April 10

Premium Lock AT&T preps for 5G with $1.25B buy of Straight Path

The Broadband Report       AT&T is buying Virginia-based Straight Path in a $1.2 billion all-stock deal that provides the communications giant with wireless spectrum across the top 40 U.S. metropolitan markets. The company says the acquisition positions itself for delivery of forth-coming, faster 5G wireless services.

April 4

Premium Lock Trump signs bill overriding FCC data privacy rules

Cybersecurity President Donald Trump on Monday signed a bill that wipes away rules passed by the FCC last year to protect data and privacy for customers utilizing Internet Service Providers.

Updated April 1

Premium Lock AT&T, Verizon, Comcast say consumer data protections remain in place

The Broadband Report       Executives at AT&T, Verizon and Comcast published blogposts Friday, insisting that customers' protections remain in place despite new legislation that revises broadband privacy rules.

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Updated March 31

Premium Lock AT&T wins multi-billion-dollar contract to build first responder network (+ video)

AT&T wins a multi-year contract to build a nation-wide high-speed network for first responders and says it will invest $40 billion in building it. The communications giant will receive up to $6.5 billion in funding from an independent arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce as well as access to wireless spectrum. Plus: Deatils about the network and video.

March 29

Premium Lock House sends bill to Trump blocking online privacy regulation + What bill means

Broadband Internet Congress has sent President Donald Trump legislation that would kill an online privacy regulation, a move that could eventually allow internet providers such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to sell the browsing habits of their customers.. Plus: What the death of broadband privacy rules means

March 27

Premium Lock Report: 59% of pay-TV subscribers object to ads based on personal data

The U.S. Senate and FCC are changing rules about how service providers can utilize customer data, but that doesn't mean pay-TV subscribers like the intrusion, especially of personalized ads targeting them based on individual information.

Pay TV privacy concerns Pay TV privacy concerns

March 24

Premium Lock AT&T expands fiber network in Triad, boosts NC wireless capacity

AT&T                           Responding to what it says is growing customer demand and usage, AT&T is expanding both its fiber footprint and wireless networks in North Carolina.

Updated March 24

Premium Lock Google Fiber: We've reached nearly 500K people in Triangle with programs, events

Google Fiber may be available only in limited areas of the Triangle but its community reach is close to 500,000 "unique" participants and visitors, the company says in a report. Plus, 366 people have been helped to bridge the "digital divide."

Googe Fiber report Googe Fiber report

March 23

Premium Lock Senate votes to undo broadband privacy rules that protect user data

The Broadband Report       The Republican-led Senate moved Thursday to undo Obama-era regulations that would have forced internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to ask customers' permission before they could use or sell much of their personal information.

March 20

Premium Lock Trumpism: Policy tilts in favor of industry under Trump's FCC, but a Democrat vows to fight

Trumpism is slowly taking hold on your phone and computer, as the Federal Communications Commission starts chipping away at hard-fought protections on privacy and competition. Plus: Democrat FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn vows to keep fighting.

Aji Pai Aji Pai

March 15

Premium Lock New FCC chair stresses 'bringing benefits of digital age to all Americans'

Ajit Pai Ajit Pai, the new commissioner of the FCC, spells out his goals for expanding the "digital age" to "all Americans" in his first major speech. He picks Pittsburgh as the venue, stressing how the steel city "is back," with technology helping revive the former rust belt metropolis. His message: Tech "can revitalize areas that have experienced economic distress."

Updated March 14

Premium Lock Charter rebrands Time Warner Cable as Spectrum in Triangle

Charter Communications, which bought Time Warner Cable last year, on Tuesday formally rebranded Internet, cable and voice services as its Spectrum brand. In a Q&A, a Spectrum exec talks about changes, offerings, and competing with rival service providers such as AT&T and Google Fiber.

Spectrum  Spectrum

Updated March 13

Premium Lock What experts forget to say beyond 5G hype at Mobile World Congress (+ video)

This year's MWC was an impressive event, but it was clinically cleansed of all the bad news and challenges facing mobile operators around the world. So what are the challenges? John Strand of Strand Consult takes a look at hype and reality, especially concerning 5G.Plus: Watch a video review of MWC.

March 10

Premium Lock Report: 31% unlimited plan customers use phones for home net access

Most millennials are using their smartphones to connect to the Internet at home, and 31 percent of all smartphone users link to the net at home if they have an unlimited plan, according to a new survey.

Home Internet access Home Internet access

March 8

Premium Lock Charter Communications launches app for PCs, mobile devices

Charter  Charter Communications, which offers cable TV services throughout much of North Carolina following its acquisition of Time Warner Cable, is rolling out a new app to enable mobile and other device viewing for customers.

Updated March 6

Premium Lock FIM: Three letters with infinite possibilities for NC education (+ video)

Federated Identity Management, or FIM, offers a secure system through which North Carolina education institutions can access remote and protected web-based services. Mark Johnson, chief technology strategist at MCNC, explains what FIM is and what the technology means.

Updated March 1

Premium Lock Reverse-pitch competition matches connection Qs with gigabit As

IgniteNC GigaPitch Showing North Carolina's potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in full tilt, industry and civic leaders challenged the best minds in the state Tuesday to present solutions to problems that our leaders in healthcare, public safety, transportation and education face. The solutions will be enabled by gigabit-speed fiber, the Internet of Things and massive connections of smart devices.

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