Updated June 12, 2013

Premium Lock Source: 'Hundreds' of IBMers in NC hit with layoff notices

Published: 2013-06-12 10:14:00
Updated: 2013-06-12 14:01:27

IBM layoffs     IBM layoffs
By RICK SMITH, WRALTechWire Editor ...

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IBM is a great place to get good IT experience, but you are deluded if you think it can be a long term career. Long term at IBM is lucky to be 10 years, usually half of that and less if you are over 45.

The company puts little value on experience and just seeks to fill niche roles with people who have specific job skills.

Nothing wrong with that business model, trouble is.. IBM plays up it's established name and reputation to sell it wares and services. Little do people realize that present IBM employees behind those products today may be offshore or have limited practical experience or both.

Good long term domestic employees have the depth and background to resolve and advise on many issues - something Dell has learned the hard way by bringing offshore jobs back to the US.

This will also eventually bite IBM hard in the rear too. Meanwhile the bean counters will continue to plan for this year's bottom line while turning an established brand into a farce.
If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror. Especially if you buy junk from China-----redwolfone

Please find me a hand drill I can purchase that was made in the USA.
One good thing coming out of this: As IBM's footprint in RTP decreases, so does their influence on wages, and so does their stranglehold on IT contract companies.
I notice joe4200 didn't respond to the Rio comment....LOL
With the high cost of providing health insurance to your employees as a result of Obamacare, I wouldn't surprised if most of our tech jobs aren't offshored to other countries.
Don't blame IBM for moving jobs and business units.

The excessive regulations from the Obama administration have made it increasingly more difficult and expensive to do business in the United States.
Uh IBMs stock is trading at about 200 today, they are doing PRETTY well.
If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror. Especially if you buy junk from China.
giving employees fair warning that their job will be downsized in six months would allow many of these people to explore other options, re think their budgets and pay down some bills to weather the storm and check out the local community college for skill training and so on. Executives always know they are planning these things. Anger comes into play when the company shows such a disregard for their employees-let the employees know its coming so they can make plans and an honest dialog can take place-shafting someone never works-it always comes back
This economy is partly to blame here along with many factors.
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