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Updated February 15, 2008

Premium Lock Lenovo’s Extra-Thin X300 Lands Top Billing on BusinessWeek Cover

X300 makes cover. ‘Building the Perfect Laptop,’ magazine says, touting an in-depth look at secret project that produced ThinkPad counter to Apple’s ‘Air.’

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Updated February 14, 2008

Premium Lock WSJ’s Mossberg Offers ‘Sneak Peek’ at Lenovo’s ‘Unusual’ Lightweight Laptop

Lenovo Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X300 lightweight laptop is creating quite the buzz on the Web now that Internet world’s wise tech master has gotten his hands on one.

February 12, 2008

Premium Lock View from Barcelona: The End of the Operator-Dominated Era?

 VentureBeat: More than 50,000 people jam Mobile World Congress for mobile industry. And they see many changes are in the wind.

Updated February 8, 2008

Premium Lock Get Ready to Order - Lenovo’s Counter to Apple’s ‘Air’ Nears Launch

Lenovo However, while the X300 is said to be light in your hands, it won’t be light on your wallet. The price is around $2,600 or more.

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January 31, 2008

Premium Lock CEO’s Strategy Appears to Be Paying off for Lenovo

William Amelio’s “worldsourcing” plan for Lenovo appears to be delivering dividends as earnings skyrocket.

Updated January 27, 2008

Premium Lock Where are 1.7 Million Unregistered iPhones?

Analysis: AT&T reports far fewer iPhones in use than Apple says it has sold. What’s going on? What are the consequences?

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Updated January 21, 2008

Premium Lock High-Tech Leaders Reap Awards at “Crunchies”

Crunchies VentureBeat: Wide variety of startups, entrepreneurs receive top honors in voter-based process.

Updated January 20, 2008

Premium Lock At Lenovo, Thin and Light Are in with Reported New X300

Lenovo PC maker counters Apple ‘Air’ with more compact 2.5-pound laptop that’s fat with features, Web sites say.

January 15, 2008

Premium Lock Review: Eee Laptop PC Shreds the Rules

Two-pound notebook offers many features for tech-savvy travelers. It’s also cheap – and practical.

January 2, 2008

Premium Lock Venturing Opinions about 2008: Watch out for Android – and Gaming

venture capital VentureBeat: Google’s Android program will capitalize on iPhone; look for more growth in gaming industry.

December 20, 2007

Premium Lock Investors Focus on InnerOptic, Provide Up to $370,000

InnerOptic Medical device startup, which recently hired CEO, secures capital from angel investor, CatoBioVentures.

Updated December 12, 2007

Premium Lock Can Facebook Stand Tall Against Big Brother?

facebook Social networks planning to expand into China will face same pressures about data as Google, Yahoo.

Updated December 6, 2007

Premium Lock InnerOptic Lands CEO, Nears Close on New Financing

Surgeon's view through InnerOptic system. Hillsborough medical device startup will close on $370,000 next week, sends new top exec on the road to look for another $4.3 million.

December 4, 2007

Premium Lock What Factors Are Behind the Lower Dollar?

Mike Walden Just as the price of apples falls with a big jump in the apple supply, so too the dollar has weakened as Americans’ purchase of foreign products has flooded the world with dollars.

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Updated December 2, 2007

Premium Lock Avatar Robbery: Apple Flaw Enables Hacking in Second Life

Second Life Apple’s Quick Time video software enables hackers to rob Second Life users of their online dollars.

Updated November 7, 2007

Premium Lock Google’s ‘Android’ Project Could Be a Boost for Motricity, Its Competitors

Monday’s announcement of Android helped clear the air about where mobile content could be headed

November 2, 2007

Premium Lock Design Speak 101: Defining a Product Champion

RTP Product Development Guild RTP Product Pipeline: With champions’ support, disruptive products change the marketplace and can propel a manufacturer to a position of market leader.

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