conference: 'Just go out and do it'

At a panel discussion kicking off the annual CED Life Science Conference, four NCSU spinout leaders share what they have learned. A key focus: "Just go out and do it."

NCSU entrepreneurs discuss lessons learned. NCSU entrepreneurs discuss lessons learned.

Updated February 18

Premium Lock Report: NC startups, emerging firms raise nearly $1.2B in 2015

Dollar sign      North Carolina startups and emerging companies from technology to life science raised just under $1.2 billion in 2015 - a surge of 122 percent over 2014, according to a new report from the Council for Entrepreneurial Development. The state also drew more investors from around the world. Triangle firms dominate the deal making. Most money overall went to life science investments.

January 25

Premium Lock Fred Eshelman to receive CED's Life Science Leadership Award

Fred Eshelman   Veteran entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor Fred Eshelman will receive the Life Science Leadership Award at the 25th annual CED Life Science Conference in March.

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