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Premium Lock RTI to tackle premise of HB2: Are women, children really threatened?

Published: 2016-07-12 07:15:00
Updated: 2016-07-12 07:37:26

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Researchers at RTI International are launching a study of a key issue in the continuing controversy over North Carolina House Bill 2: Are women and children at risk if transgender people are permitted to use bathrooms of the gender with which they identify?...

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It frustrates me that so much media is focused on HB2 and almost nothing is reported on the Charlotte ordinance which is the catalyst to all of this. Prior to the Charlotte decision, transgender people used a facility, did their business, and usually the biggest problem was a stare. But Charlotte decided to "protect" the practice with legal force, thereby opening a covert way for peeping Tom's and worse to gain unscrutinized access to women and children in their most vulnerable situations. HB2 is a legitimate response to protect the women and children in Charlotte and every other city in NC. RTI is researching the wrong question. The question is whether the Charlotte ordinance makes it easier for sexual predators to gain access inside bathroom facilities designed to provide necessary hygiene and privacy for the people they would prey on, most often women and children. Had Charlotte,NC not been so reckless, HB2 would never have been drafted.
Patricia, horrible example, considering HB2 would not of protected those children.

Instead of going after an entire protected group of Americans, based on preconceived notions, why not go after those that actually commit these crimes with tougher laws and penalties. This is why HB2 will be struck down by the US Supreme Court.
Thank you very much @Btryon. That was and still my point about this bill. Why should a bill pass that will endanger our children? Some people/parents are missing that valid point.

Point in case: last year there was a family eating a a Mac Donald in Virginia or Atl and the parents allowed their two sons - one 8 and the other 6 to go use the rest room. The older child came out maybe thinking that his brother had gone out already, only that there was a pedophile in the restroom that raped the boy and placed him in the garbage. The dad went looking for the man but he had been gone so they reported the matter and luckily that pervert was found. Anyone can dress as a woman and enter a restroom where our children are and hurt them!
Btryon, what you mean there are no laws on the books? NC has peeping tom laws, as well as sexual assault laws, not to mention it looks like the existing laws in Washington State and Canada worked just fine since the perps were arrested in the act.

Why take away the rights of an entire protected class of Americans over a nonexisting problem?
You missed the point of HB2. The bill was not intended to keep trans-gender people out of changing rooms and bathrooms. But they are unintended victims of the bill. The threat in mind was predatory men claiming to identify as women. Cases in Washington Sate and Canada have been reported and without a law on the books, no one can ask these men to leave.
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