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Updated December 2, 2007

Premium Lock Avatar Robbery: Apple Flaw Enables Hacking in Second Life

Second Life Apple’s Quick Time video software enables hackers to rob Second Life users of their online dollars.

Updated November 7, 2007

Premium Lock Google’s ‘Android’ Project Could Be a Boost for Motricity, Its Competitors

Monday’s announcement of Android helped clear the air about where mobile content could be headed

November 2, 2007

Premium Lock Design Speak 101: Defining a Product Champion

RTP Product Development Guild RTP Product Pipeline: With champions’ support, disruptive products change the marketplace and can propel a manufacturer to a position of market leader.

October 31, 2007

Premium Lock Lenovo Quality Draws Praise from Rescuecom CEO

Rescuecom, a nationwide provider of computer tech support, rates Lenovo second to Apple in its second annual analysis of calls from customers.

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Updated October 15, 2007

Premium Lock Security Firm, Voice-to-Text Startup Take Top Honors at CED Show

CED ‘People’s Choice’ awards go to Secured Command, Yap.

September 23, 2007

Premium Lock A Wii of a Cruise: Nintendo Sets Sail in Search of More Sales

Wii controller Gaming Guru: Norwegian Cruise Lines capitalizes on Wii game system sensation.

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Updated July 2, 2007

Premium Lock '50 Who Matter' Media Spotlight Shines on Cree Co-Founder

Cree Co-Founder John Edmond John Edmond, who focuses on LED lighting technology, cracks ‘50 Who Matter Now’ list from Business 2.0 magazine. 'I was quite surprised,' Edmond says.

June 8, 2007

Premium Lock Who’s Afraid of Google?

Google Editor’s note: Cord Blomquist is a technology policy analyst with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and does three vanity searches a day.

May 21, 2007

Premium Lock A Web 2.0 Primer for Internet Marketers

CED Entrepreneurial Spirit: Marketers need to make sure their message is targeted, relevant, and drives consumers to a desired and actionable state.

Updated April 16, 2007

Premium Lock S.C.-Based Digital Lifestyle Outfitters Is Sold to Philips

A DLO docking system (DLO image) Maker of accessories for MP3 audio, video players was launched in Triangle in 2001. It has warehouse operation in Durham.

Tags: China, Apple
April 6, 2007

Premium Lock Weighing Costs of Luring High Tech: Did S.C. Get a Better Google Deal?

Company officials say the two deals differ and are difficult to compare. In both cases, search engine giant received substantial incentives to build server farms.

Tags: Apple, Google
April 5, 2007

Premium Lock Lenovo Vaults to Top in Greenpeace ‘Greener Technologies’ Rankings

In first list last year, Lenovo ranked last. Sony Ericsson, Dell also score well in latest rankings. Apple remains last but disputes results

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